SARA – Upton-upon-Severn







SARA Upton is a volunteer water based search and rescue team based at Upton upon Severn Marina in south Worcestershire.

Crew members are trained to Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technican (SRT) and Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Boat Operator (SFRBO) standards, and regularly support the local community at Upton that is consistently at risk by flooding by the River Severn

The station is home to the office complex, kit room for PPE, SRT equipment,  three rescue sleds and four rescue boats :

Rescue 21 – a 3.4m Zodiac 0340

Rescue 22 – a state of the art modified 3.6m Rescue Runner

Rescue 23 – a 4m rugged Poly Fusion and

Rescue 24 – a 5.3m console Pioneer Multi and

Mobile 14 – a modified Defender 110


East Waterside

Upon Severn Marina








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