We are tasked by the emergency services, including HM Coastguaard, Fire & Rescue, Police and the Ambulance Services. Our teams are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Below are the callouts that we have attended.

  • Lydney Dock 22-10-19

    At 1400hrs we received an immediate tasking to assist with an incident at Lydney dock where there was a possibly of a casualty entering the water. SARA Sharpness crews immediately launched SARA Lifeboat 4 and made ready Lifeboat 2. Upon arrival on scene with SARA 4, we were stood down from the incident. SARA Beachley were also en route with a small boat (Rescue 5) when stood down.

    22nd Oct 2019
    22nd Oct 2019
  • Newport 17-10-19

    SARA Newport was requested to launch by Coastguard to a vessel adrift by Newport Bridge.
    Tidal restrictions prevented launch so a mobile unit was dispatched to liaise on scene with Chepstow Coastguard personnel and the operations centre at Milford Haven. The boat was aground so the decision amongst all parties was to launch later to recover the vessel.
    We launched both boats that evening to assist the vessel that had became trapped underneath the structural column of Newport Bridge.
    The vessel was in imminent danger of capsizing as the lifeboat arrived on scene.
    The crews worked to free the vessel before towing it upstream to a safe location.

    17th Oct 2019
    17th Oct 2019
  • Redbrook Casualty Evacuation 12-10-19

    We were called out at 1730 to assist with an injured man at Redbrook, in the Wye Valley. Gloucestershire Constabulary requested our support, and land teams from SARA Tewkesbury and Beachley deployed to the village.
    A man had injured his leg whilst walking in steep woods close to Redbrook in the late afternoon, and it took some time for his friends to be able to identify his location to the Police so that we could attend to him.
    Working with the Gloucestershire fire and rescue service and NHS paramedics, in the dark, we carried him down to the road on one of our Mountain Rescue stretchers, carefully back-roping it down the slope so that it was always secure. There he was transferred directly to a waiting ambulance.

    12th Oct 2019
    12th Oct 2019
  • Ross-on-Wye 04-10-19

    The SARA Beachley inland boat team was called out at 3pm, tasked to Ross-on-Wye with supporting West Mercia Police on a missing person search, in an operation led by Longtown Mountain Rescue Team and with West Mercia Search & Rescue also deployed.
    We deployed SARA Rescue 5 on familiar ground, tasked with searching the River Wye from Kerne Bridge to Huntsham Bridge (a stretch we know well from the Wild Wye Swim).
    The team was stood down at dusk with nothing having been found.

    Several days later the missing person was found elsewhere, safe and well

    4th Oct 2019
    4th Oct 2019
  • Yacht aground at Hock Cliff 29-09-19

    Sharpness lifeboat were paged at 0830hrs by Milford Haven Coastguard to launch on an immediate shout to assist a sailing vessel aground with a damaged mast at Hock Cliff.
    SARA Lifeboat 2 ‘The Pride of Sharpness’ and SARA lifeboat 4 were launched to assist and when arrived on scene immediately rigged a line astern tow due to the heavy tide and wind pushing the vessel on shore.
    The casualty was then transferred to S4 for quick recovery as he had been in the water multiple times and was severely hypothermic. On arrival back on station we were met by ambulance and Chepstow Coastguard team who helped warm and stabilise the casualty.
    SARA 2 The Pride of Sharpness proceeded to Lydney dock to safety recover the vessel. Teams all stood down at 11:30am.

    29th Sep 2019
    29th Sep 2019
  • Painswick Land Search 28-09-19

    Land Search Teams from SARA Tewkesbury, Beachley and Wyre Forest, and a Water Search Team from SARA Sharpness, were called out around 1730.
    They were tasked with supporting Gloucestershire Constabulary with a missing person search at Painswick, near Stroud. However as the teams were assembling at the RV the person was located elsewhere, safe and well, and the SARA volunteers were stood down around 1900.

    28th Sep 2019
    28th Sep 2019
  • Chepstow Yacht Adrift 28-09-19

    SARA Lifeboat 1 was at 0930, to a vessel in Chepstow which had come adrift from her mooring.
    She was located downstream of the A48 bridge, and we put aboard one of our crew members together with two members of the yacht club. They were able to get the vessel started, sand take her back to Chepstow pontoon where she was safely moored up.

    28th Sep 2019
    28th Sep 2019
  • Mouth of the Severn Search 26-09-19

    The SARA Beachley Lifeboat Crew was called out just before 6pm, as the volunteers were getting ready for the start of normal training which is at 7pm. We were tasked with supporting the Police and Coastguard with a missing person search.
    SARA Lifeboat 1 was launched into very rough seas, initially to search along the far shoreline between the two Severn Bridges and subsequently further down towards the M5 Avon Bridge. SARA Lifeboat 3 was also launched, as was the RNLI Portishead Lifeboat.
    Fortunately before too long the missing person was located on dry land, safe and well, and the searchers were stood down before 7pm.

    26th Sep 2019
    26th Sep 2019
  • Wintour Leap 21-09-19

    The whole SARA Beachley team was called out around 5.30pm (whilst several team members were busy at Symonds Yat setting up for the Wild Wye Swim tomorrow!).
    We were tasked with assisting Gloucestershire fire and rescue service with evacuating an injured climber from below the Wintours Leap cliffs. As well as our Land and Rope Teams, SARA Lifeboat 3 was launched and an SRT Team was deployed to assist with a potential transfer from the bank (across the mud as it was very low tide).
    The Fire Service were however able to take the casualty to a point from where she could be picked up by the Coastguard helicopter. The SARA land team then managed a landing site on playing fields close to the B4228 Coleford Road, so the casualty could be transferred to an NHS Ambulance.
    A great example of multi-agency cooperation tonight, and we wish the lady a speedy recovery!

    21st Sep 2019
    21st Sep 2019
  • Beachley Lifeboat Search 18-09-19

    The SARA Beachley Lifeboat Crew were called out just after 11am today, to reports of a person in the water near the M48 Severn Bridge.
    SARA Lifeboat 1 was launched to support the Coastguard with a search, and was joined by RNLI Portishead and the Coastguard Helicopter, as well as Coastguard shore teams.
    After searching for 80 minutes, with nothing apart from a large field of debris having been found, the volunteers were stood down. This appeared to be a false alarm raised with good intentions.

    18th Sep 2019
    18th Sep 2019
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