SARA Tewkesbury Rescue Station

SARA Tewkesbury is a volunteer search and rescue team based at the Fire and Rescue Station in Tewkesbury. We are embedded with Gloucestershire Fire Service, but are funded solely by public donations.

SARA support all emergency services by the provision of a trained and equipped volunteer search and rescue team. Our team is one of 5 that makes up the association, SARA covers the length of the River Severn and the areas of land and water that around it. We provide 24hr emergency cover to the emergency services.

SARA receives no funding from the government, and relies on charitable donations from the public. All of crew are volunteers, and do not get paid. They give up their free time to help in our life saving operations, and come from all walks of life, bringing a wide range of experience to the team.

All of the specialist equipment we use (e.g. boats, land Rovers, medical kits) are acquired either through the kind donation from local companies, or from charitable members of the public.

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