We are tasked by the emergency services, including HM Coastguaard, Fire & Rescue, Police and the Ambulance Services. Our teams are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Below are the callouts that we have attended.

  • M48 Bridge 22-07-19 (3rd lifeboat call in 3 days)

    SARA Lifeboat 1, Lifeboat 3, and Lifeboat 14 were launched to a person reportedly jumped from the M48 Bridge.
    Area searches were completed alongside NPAS, Coastguard Helicopter and Coastguard land teams, along with HART paramedics from SWASFT.
    Crews were stood down at 16:37
    This was the 3rd immediate launch for SARA crews in 3 days

    22nd Jul 2019
    22nd Jul 2019
  • M48 Bridge 20-7-19

    On a second callout of the day, SARA Lifeboat crews were called out shortly after 23.30, to support the Police and Coastguard with an operation on the M48 Severn Bridge. SARA Lifeboats 1 and 4 were launched, along with the new SARA Lifeboat 2 ‘Pride of Sharpness’, on her first callout although not yet officially in service.
    The RNLI Portishead Lifeboat was also launched, and Coastguard land-based teams and the Coastguard helicopter were deployed. SARA Lifeboat 14 was again brought to Beachley and prepared for launch.
    Thankfully the police were able to conclude the operation with everyone safe and well, and the lifeboats were stood down shortly after 1am.

    20th Jul 2019
    20th Jul 2019
  • M4 Crossing 20-7-19

    The SARA Beachley Lifeboat Crew were called out in the early afternoon, to support the Police and Coastguard with an operation in the area of the M4 Second Severn Crossing.
    With the low tide, SARA Lifeboat 3 and Rescue Boat 5 were launched, with NHS HART Paramedics onboard the lifeboat. They conducted searches in conjunction with the Coastguard Helicopter, before being stood down and recovered back at Beachley.
    SARA Lifeboat 14 from Newport was also brought to Beachley and was being prepared for launch when we were stood down.

    20th Jul 2019
    20th Jul 2019
  • Stow-on-the-Wold 19-07-19

    Land Teams were called out to Stow at 1900, to search for a missing person.
    Stood down at 2100, as the missing person had been located by the police.

    19th Jul 2019
    19th Jul 2019
  • Purton 15-0719

    SARA Sharpness were tasked at 1815 to two persons on the sand banks near Purton.
    During launch the persons managed to get to safety and the lifeboat was stood down.

    15th Jul 2019
    15th Jul 2019
  • Ampney St Peter 12-07-19

    Early in the afternoon of Fri 12 July we were called out to Ampney Saint Peter, east of Cirencester, to support Gloucestershire Constabulary with a missing person search. Land Teams from our Tewkesbury, Wyre Forest and Beachley Stations, plus a Water Team from SARA Sharpness and colleagues from Gloucestershire Cave Rescue Group, conducted a series of searches across the area until after dark.
    The volunteers were all stood down around 10pm, with nothing having been found.
    — —
    We were saddened to learn the following (Saturday) afternoon that the Police have announced that they had found the body of the missing man. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

    12th Jul 2019
    12th Jul 2019
  • Yacht in distress 9-7-19

    SARA Lifeboat 1 ‘The Jim Hewitt’ was launched this afternoon, called out by the Coastguard to go to the aid of a vessel in distress on the Severn, opposite Oldbury Power Station.
    The vessel was a yacht which had fouled her propeller, and the SARA crew was able to take her in tow down river to her mooring in St Pierre Pill.
    Thanks and well done to the crew who rapidly responded this afternoon.

    9th Jul 2019
    9th Jul 2019
  • Newport, Multi-agency response George St Bridge 02-07-19

    Shortly before 2300 hours we were tasked to assist South Wales Fire and Rescue Service with reports of someone threatening to jump from George Street Bridge in Newport City Centre.
    Newport’s dedicated lifeboat ‘Maureen Easton’ was immediately launched, with back up from ‘Rescue 5’ Beachley’s low water boat due to the ebbing tide state.
    Thankfully the patient was safely recovered to land and we hope they receive what support they need.
    Also in attendence were Gwent Police and Chepstow Coastguard, highlighting the multi-agency working undertaken by our teams.

    2nd Jul 2019
    2nd Jul 2019
  • Meysey Hampton 29-06-19

    Land Search Teams from Beachley, Tewkesbury and Wyre Forest, and a Water Team from Sharpness, called out at 3am to search in the Gloucestershire village of Meysey Hampton for a lady missing since late the previous evening; joined by members of Gloucestershire Cave Rescue Group and Oxfordshire Search and Rescue
    The lady was located by one of the SARA teams, and attended to by two of our casualty carers, until the arrival of an NHS ambulance.
    Many thanks to the volunteers who attended and to the ladies of St Mary’s Church who provided very welcome refreshments from 6am!

    29th Jun 2019
    29th Jun 2019
  • Stinchcombe Hill, Dursley 27-06-19

    Land Search Teams from across SARA called out at 2pm, to search for a missing elderly man on Stinchcombe Hill near Dursley (mainly steeply wooded hillside). Joined by members of Gloucestershire Cave Rescue Group and Midlands Cave Rescue Organisations.
    During the search, the person was found by the police outside of our designated area; the SARA team was called in to assess the casualty and aid in their extraction to an NHS ambulance.
    We would like to thank Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service and the British Red Cross, which both provided much needed food and refreshments at Search Control

    27th Jun 2019
    27th Jun 2019
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