Fundraising A to Z

Take a look at out Fundraising Ideas A to Z and setup a page on JustGiving to collect your donations and sponsorship! It will help you track your fundraising progress too!



Arm Wrestling
The reputation of being the strongest arm in the office, and money raised for SARA?
You can’t loose with this one. Well you can: but at least you tried!

Use the phone book or the internet to contact your nearest centre and ask their help in organising this. SARA run an Abseil event most years, please contact us for more information.

Get donated items from friends and staff at work. Auction them off in aid of SARA (the items that is – not the friends). There is a big charity auction in aid of SARA most years, please contact us for more information.

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Bath of… Beans, Champagne etc
Get sponsored to sit in a bath of beans or even champagne for a while.

Beard Shaving
Let’s face it, you have always wanted Dave in accounts to loose the “tache”. You’ll be doing him a favour, and SARA too!

Buy through… EasyFundraising
When you make a purchase, SARA a donation of up to 15% of the order value!
Buy through EasyFundraising, Click here!

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Get sponsored to cycle to work and back for a week. Organise a family ride on some of the many cycle ways in the county.

Car Washing
Spend a Sunday knocking on doors armed with sponges and buckets – one filled with soapy water, the other to be filled with cash.

Chess Tournament
OK so you lost at “Arm-Wrestling” but this one is for brains.

Car Boot Sale
Check on the internet for local organisers, see if you can get this one to work for you (and SARA of course)

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Dry Cracker / Chilli eating contest
This one will raise money, smiles and tears… all at the same time! Some great photo opportunities here.

Dress Down day
Talk to the boss and get the office and work colleagues to dress down for the day for a small fee.

Darts Match
“Our office against yours at the “Rover’s Return” on Friday Night!” How easy was that?

Duck Race
Plastic ducks racing down the river each sponsored in aid of SARA. We can provide the ducks!! Give us a call (duck call that is!)
Don’t forget the GREAT SARA DUCK RACE at Chepstow. SARA run the event every year, please contact us for more information.

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Egg & Spoon Race
Dress up in school uniforms for this one??? Entry Fees? Side Bets? Get the crowd in to the village green and take the SARA Collection Bucket around.

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Fancy Dress
This can work for just about anything, even a “Fancy Dress to go to Work Day” can be a great atmosphere boost in the workplace! Or even a “Fancy Dress Pub Crawl”.

Fiver Draw
Instant Fundraising:- everyone writes his/her name on a “Fiver” and puts it in a box.
First one drawn gets half the cash – the other half goes to SARA.

Fun Run
Why not take part in a fun run, half marathon or Marathon and raise money for SARA.

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If you ask nicely the owner of your local track may waive the admission fees (especially if he gets some editorial and a photo in the paper).

How many sweets in a jar – winner gets to keep them.

Give it up
Why not give something up to raise a few bob? Chocolate, shaving, talking, driving, Facebook…

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Halloween Party / Ball
Everyone loves dressing up and Halloween is a great excuse to do just that! Organise a DJ or Band, charge for tickets and give the profits to SARA. Run the event at your local Pub or Club and tap the owner up for a cut of the profits (to SARA of course).

Head Shaving
Get the Boss to go cool for the summer and aid a good cause too.

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Individual Gifts
Just ask around the workplace and friends to see what people are prepared to give! Suggest a donation, an hour’s pay, whatever loose change is in their pocket – it all adds up!

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Jail Break
Get sponsored for every mile you manage to get away from a set point with a prize for the winner. This is a great one for local press publicity.

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Karaoke competition/display
Rent or borrow (better) a machine and head for your local pub for this one. Entry fee with a prize for the winner. Also buy a job lot of ear-plugs, charge a fiver a pair and give the profits to SARA.

Kiss-a-thon AKA Sponsored Snog
Could be held at work, may be more fun at the local after a few beers.

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Lawn Mowing
Drop leaflets through doors – borrow a lawn mower, charging a couple of quid for your services. Make sure the leaflet explains what the money is for and people will be more inclined to pay.

Last Hours Pay
Get your office to donate its last hour’s pay for the year to SARA, after Tax/NI you’ll hardly notice.

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Mini Marathon
Like no-one is going to run a whole marathon for SARA? Come on now! Sponsoring a team or individual to run in a “Half-Marathon” or even a “Five-Miler” in your local area.

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Non-uniform day
Charge a pound for turning up in civvies… a “Comprehensive School-full” will raise a significant figure for SARA.

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One-day Fast
Get your workmates to sponsor you to go without food for a day. Love them as they fill your tin with donations: despise them when they peel open a chocolate bar.

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Penalty Shoot-Out competition
Fiver to enter – crate of beer for the winner. Have a word with your local Soccer Team about staging this at half-time during the Cup-Final.

Parachute Jump
Nerves of steel? Tried and tested…. Contact other companies you deal with and make a mass day out, the local press and your company magazine will be interested in this one.

Pool competition
A big game of “Killer” or a “Knock-out” …. Fiver a head: winner gets half, SARA gets half. EASY!!

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Quiz (Pub that is)
The landlord of your local will love you for this one! Organise teams, charge entry fee, ask the pub to donate a few drinks for the winners… Solo effort or Team!!

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Record breaking attempt
There are some amazing records that could be broken right there in the office – eating three crackers, log on to and get practicing.

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Squash Tournament
Ask at your local Leisure Centre or Squash Club for some free sessions toward a good cause. See if a Coach will help with this one.

Smooth Move
Do you know any hairy people out there men or women? Have a sponsored waxing, chest or legs – anyone brave enough?

Sponsored Silence
For the talkative amongst us, find out how many of your friends will pay to keep you quiet.

Swear box
Cut out the naughty words in the office!!

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Challenge local sports clubs and pubs to put up a team for some good interclub/pub rivalry.

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Unwanted Gift Sale
There may be someone out there who may actually like that jumper you were given for Christmas.

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Voluntary work
Call SARA’s Fundraising Officer to see if you can help with the next Town Centre “Bucket Collection”. Is there anything you can do to help at the Rescue Station? Car-park needs weeding? Walls need painting? Please contact us if you think you can help.

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“Who is that baby?”
This one is always a winner! Get old baby-photos of your bosses, stick them up around the work area and invite staff to guess who is who. (Entry fees to SARA of course). Resist the temptation to sell photocopies of the MD in nappies around the office. Resist! Resist!!

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Xmas Fayre / Party
The season of generosity… Santa Hats, Mistletoe, and lots of donations.

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Yard of Ale, Schooner Race, Chariot Race, Pub-a-thon

There are many, many games and competitions based around the local pubs: most involve running (at least to start with) from one to the other and drinking stuff. Get the teams sponsored in aid of SARA. Let us know when your event is on and we might even field a scratch team ourselves!!!

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Z: 10
Is worth ten points on the Scrabble Board – organise a tournament in the office, charge for entry and provide a prize for the office SWAT.

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