Beachley Station 2014

Beachley was SARA’s first purpose built lifeboat station. It is situated under the M48 (Old) Severn Bridge on the spur of land between the Rivers Severn and Wye. It is ideally located to cover the water from Sharpness in the north, to Avonmouth and Cardiff in the south. The Rivers Avon, Usk, Monnow and Wye are all part of the operational area.

Beachley Station Slipway

 Beachley Station from River








The slipway was originally used by the Car Ferry service that operated between Beachley and Aust before the opening  of the M48 Severn Bridge in 1966. The station houses the equipment used by both the boat crews and the land search & rescue teams. Beachley crewmembers are trained in boat, mud, land and swift-water rescue techniques.

Beachley is equipped with powerful marine radio communications and has recently taken delivery of some of the very latest tracking equipment enabling the control-room staff to  pin-point the location of rescue boats, vehicles and search teams during an emergency callout.

Rescue Boats & Mobile Units @ Beachley

20151017-IMG_0041 SARA Lifeboat 1 “Jim Hewitt”
Delta 8mtr Rigid Inflatable (RIB) Rescue Craft with self righting system
Learn more about SARA 1
SARA Lifeboat 3 ‘swiftandbold’
Delta 4.9 mtr Rigid Inflatable (RIB) Custom – X-Range Fast Rescue Craft
Learn more about SARA 3
SARA Rescue Boat 5
Jeanneau Rigiflex Newmatic360
Learn more about SARA 5
Lifeboats SARA Lifeboat 20
Delta 6.75mtr Rigid Inflatable (RIB) X-Range Fast Rescue Craft with self righting system
Learn more about SARA 20 
Land Rover 110 LWB TDi
Learn more about MRU 2
MRU10(01) MRU 10
Land Rover
Launch Vehicle Launch Vehicle
Beachley’s Boat Launch Vehicle
ISU-South Incident Support Unit (ISU) South
Beachley’s Incident Support Unit (ISU) South
Learn more about ISU South
Beachley Mobile units ISU, Mobile 1, Mobile 10 & Mobile 2 at Beachley October 2015


You can donate to our Beachley station direct via text message:
Text SARA03 £5 to 70070 to donate to Severn Area Rescue and make a difference today and help save lives.

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