Mission Statement

To protect life and property through the provision of a professionally trained, specialist rescue service for marine and land search incidents.

Land Search and Mountain Rescue

SARA Land Search Teams are often deployed on search and rescue operations, usually to search for missing persons.

Our Land Teams also have the capabilities to perform rope rescues and often train on the cliffs at Symonds Yat and in the Lower Wye Valley.

SARA is a proud member of Mountain Rescue England & Wales

Lifeboats and Water Rescue

Our inshore lifeboats are tasked by the UK Coastguard to incidents in and around the Severn Estuary including the tidal lengths of the rivers Wye and Usk.

We also operate inland rescue boats and provide inland water rescue, usually supporting the police and other agencies.

SARA has a number of Flood Response teams, ready to assist with flooding emergencies throughout the country, and these have been deployed several times

Flood Support

Carrying out rescues in swiftwater and flood environments. SARA sends teams to assist in flood emergencies across the country

Casualty Care

Advanced medical treatment built on first aid administering medical gases, drugs and moving casualties with spinal injuries for example.

Land Search

Entailing search skills and techniques that maximise the chances of locating missing people in urban and rural areas

Rope Rescue

Providing technical rope rescue, primarily in rescuing fallen and injured climbers from cliffs or crags

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