Callouts 2003 to 2013

This list includes a subset of emergency services (999) callouts. Normally all of these have come via the Coastguard, Police, Fire and Rescue or Ambulance Service. Any incidents we deal with on event safety cover are not included here.

IDCalloutStand DownStationDetails
13/06931/12/2013 15:1831/12/2013 18:25BeachleyRequested by Gwent police to search River Usk near Transporter Bridge for person believed missing since night of 28/12/13. Coastal Observers despatched direct to scene. Mobile 10 and SARA Lifeboat-3 despatched. Lifeboat launched at Uskmouth. Search carried out from Dock Head to M4 road-bridge. Nothing found.
13/06829/12/2013 14:2029/12/2013 14:50BeachleyRequested by Gwent police to assist with a recovery from the Sirhowy River. Swift-water rescue team, Mobile Rescue Units and mobile control despatched. Stood down enroute Gwent FRS dealing.
13/06724/12/2013 12:4224/12/2013 16:15TewkesburyTasked by HWFRS to reports of canoeists seen in difficulty in Evesham with river in flood. Six water rescue crew attended with MRU3, MRU11, Sara Rescue 11 and 17. Search carried out of area of sighting, nothing found and teams stood down.
13/06622/12/2013 12:5022/12/2013 13:15BeachleyRequested by HM Coastguard to investigate report of possible upturned boat in River Wye. Object located and identified as drifting piece of wood... removed to river bank so as not to be a hazard to shipping.
13/06522/12/2013 09:0022/12/2013 12:50BeachleyContinuation of search for missing person in River Usk at Newport. Area searched from Dock Head to Caerleon. Nothing found.
13/06421/12/2013 18:2521/12/2013 21:30BeachleyRequested to assist I search for person believed to have "fallen from George Street Bridge" in Newport City Centre. Searches conducted in company with SW Fire & Rescue and Police Helicopter. Nothing found. Later considered to be hoax call.
13/06315/12/2013 15:1715/12/2013 16:16TewkesburyTasked by GFRS to rescue of sheep from river in Tewkesbury area. SARA Rescue 11, Mobile 11 and four crew attended along with crews from GFRS.
13/06214/12/2013 14:0014/12/2013 17:10BeachleyContinuation of search for missing person in River Usk. Low water search from Uskmouth to St Julians railway bridge. Nothing found
13/06112/12/2013 18:0012/12/2013 21:00BeachleySARA Lifeboat No-3 Launched at Uskmouth to carry out a low-tide, keyhole search of the lower section of the river Usk for missing person. Nothing found.
13/06008/12/2013 21:3509/12/2013 01:45BeachleyRequested by Gwent Police to search River Usk for a person believed to have fallen from the road bridge at Caerleon. SARA Lifeboat No-3 was launched at Uskmouth Sailing club and carried out an intensive search of the river banks up to Caerleon whilst a land-team searched near-by fields. Nothing was a found.
13/05908/12/2013 13:3008/12/2013 14:30BeachleyTasked by HM Coastguard to a fishing vessel with engine failure drifting with ebbing tide towards M4 Severn Bridge. SARA Lifeboat No-1 launched to take the craft in tow. Returned to The Lifeboat Slipway. Three persons saved.
13/05805/12/2013 23:3606/12/2013 05:36TewkesburySpecialist flood and Water Rescue Technician team were tasked by Defra to Essex to assist with potential tidal surge and widescale flooding alongside Beachley and Wyre Forest Stations and our other partner agencies including GFRS. Team stood down prior to deployment as water levels receded.
13/05705/12/2013 14:0406/12/2013 09:45BeachleyRequested by UK Flood response agency (DEFRA) to attend Witham Fire Station, Essex. To stand by for the high-tide period during the severe storms in the North Sea. Mobile Rescue Unit 10 SARA, Rescue Boat-5 and a Flood-rescue team were despatched. Crew assisted with evacuation of residents in the sea-wall area of Clacton-on-Sea.
13/05605/12/201306/12/2013Wyre ForestTasked by Defra to Essex
13/05523/11/2013 09:1423/11/2013 17:00TewkesburyTasked to assist West Mercia Police with a continuation of the search undertaken 22/11/13
13/05422/11/2013 16:5322/11/2013 18:10BeachleyTasked by Swansea MRCA following an "SOS" radio transmission purported to be from canoeists in difficulties near the M4 Estuary Bridge. SARA Lifeboat No-3 launched to search coastline.
Investigations by Coastguard Agency determined this to be a malicious Hoax Call.
13/05322/11/2013 11:5422/11/2013 18:07TewkesburyTasked to assist West Mercia Police with detailed search for missing person, River Avon in Evesham. Sara Rescue 17 and Mobile 11 attended with 5 Tewkesbury crew, working with crew and assets from Wyre Forest Rescue Station and specialist officers from West Mercia Police
13/05217/11/2013 15:2317/11/2013 15:35BeachleyRequested by Gwent Police to stand-by at the M4 Road Bridge for a person at risk of falling into the Severn Estuary.
SARA Lifeboat No-3 and crew readied for immediate launch. Person taken into police custody.
13/05112/11/2013 12:1012/11/2013 12:30BeachleySARA Lifeboat already launched to PR exercise. Located a large white dory-type craft (no persons on board) near the M48 Wye River bridge. After landing dignitaries Lifeboat-1 returned to he scene, secured the craft and towed it to the lifeboat slipway at Beachley. Craft handed over to HM Coastguard.
13/05008/11/2013 14:0008/11/2013 14:19BeachleySARA response with HM Coastguard support to a small dinghy seen to be drifting under the M48 Severn Estuary bridge. SARA Lifeboat No-1 launched, took craft (no persons on board) in tow and returned to Beachley slipway. Small, olive coloured dory handed to HM Coastguard.
13/04931/10/2013 03:3931/10/2013 05:15BeachleyRequested by Gwent Police to assist with a female fallen into the River Wye from A48 bridge at Chepstow. sARA Lifeboat No-1 launched to search the area. Casualty located, taken aboard Lifeboat and returned to shore at Chepstow Boat Club pontoon. Casualty handed on to NHS Ambulance.
13/04826/10/2013 10:5726/10/2013 15:16BeachleyTasked by M Coastguard to search for a missing sailor from St Pierre Pill yacht basin. SARA Lifeboat No-1 and mobile rescue vehicles despatched with search teams. Teams assisted HM Coastguard and police colleagues to search the tidal zones in the bay and along the foreshore to Black Rock. Casualty located in the water at 13:45: taken aboard Lifeboat No-1 and returned to lifeboat slipway. Casualty handed on to HM Coastguard.
13/04719/10/2013 19:2119/10/2013 20:00BeachleyTasked by HM Coastguard to report of persons possibly stranded by incoming tide at Aust. SARA Lifeboat No-3 launched. Two fishermen on the coastline checked for safety: no problems. Well intentioned false alarm.
13/04613/10/2013 12:0013/10/2013 14:14BeachleyTasked by HM Coastguard to assist broken down "PWC (Jet-ski) near M48 Wye Bridge". SARA Lifeboat No-1 Launched and Lifeboat No-3 brought to readiness. PWC located near Tallards Marsh with three persons. Craft recovered and towed to Beachley Slipway. All persons safe and well.
13/04510/10/2013 09:0610/10/2013 12:40TewkesburyTasked by GFRS to stricken vessel drifting downstream River Severn near Ashleworth. Sara Rescue 16 launched with three crew to assist the water rescue team from GFRS Gloucester. Occupant found well and taken to safety. Craft secured and towed to Gloucester docks to prevent further incident.
13/04408/10/2013 16:1608/10/2013 19:07TewkesburyTasked by GFRS to vessel having lost engines and drifting on River Severn with lone female aboard. Location unknown but estimated between Haw Bridge and Gloucester. SARA Rescue 16 launched at Tewkesbury and headed downstream, with GFRS Tewkesbury launching Gloucester and heading upstream. Craft intercepted by both boat teams, towed to safety and made secure.
13/04307/10/2013 06:5307/10/2013 08:45BeachleyTasked by HM Coastguard to investigate report of a "3-4 Metre vessel with large number of persons on board between the two Severn Motorway bridges. - possibly upturned". SARA Lifeboat No-1 launched. A collection of 30+ party balloons were located, burst and returned to Beachley for disposal.
13/04229/09/2013 14:4829/09/2013 15:31BeachleyTasked by HM Coastguard to large speed-boat with engine failure in the mouth of the Wye estuary: three persons on board. SARA Lifeboat No-1 launched to tow vessel to Beachley slipway.
13/04125/09/2013 10:4225/09/2013 11:20BeachleyRequested by South Wales Police to assist with a river and bank search for a missing person near the River Wye at Chepstow. Sara Lifeboat No-1 launched. Carried out a search of the river upstream as far as the Old Town Bridge. Stood down when police team located the person.
13/04020/09/2013 18:0820/09/2013 19:54BeachleyRequested to assist GFRS with a person who had fallen from cliff near Wyntours Leap. Mobile Rescue Units 1 & 2 despatched with Mountain Rescue teams. Teams assisted with carry-out of casualty to care of NHS ambulance service. Lifeboats and crews brought to readiness for support.
13/03919/09/2013 15:2019/09/2013 16:20BeachleyAlerted by members of the public to a person at the edge of the water at extreme low tide near the M48 bridge. Person kept under SARA observation until arrival of Chepstow Coastguard
team who interviewed the person as to his intentions: Photographer looking for suitable locations for bridge pictures.
13/03814/09/2013 17:2014/09/2013 19:30BeachleyRequested to assist GFRS & Police with a person who had fallen from cliff near Woodcroft Quarry. Mobile Rescue Units 1 & 2 despatched with Mountain Rescue teams. Teams assisted with carry-out of casualty to care of NHS ambulance service.
13/03714/09/2013 11:4914/09/2013 14:07TewkesburyTasked to assist GFRS with rescue of cow from the River Severn north of Tewkesbury. SARA Rescue 17 and MRU11 attended with 3 crew, along with crew from GFRS Tewkesbury. The cow was successfully reunited with the farmer and crews stood down.
13/03608/09/2013 16:0508/09/2013 17:10TewkesburyTasked to assist GFRS with rescue of sheep from the Severn in Tewkesbury. SARA Rescue 17 and MRU11 attended with 3 crew, along with GFRS Tewkesbury. Nothing found and crews stood down.
13/03528/08/2013 15:0928/08/2013 17:30BeachleyRequested by Gloucestershire Police to assist GFRS with a climber who had fallen 5-metres onto a ledge; possible back injuries at Wyntours Leap, Wye Valley. SARA crewman on scene at 15:10. Mobile rescue units 1 & 2 despatched with Mountain Rescue Team to assist Lydney and Coleford GFRS technical rescue teams. NHS HART team also on scene. Casualty raised to top of cliff and transferred to NHS ambulance crew.
13/03422/08/2013 13:0022/08/2013 16:45BeachleyFollowing discussions with HM Coastguard and Gwent PolSAR officers SARA Beachley provided Boat (Rescue-5) and Swift-water safety cover for a low-tide search of the intertidal zone near the M48 Severn Bridge.
13/03311/08/2013 13:1511/08/2013 14:20BeachleyRequested by HM Coastguard to locate and secure a stranded vessel in the Wye Estuary near Chapel Rock. SARA Lifeboat-1 launched to evacuate four persons to a place of safety. On arrival at the scene SARA crew removed the passengers from the small cruiser and managed to tow it free of the mud-bank on which it was stranded. The vessel and persons were safely transported to the lifeboat slipway at Beachley.
13/03209/08/2013 10:3109/08/2013 13:37BeachleyRequested by HM Coastguard to locate and secure a "Drifting vessel in the Usk Estuary". SARA Lifeboat-3 despatched overland with Mobile Units No 10 and 1. SARA Crew direct to scene 10.48Hrs UTC. "Vessel" identified as a small tender which had come adrift from its moorings further up the river. "Vessel" towed to Newport & Uskmouth Sailing Club.
13/03125/07/2013 14:1225/07/2013 22:08BeachleyTasked to stand-by and assist re-floating of single-masted sail cruiser stranded on the mudbanks at Tallard’s Marsh. Rescue Vehicles 1, 2 & 10 with land SAR teams despatched to ensure winches, lines and shore-based rescue/recovery apparatus set up to keep vessel upright. Chepstow Coastguard team also in attendance. SARA Lifeboats 1 & 3 stood by at the approach of highwater to provide high-velocity pumping if necessary. Vessel safely refloated and towed to Chepstow.
13/03020/07/2013 20:2020/07/2013 21:30BeachleyTasked by HM Coastguard to assist disabled 5mtr motor vessel off Chapel Rock at the mouth of the Wye Estuary. Four persons reported on board, one with mild hypothermia. SARA Lifeboat-1 launched to locate and tow the vessel back to Beachley Slipway.
13/02903/07/2013 18:2503/07/2013 19:55BeachleyRequested by HM Coastguard to assist Coastguard and Police colleagues with a search for a missing teenage male last seen in the vicinity of the M48 Severn Crossing near the Aust Services. Training vessel SARA-6 was already afloat following passage from Sharpness and was despatched directly to the Aust shoreline. SARA
Lifeboat-3 was immediately launched to support. Detailed searches of the coastline were carried out until the stand-down. Person was found unharmed and well in the Chepstow area.
13/02815/06/2013 10:5115/06/2013 11:12BeachleyRequested by South Wales Police to assist with recovery of a body from the foreshore at Goldcliff, Gwent. Stood down en-route as target was on dry land and easily accessed by FRS. SARA specialist team not required.
13/02709/06/2013 08:4209/06/2013 11:40BeachleySARA Lifeboats 1 and 3 Responded to capsized dinghy "Turtle" with one person overboard... Solo male crew was exhausted following repeatedly capsizing during a passage from Thornbury to St Pierre Pill. Casualty warmed up whilst vessel was towed back to Thornbury.
13/02608/06/2013 23:2708/06/2013 23:47BeachleyCrews summoned to station to investigate report of "flares" near the M4 Motorway Bridge (Second Severn Crossing). "Flares" were identified as orange "Flying Paper Lanterns".
13/02501/06/2013 19:0001/06/2013 20:30BeachleyRequested by coastguard to assist with reported sighting of "red flares" approx. 1Km north of M48 Bridge. SARA D-LOM took detailed statement from first informant and observed persons on the eastern shore of the estuary. Upon arrival of Coastguard personnel it was determined that RC model aircraft trailing orange smoke were being flown from a coastal field.
13/02401/06/2013 14:4901/06/2013 17:43BeachleyRequested by police to assist Lydney FRS with extrication of fallen climber near Wyntours Leap in the Wye Valley. Female casualty with ankle injuries. SARA Land SAR teams and Communications Relay Vehicle despatched to Wyntours and Llancaut RV Points. SARA MR Team-1 provided casualty care and assisted Lydney FRS with carry-out to Llancaut area. SARA MR Team-2 guided NHS Medical Team to casualty and assisted with carry-out to waiting NHS ambulance.
13/02331/05/2013 18:0031/05/2013 21:00TewkesburyTasked to assist with the recovery of a stranded narrowboat from the weir at Robert Aickman lock, River Avon, Harvington, Evesham. Six crew attended from Gloucestershire Water Rescue Centre with MRU11 and SARA RESCUE 11, who worked with a heavy recovery team to secure and rescue the craft.
13/02226/05/2013 15:4626/05/2013 15:55BeachleyRequested by Gwent police to attend Newport SDR Bridge where a male was threatening to jump into the River Usk. Team already in the Newport area was tasked to attend. Man taken into police custody, SARA team stood down and returned to original tasking.
13/02126/05/2013 14:0526/05/2013 17:40BeachleyRequested by Gwent police to assist with search for a missing man in the Spytty Area of Newport City. Swift-Water team, Mobile-1 and SARA Rescueboat-5 despatched to the area. Areas searched included two lakes each with two islands. Nothing found.
13/02020/05/2013 09:5620/05/2013 10:54BeachleyRequested by Gwent police to stand by to assist with person on the outside of security railings on M48 bridge. SARA Lifeboat-3 launched to stand-by below the position advised. Man taken into custody by police.
13/01919/05/2013 12:0519/05/2013 12:20BeachleyRed and white speedboat with engine failure seen to be drifting near Lifeboat slipway at Beachley. SARA Lifeboat No-1 attended and towed disabled vessel to the slipway. Three persons on board.
13/01826/04/2013 17:0026/04/2013 17:25BeachleyRequested by HM Coastguard to investigate report of "a large white object on sandbar opposite Loop Road, Beachley. SARA Beachley observer sent to Loop Road to investigate. "Object" identified as a white cabin cruiser with three occupants - at anchor, fishing, no apparent problems.
13/01717/04/2013 10:5917/04/2013 12:24BeachleyRequested by Gwent Police to investigate report of a "Baby" floating up the River Wye near Chepstow. SARA Lifeboat No 1 Launched. Object located: dead sheep. Confirmed with police officer(s) on scene.
13/01614/04/2013 21:4714/04/2013 21:52BeachleyTasked to search for overdue 14 ft. sailing dinghy with two persons on board. Set out from Thornbury Sailing Club for "afternoon sail". SARA Lifeboat No 1 prepared. Vessel observed to enter Oldbury Pill before lifeboat was launched.
13/01508/04/2013 10:5508/04/2013 15:30TewkesburyTasked by GFRS to search for a missing male in the Lower Lode area of Tewkesbury. MRU11, SARA Rescue 11 and 5 crew attended and carried out a detailed search of an area of river and bank, alongside the boat and crew of GFRS Gloucester Station. Nothing was found and crews stood down.
13/01407/04/2013 19:3507/04/2013 23:15TewkesburyTasked by GFRS to reports of a missing male in the Lower Lode area of Tewkesbury. MRU11, SARA Rescue 11, MRU3 and SARA Rescue 16 were turned out with 10 crew to assist GFRS Tewkesbury from Gloucestershire Water Rescue Centre, with both water and land searches carried out.
13/01327/03/2013 11:1027/03/2013 13:40BeachleyReport of a body on the beach near M48 Bridge at Beachley. Recovery team attended and casualty transferred to Coastguard and Police custody.
13/01221/03/2013 11:3421/03/2013 12:53BeachleyRequested by Gwent Police to search for a person seen to have fallen from the "Second Severn Crossing" (M4 Bridge) over the estuary. Casualty found (CPR administered) and transferred to Coastguard Helicopter for transportation to Frenchay hospital, Bristol.
13/01112/03/2013 15:3012/03/2013 16:00BeachleyRequested by HM Coastguard to assist recovery of a body from the Severn Estuary near Beachley. Mud Team deployed to assist. Recovery Accomplished.
13/01008/03/2013 13:3208/03/2013 14:00BeachleyRequested by Gwent police to recover skeletal remains from the River Wye near Llancaut. Lifeboat SARA-1 Launched, Recovery accomplished. Remains were animal.
13/00913/02/2013 10:0013/02/2013 14:00BeachleyLifeboats SARA-1 and SARA-3 Launched to continue search from previous day. Search area extended to cover length of River Wye from Chepstow to Tintern area and the Severn Estuary from Slyme Road to Black Rock. Nothing Found.
13/00812/02/2013 14:4312/02/2013 17:12BeachleyRequested by HM Coastguard to assist with search for a male believed to have fallen from the A48 bridge at Chepstow into the River Wye. SARA Lifeboat-3 launches to search the area in low tidal conditions. A Thorough search was carried out in accompaniment with helicopters from HM Coastguard and RAF. Nothing found.
13/00707/02/201307/02/2013TewkesburyTasked to assist Beachley with a land search for missing person in Forest of Dean. Stood down on route.
13/00607/02/2013 13:0207/02/2013 16:00BeachleyRequested by Gloucestershire Police to assist with a search for a missing person in the Symonds Yat Rock area. Mobile Rescue Units 1 and 2 with search & rescue team despatched. Person located by police search team.
13/00505/02/2013 17:3705/02/2013 20:25BeachleyTasked by Swansea Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre to search for a person reported to have jumped from the M4 Severn Bridge. Lifeboats SARA-1 and SARA-3 launched to search the area between the bridge and Avonmouth / Newport. Nothing found.
13/00402/02/201302/02/2013TewkesburyTasked by Wyre Forest Rescue Station to assist a member of the public who had driven into a flood and got stuck in Upton-on-Severn. Car recovered to higher ground.
13/00320/01/2013 10:2020/01/2013 16:00BeachleyContinuation of the search from previous day for a further 2Km downstream. No signs of misper. Found a safe (unrelated) with some contents which was handed to local police. Crew and equipment returned to station 17.30
13/00219/01/2013 10:4019/01/2013 16:00BeachleyRequested by Gwent Police POLSAR to carry out a search of the River Sirhowy and River Ebbw for missing person. Mobiles 1 & 2 together with Rescue-5 and a swift-water search team searched a 4Km section of the rivers. Nothing found. Crew and equipment returned to station 17:30
13/00101/01/2013 04:1201/01/2013Wyre ForestTasked by WMAS. More to follow.
12/13430/11/2012 18:5930/11/2012 19:15BeachleyRequested by HM Coastguard to launch to assist with search for missing person at Aust. SARA-1 launched. Missing person located by Avon & Somerset Police.
12/13330/12/2012 12:3230/12/2012 15:12TewkesburyTasked by HWFRS to reports of capsized canoeists in Upton in Severn. SARA Mobile 11 and SARA Rescue 11 launched at Upton and searched south to M50 bridge with HWFRS and WMSAR. SARA Mobile 3 and SARA Mobile 15 launched in Tewkesbury and searched north to M50 bridge. A total of nine crew attended from Tewkesbury Rescue Station. With nothing found and initial incident information vague, crews were stood down.
12/13222/12/2012 19:0723/12/2012 02:55BeachleyRequired by DEFRA to deploy Flood Rescue Team to Barnstaple Fire & Rescue Station to stand-by for tasking into the area as a part of the National Flood Response to North Devon. Beachley Swift-Water Rescue Team responded with Mobile-1 and SARA Rescue-5 linking up with a team from Sharpness. Beachley Team later re-deployed to Braunton Community Centre. Stood down 02:55 arriving back on station at 05:00.
12/13101/12/2012 15:5701/12/2012 16:34TewkesburyTasked to assist GFRS with male stranded near a weir in Tewkesbury. The man, a canoeist, had lost his canoe and was stranded on a float. Six crew attended the scene - casualty was rescued by GFRS and crews stood down.
12/13028/11/2012 09:4328/11/2012 18:25TewkesburyTasked by GFRS to the below incidents throughout the day. From Gloucestershire Water Rescue Centre, 9 SARA crew attended with Mobile 11, SARA RESCUE 11, Mobile 3 and SARA RESCUE 15, 5 crew from GFRS Tewkesbury with 414 and 114 and RIB:

1. Evacuation of stranded male from flooded Lower Lode caravan park in Tewkesbury.
2. Contact made with isolated residents at Lower Lode Inn and Lower Lode Boathouse for welfare check and offer of evacuation
3. A swiftwater rescue team accessed isolated cottages in Lower Lode area and offered evacuation
4. Residents at Chaceley Stock isolated in flood waters accessed for welfare check and offered evacuation
5. Residents at Chaceley isolated in flood waters accessed for welfare check and offered evacuation
6. Residents at Deerhurst accessed for welfare check and offered evacuation if required
7. Residents at Apperley near The Coalhouse accessed for welfare check and offered evacuation if required
12/12928/11/2012 01:0028/11/2012 01:55Wyre ForestTasked by WMAS to assist Shropshire Fire and HART team with incident at a ford near Craven Arms. Person in danger. Stood down 01:55 on route when person rescued from vehicle.
12/12827/11/2012 14:0427/11/2012 18:26TewkesburyInitially tasked by GFRS to reports of a missing or isolated person in the Sandhurst area in floodwater; on route the female was accounted for and crew were retasked. 8 crew attended with Mobile 11, SARA RESCUE 11, Mobile 3 and SARA RESCUE 15 and carried out the following in Sandhurst Lane which was flooded with heavy flow off fields:

1. Escorted two residents and supplies back to their property which had become isolated by floodwater.
2. Evacuated a male resident from an isolated park area.
3. Transported a Calor Gas engineer to inspect and make safe a LPG bulk storage tank located to the rear of a flooded property. Tank made safe and engineer returned to safety, along with an additional elderly male who was stranded nearby.
4. Transferred a media team from a vessel experiencing difficulties, returned media team to safety, escorted vessel to safety.
5. Transported a female resident to her flooded property to retrieve baby clothing, personal items and the family cat. All items recovered and resident evacuated to safety.
6. Made contact with numerous stranded residents in the area and offered evacuation or support.
12/12726/11/2012 19:3026/11/2012 22:06TewkesburyTasked by GFRS to rescue stranded residents in Maisemore. RESCUE 11 and SARA 11 attended following completion of previous tasking. Working with GFRS, a total of 3 local residents and a stranded UPS delivery driver were rescued. Several properties were checked with some residents electing to stay put rather than be evacuated.
12/12626/11/2012 18:3626/11/2012 20:00TewkesburyTasked by GFRS to transport fuel to flood pumps at a flooded residence in Maisemore via boat. SARA RESCUE 11 and MRU11 responded with four crew alongside crews from GFRS Gloucester Station 5.
12/12525/11/2012 23:5225/11/2012 03:13Wyre ForestTasked by WMAS to assist Shropshire FRS and HART team with incident in Bridgnorth. Person seen in water. Carried out joint boat search with SFRS and HART for over 2 hours with nothing found.
12/12425/11/2012 12:0925/11/2012 15:45TewkesburyTasked by GFRS on behalf of Gloucestershire Police to access homes in Chaceley village and Chaceley Stock isolated by floodwater. Numerous residents were offered the opportunity for evacuation or medical support if required. All residents declared they were happy to remain where they were. MRU11 with SARA RESCUE 11 and MRU3 with SARA RESCUE 15 attended crewed by 8 boat / swiftwater rescue technicians from their base at Gloucestershire Water Rescue Centre in Tewkesbury.
12/12325/11/2012 11:1225/11/2012 12:05Wyre ForestTasked by West Mercia Police to attend Horse trapped by rising water near Caunsall, Cookey. Crew attended and assisted in leading the horse to safety.
12/12225/11/2012 05:4525/11/2012 09:00Wyre ForestTasked by HWFRS to assist with evacuations at Kempsey near Worcester. On scene HWFRS officer tasked SARA team to search area adjacent to Church Street to ascertain status of properties and resident as to their immediate safety. Search carried out including large area of caravan park and Marina. No immediate dangers found. Stood down from scene.
12/12125/11/2012 02:4525/11/2012Wyre ForestTasked by WMAS to assist with flood evacuation at Smyte Farm near Worcester. Stood down on route as residents declined to leave.
12/12024/11/2012 21:5125/11/2012 06:00TewkesburyTasked by the Fire and Rescue Service National Coordination Centre to wide scale flooding in south-west England. Crew deployed to Devon as part of a nationally coordinated flood resilience task-force.
12/11924/11/2012 21:0025/11/2012 05:15BeachleyRequired by DEFRA to deploy Flood Rescue Team to Exeter Fire & Rescue Station to stand-by for tasking into the area as a part of the National Flood Response Contingency. Beachley Swift-Water Rescue Team responded with Mobile-1 and SARA Rescue-5 linking up with coleagues from Sharpness and Tewkesbury. Teams later redeployed to Bridgwater FRS. Stood down 05:15 arriving back on station at 07:00.
12/11823/11/2012 14:5223/11/2012 18:45TewkesburyTasked by GFRS at request of Gloucestershire Police to assist with search in and around Soudley Ponds, Gloucestershire for missing person. Mobile 11 and Rescue 11 attended with 5 crew, water margin search conducted, nothing found. Search planned for 24/11 cancelled, misper located overnight.
12/11722/11/2012 13:0422/11/2012 18:30TewkesburyCrew requested to assemble in Tewkesbury by GFRS in case of flooding. MRU3 and SARA RESCUE 15 responded with crew.
12/11622/11/2012 12:1923/11/2012 10:27TewkesburyTasked by the National Coordination Centre in London to stand by for wide scale flooding event. MRU11 and SARA RESCUE 11 responded with crew.
12/11522/11/2012 12:1523/11/2012 11:30BeachleyRequired by DEFRA to deploy Flood Rescue Team to Strencham Services on the M5 to stand by for tasking into Gloucestershire or Worcestershire as a part of the National Flood Response Contingency. Beachley Swift-Water Rescue Team responded with Mobile-1 and SARA Rescue-5. Team later redeployed to Beachley Rescue Station - remaining on stand-by overnight.
12/11422/11/2012 12:0723/11/2012 10:30Wyre ForestSARA as a whole Tasked by DEFRA to send two boat + SRT teams to the Strategic Holding Area at Strensham services to be prepared to assist with flooding issues in the Southwest. Wyre Forest Station to send one team. Tasking for SARA then increased to four teams, second team deployed from Wyre Forest Station. All teams held at Strensham into the evening, then re-deployed to own stations to be used if necessary from there. Stood down 10:30 next morning, but to remain on high alert for subsequent recall.
12/11321/11/2012 15:3522/11/2012 09:00TewkesburyRequested by WMAS to provide 4x4 support in south Warwickshire and Worcestershire as villages becoming isolated by flood water. MRU3 stationed at Alcester.
12/11221/11/2012 09:0021/11/2012 15:00Wyre ForestTasked by West Mercia Police to search woodland in Redditch for missing person. Extensive search undertaken but nothing found.
12/11118/11/2012 09:0018/11/2012 14:00Wyre ForestFurther extended search of Severn at Stourport. Nothing found.
12/11017/11/2012 12:1017/11/2012Wyre ForestTasked by West Mercia Police to search Severn upstream from Stourport bridge for missing person. Search carried out until failing light. Nothing found.
12/10911/11/2012 17:5511/11/2012 19:30Wyre ForestTasked by WMAS to assist in search for male seen in River Severn at Ironbridge. Stood down on arrival at slipway in Bridgnorth.
12/10804/11/2012 09:0004/11/2012 12:25BeachleySARA Lifeboat-1 and SARA Lifeboat-3 launched to continue missing person search in lower reaches of the River Wye from the estuary to Windcliff Wood area. Detaild searches of riverbanks carried out: nothing found.
12/10703/11/2012 09:0003/11/2012 16:30BeachleySARA Rescue Boat-5 launched to continuation of searches on River Wye in conjunction with Colleagues from SARA Tewkesbury with SARA Rescue 11. Nothing found.
12/10628/10/2012 09:0028/10/2012 16:00BeachleyContinuation of search from previous night. SARA Rescue 5 and Swiftwater Search Teams deployed. Areas of interest on River Monnow and River Wye closely investigated. Mobile phone located near position where the missing person was last seen.
12/10527/10/2012 17:5827/10/2012 21:55BeachleyRequested by Gwent police to assist with the search for a missing peron believed to be in the River Monnow at Monmouth. Search redirected to Bigswier on the Wye following a mobile phone (beaconed) position. Swift-water Rescue and Boat teams deployed to search all appropriate areas. Nothing found.
12/10424/10/2012 11:1424/10/2012Wyre ForestTasked by West Mercia Police to search for missing person on River Severn in Shrewsbury. Stood down prior to commencing search.
12/10320/10/2012 07:4220/10/2012 11:20BeachleyRequested by Gwent police to identify and recover a cabin cruiser drifting on the River Usk at Newport. SARA crew attended and followed the MV "Malouisa" upstream until SARA Lifeboat No-3 was able to secure a tow and recover it to Isca Boat club moorings at St Julians.
12/10220/10/2012 00:4320/10/2012 02:50BeachleyRequested by Gwent police to identify and recover a cabin cruiser, reported to be on it's side, drifting down the River Usk near the George Street bridge at Newport. Gwent Fire & Rescue's boat in attendance. Vessel was not on its side, no persons on board. SARA Lifeboat No-3 launched at Uskmouth Yacht Club, located the vessel and towed it to a safe mooring at the Yacht Club.
12/10113/10/2012 16:4513/10/2012 18:15BeachleyRequested by Gwent police to assist with the recovery of an axe from the plinth of the Old Town Bridge at Chepstow. SARA3 launched at low tide. Task was completed satisfactorily and the weapon handed to Gwent Police.
12/10013/10/2012 13:2313/10/2012 15:15BeachleyRequested by Gwent police to search an area of the River Wye at Monmouth following the possible sighting of a body caught up on branches on the island near Wye Bridge. Mobile 10 and SARA Rescue 5 despatched and launched at Monmouth to investigate. Nothing found.
12/09912/10/2012 17:0012/10/2012 17:03TewkesburyStand-by requested by HM Coastguard to narrowboat drifting unpowered in fast water, River Severn south of Tewkesbury. Crews stood down prior to deployment.
12/09812/10/2012 16:0812/10/2012 21:25Wyre ForestTasked by West Mids Police to assist with missing person search in the Himley area. Person found with relatives.
12/09705/10/2012 22:0408/10/2012 08:56Wyre ForestPut on standby to assist with search in Machynlleth for missing chilld. Not deployed.
12/09630/09/2012 09:3030/09/2012 10:56TewkesburyTasked by West Mercia Police to recover a car from the River Avon at Offenham. The vehicle had been washed down by flood water, was unstable and presenting an environmental risk. Vehicle recovered and passed on to Police.
12/09528/09/2012 16:2328/09/2012 16:36TewkesburyTasked by GFRS to high-risk female threatening to jump into the river at Tewkesbury. Six crew attended. Situation resolved and crews stood down.
12/09424/09/2012 09:3024/09/2012Wyre ForestPut on standby by WMAS in case assistance required in severe weather forecast by Met Office.
12/09302/09/2012 16:2802/09/2012 17:24BeachleyTasked by HM Coastguard to assist "broken down" small cabin-cruiser "Severn Warrier" with three persons on board approximately 1km upstream of M48 Severn Bridge. SARA-3 launched to scene, took the casualty vessel in tow and returned to Beachley lifeboat slipway.
12/09201/09/2012 03:0301/09/2012 06:30Wyre ForestRequested by HWFRS to assist with search for male seen in River Severn just downstream from bridge in Bewdley. Extensive search carried out by HWFRS and SARA boats and bank crews - nothing found. Informed person safe and well next day. Stood down from scene 06:30.
12/09127/08/2012 12:5727/08/2012 21:30Wyre ForestRequested to assist West Mercia Police with missing person search near Oswestry. Crew carried out extensive search of quarry area and also a length of disused canal. Crew found missing person alive and well and handed over to police.
12/09026/08/2012 15:0026/08/2012 17:04TewkesburyTasked by Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service (HWFRS) to cow in river Wye near Lydbrook. Cow rescued and crews stood down.
12/08926/08/2012 11:4426/08/2012 13:51TewkesburyTasked by West Mercia Police / Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue to recover deceased male in Evesham. MRU 11 attended. Deceased recovered and passed to Coroner.
12/088a19/08/201219/08/2012 20:15BeachleyTasked to assist Tewkesbury in the search for a high risk misper in Churchdown area of Gloucestershire.
12/08819/08/2012 14:3119/08/2012 20:15TewkesburyTasked by Gloucestershire Police to search for a high risk misper in Churchdown area of Gloucestershire. Mobile 11 and 3 land search teams attended from SARA and searched 10 key sectors including difficult and inaccessible terrain. This was the first operational tasking for Mobile 11 following 'Project Landy' and it becoming operational earlier this month. Misper located in another sector by Police.
12/08719/08/2012 11:3219/08/2012 11:40BeachleyAlerted by HM Coastguard to a cabin cruiser in potential danger anchored over Blackstone Rocks near Aust Cliffs during the swiftly ebbing tide. SARA-3 launched to advise the occupant of the hazzard. The person on board said that he would be recovering to Beachley Lifeboat Slipway before the water totally receded.
12/08615/08/2012 22:0216/08/2012 05:00BeachleyAssistance requested by British Divers Marine Life Rescue to a stranded dolphin/whale beached near Aust end of M48 bridge. Mobile Rescue Unit No1 was despatched with a Marine Mammal Rescue Crew to RV with Sharpness SARA and Coastguard crews to get an exact position and status of the animal. Mobile Rescue Unit No10 with additional crew and resources was deployed as soon as possible.

SARA Lifeboat No3 launched to stand-by at Blackstone to provide additional safety cover for crews in or near the water. Avon Fire & Rescue teams were also deployed together with Chepstow Coastguard crews. The creature was righted and sustained awaiting the arrival of a specialist veterinary. It was decided that the animal, a Beaked Whale calf, was in distress and that as there was no way in which it could possibly be reunited with it's mother, it was put to sleep with a painless injection.
12/08515/08/2012 09:5015/08/2012 15:39Wyre ForestCalled by West Mids Police to assist with a missing person search in Halesowen. Misper found by police search team. SARA WF on scene within minutes and attended patient prior to WMAS ambulance crew arrival, then taken to hospital.
12/08413/08/2012 00:0113/08/2012 03:00Contacted by Coasguard who reported that the vessels from the earlier callout were not safely ashore but in the middle of potentially dangerous quickands at Lydney. SARA Lifboat No 4 was launched from Sharpness to recover / safely escort the vessels to Beachley Lifeboat Station for recovery. SARA-4 was refuelled at Beachley before returning to Sharpness.
12/08312/08/2012 18:1312/08/2012 19:59BeachleyAt HM Coastguard request SARA-1 and SARA-3 Launched to search for two Personal Watercraft with two adults and two children reported aground in the "Oldbury area near a disused jetty". Four persons were located near Lydney Sands. The two men elected to remain overnight with their craft which they reported as "being back up on the beach" to await the morning tide. The two young boys were ferried to Beachley Lifeboat Station and re-united with their mothers.
12/08206/08/2012 00:5906/08/2012 03:30Wyre ForestTasked by WMAS to Patshull Park, Nr Wolverhampton. Person in car driven into a lake. Assisted WMAS HART team and Fire and Rescue Service with search for person. Initial search not successful.
12/08131/07/2012 21:0031/07/2012 21:45BeachleyReport from passing vessel that a "narrow-boat" was on passage from Sharpness Docks to Portishead Marina without adequate lighting or radios and navigating with "borrowed" charts. SARA-1 and SARA-3 intercepted the "narrow-boat" at "Sheperdine Sands" and escorted it to Beachley with SARA-1 continuing on to "Lower Shoots" to hand escort duty over to Portishead Lifeboat to complete the journey to the marina.
12/08030/07/2012 09:0430/07/2012 09:33Wyre ForestTasked by HWFRS to assist crew with rescue of a deer from the canal near Stoke Prior. Crew stood down on route deer now safe.
12/07929/07/2012 16:3829/07/2012 17:49BeachleyTasked by HM Coastguard to assist in search for a man reported to have fallen from the A48 bridge at Chepstow. SARA No 1 and SARA No 3 lifeboats were launched to carry out a detailed search of the river banks with Police helicopter WA99 overhead. Mobile Rescue Vehicle and a Land-search team were sent to assist Coastguard personnel in searching the adjascent river banks. Nothing was found. Rescue/Police authorities believe this to have been a malicious hoax alarm.
12/07828/07/2012 18:5828/07/2012 20:14Wyre ForestTasked by WMAS to person in difficulties on river bank in Trimpley, Nr Kidderminster. Assisted HWFRS crew to safely extract casualty and hand over to ambulance crew.
12/07723/07/2012 19:3023/07/2012 19:58TewkesburyTasked by West Mercia Police to provide land search for vulnerable missing male, Cropthorne, Worcestershire. Misper found and crews stood down on route.
12/07623/07/2012 19:0723/07/2012 19:30TewkesburyTasked by West Mercia Police to provide land/water search and rescue in large area of woodland near Pershore, Worcestershire for high-risk misper. Misper found and crews stood down on route.
12/07522/07/2012 14:0422/07/2012 14:20Beachley17Ft Speedboat broken down with split fuel pipe approx 50 Mtrs off Beachley Lifeboat slipway. Anchor deployed but with drifting debris being braught down by ebbing tide was in danger of collision. 3 persons on board. SARA Lifeboat-3 launched and towed the vessel to safety.
12/07422/07/2012 09:0022/07/2012 17:50BeachleyContinuation of Afon Llwyd search from 10-07-2012. Casualty located near Pontnewydd 13:45 South Wales FRS (Malpas) called in to assist with difficult extracation.
12/07316/07/2012 14:1716/07/2012 16:13TewkesburyTasked by GFRS to stranded narrowboat on River Severn Tewkesbury in precarious position in floodwater with ill owner aboard. Owner evacuated by GFRS crews and passed to on-scene paramedics. Craft freed from mooring where it was presenting a risk to nearby properties, and moved to safer location by SARA and GFRS boat crews.
12/07214/07/2012 15:5214/07/2012 17:15Wyre ForestTasked by HWFRS to vehicles stranded/washed away in flood conditions, Eastham Bridge near Tenbury. Joint response with Tewkesbury crew. No casualties found. Assistance also given to WMAS HART Team members having vehicle problems en-route.
12/07114/07/2012 15:4514/07/2012 18:59TewkesburyTasked to assist Wyre Forest with HWFRS tasking for wide scale flooding in Tenbury Wells. Persons reported in vehicles stuck in floodwater. Four people rescued from vehicles by HWFRS at Eastham Bridge.

SARA Tewkesbury were retasked by HWFRS to locate and check black 4x4 spotted in floodwater by Police Helicopter. Access road to area completely submerged, and members of the public reported there were two occupied properties isolated and flooded in location of target vehicle. Assisted by WMAS HART, a Swiftwater Rescue Team launched SARA 15 and transported Paramedic equipment to properties. Occupants found to be well with suitable provisions and declined evacuation. Black 4x4 located and found to be unoccupied. Two other vehicles located and found to be unoccupied. Touring caravan in location confirmed unoccupied.

Assistance also given to WMAS HART Team members having vehicle problems en-route.
12/07014/07/2012 04:4014/07/2012 05:32Wyre ForestTasked by HWFRS to flooding incident at Dowels Brook near Bewdley. Persons trapped in property. Persons dealt with by HWFRS crew.
12/06913/07/2012 22:4013/07/2012 23:38Wyre ForestTasked by West Mids Police to missing child in West Bromwich area. Requested to search golf course and football pitches. Stood down 23:38, child found safe and well.
12/06810/07/2012 07:2610/07/2012 18:30BeachleyRequested by Gwent Police to search hitherto inaccessible areas of the Afon Llwyd near Griffithstown, Pontypool. Search was for a 74-yr old male who had been missing for several days. Mobiles 10 and 2 together with SARA Rescue-5 and a Swift-water Search & Rescue Team joined with officers of Gwent POLSA to conduct a search of approx 2 miles of the river. Nothing was found.
12/06709/07/2012 16:5009/07/2012 17:30BeachleyCalled by Gwent police to attend Beach Road, Monmouth re: Missing canoe and occupants. Canoe had been seen to capsize and be swept under the town bridge. Mobile 10 and SARA Rescue-5 were dispatched from Beachley together with a Swift-water Rescue Team. Stood down upon arrival at rendesvous point as canoeists had self-rescued.
12/06608/07/2012 03:4708/07/2012 03:52Wyre ForestTasked by WMAS to person reported in river Severn near English Bridge in Shrewsbury. Person rescued by WMAS crew.
12/06507/07/2012 15:5207/07/2012 16:41BeachleyCalled by Gwent Police to attend Newport to assist Gwent FRS with recovery of a male who had fallen into the River Usk earlier in the day. Mobile 10 and SARA Rescue-5 dispatched with four crew and mobile radio vehicle. SARA Rescue-5 launched and stood-by to assist whilst GFRS recovered same.
12/06407/07/2012 15:4307/07/2012 16:43TewkesburyTasked by GFRS to boat at risk of sinking, River Severn Tewkesbury. SARA 11 launched along with 414 from GFRS Tewkesbury. Boat made safe.
12/06307/07/2012 10:3107/07/2012 11:50BeachleyTasked by Gwent Police to River Usk re: missing person near George Street Bridge, Newport. Report of male fallen into river. Mobile 10 and SARA Lifeboat-3 dispatched with four crew and mobile radio vehicle. Stood down by Gwent FRS whilst launching at Uskmouth Yacht Club.
12/06204/07/2012 05:3304/07/2012 06:16Wyre ForestMissing person search in Leominster. Tewkesbury also tasked. Person found safe and well prior to our arrival.
12/06126/06/2012 19:0026/06/2012 23:30Wyre ForestRequested by West Mids Police to assist with Missing person search in the Shard End area of Birmingham. Extensive search made of York's Wood - nothing found. Person turned up safe and well next morning.
12/06025/06/2012 15:4025/06/2012 16:26Wyre ForestCalled by HWFRS to assist with a narrow boat drifting on the Severn downstream from Stourport. Owner managed to secure boat just downstrem from Lyncombe lock.
12/059c23/06/201223/06/2012 19:45Wyre ForestTasked to assist Tewkesbury. More details to follow.
12/059b23/06/2012 18:4223/06/2012 19:45BeachleyTasked to assist SARA Tewkesbury and Hereford/Worcester FRS in search for canoeists. First Report 16 people missing in river near Ross on Wye. 12 crew in Mobile units with SARA Rescue-boat-5 dispatched. Stood down before launching as all nineteen persons accounted for.
12/05923/06/2012 18:0823/06/2012 19:45TewkesburyTasked by WMAS to multiple missing canoeists on River Wye near Ross-on-Wye. A boat rescue team along with a swiftwater rescue team attended from Gloucestershire Water Rescue Centre with SARA 15 launched to assist HWFRS and WMAS HART. All canoeists were accounted for with one person requiring hospitalisation as a precaution. [BBC News]
12/05813/06/2012 14:4413/06/2012 15:19TewkesburyTasked by GFRS to a calf in the river near Haw Bridge on the River Severn. A SARA crew and GFRS crew attended from Gloucestershire water Rescue Centre. The calf was rescued and returned to the farmer.
12/05711/06/2012 06:4811/06/2012 08:00TewkesburyTasked by HWFRS and GFRS to boat adrift on River Severn near Upton-upon-Severn. A boat team from SARA Tewkesbury attended the scene with boat teams from HWFRS. The crews were supported by GFRS Tewkesbury who launched downstream to head the craft off. Together with the police, the crews secured the craft, ensured no people were aboard and left safe. The stricken craft had been attended to the night before by SARA, WMSAR and HWFRS crews when it had become wedged on a weir at Worcester resulting in a rescue of the male occupant. Overnight the craft refloated and drifted to south of Upton.
12/05610/06/2012 17:3910/06/2012 17:39Wyre ForestTasked by WMAS and HWFRS to narrow boat adrift against weir barrage on River Severn in Diglis, Worcester. All persons safe.
12/05506/06/2012 17:1506/06/2012 22:00Wyre ForestTasked by West Mercia Police to assist with missing person near Alvchurch.
12/05406/06/2012 08:5106/06/2012 11:10TewkesburyTasked by GFRS to a bullock in the Severn underneath M50 bridge. A SARA boat crew and a GFRS Tewkesbury boat crew attended from Gloucestershire Water Rescue Centre. The bullock was rescued from the water and returned to the farmer.
12/05305/06/2012 18:1905/06/2012 19:21BeachleyFollowing a request from Marine Mammal Rescue personnel SARA was put on alert to assist with the location / rescue of a dolphin reported to be in the River Usk near the Transporter Bridge at Newport. Watchers were quickly on scene and reported no sign of the animal. The rising tide presenting no immediate danger to the creature the action was closed by SARA on-scene command.
12/05203/06/2012 10:4903/06/2012 12:50BeachleyFollowing the discovery of an abandoned vehicle near Beachley slipway the local Coastguard instigated a search of the foreshore between Beachley Point and Sedbury Cliffs. A SARA search-team was mustered from crew on station to assist. Nothing was found.
12/05130/05/2012 08:1230/05/2012 08:28Wyre ForestTasked by WMAS to assist with person in water near Bridge Street, Hereford. Stood down on route.
12/05029/05/2012 18:2629/05/2012 22:00BeachleyRequested by South Wales Police to assist with the search for a young swimmer seen to sink below the water in the Afon Llwyd near Caerleon, Newport. Malpas Fire & rescue had already checked the immediate area with the exception of a deep pool and were awaiting a team of police divers. SARA Rescue-5 was tasked to search downstream of the location in case the swimmer had been swept from the area. The person was found and recovered by the police dive-team.
12/04926/05/2012 22:5926/05/2012 23:09Wyre ForestTasked by WMAS to assist with person stuck in water in Bromyard. Stood down on route.
12/04826/05/2012 13:0026/05/2012 13:12BeachleyBeachley SARA-3 and SARA-1 were already self-launched to facilitate filming content for a BBC "Coast" programme. Crew were alerted to the Cabin Cruiser "Jennett" which had lost power and was drifting onto the lee-shore in rough conditions. One person had waded ashore leaving two people on board. A tow was secured and the vessel was returned to the lifeboat slipway.
12/04723/05/2012 10:3023/05/2012 15:00BeachleyRequested by Gloucestershire Police (Coleford) to assist with the search for a missing person in the vicinity of Bigswier. SARA Rescue-5 was launched and carried out an intensive search of the banks of the River Wye in the area. Nothing was found.
12/04621/05/2012 14:1521/05/2012 15:30BeachleyCalled by Gwent Police to persons reported to be in the estuary mud South of the second Severn Crossing (M4 bridge). SARA "Lifeboat No3" was launched and carried out a search of both the Welsh and English coastlines - nothing was found. Possibly a sighting of fishermen in the estuary at low tide.
12/04520/05/2012 20:1320/05/2012TewkesburyTasked by GFRS to a animal stuck in the River at Oldfield, Tewkesbury. SRT team attended with GFRS, animal was recovered to the bank and released.
12/04417/05/2012 04:3817/05/2012 05:01BeachleyCalled by Gwent Police to assist with a male swimming in the River Usk at Newport City Centre. SARA "Rescue-5" and MRU-10 prepared for depatch from Chepstow whilst Newport-based Rapid Response SRT personnel proceded direct to scene. On arrival at scene (04:51GMT) crew reported that the swimmer was being retrieved into a Gwent Fire Service boat.
12/04315/05/2012 09:3015/05/2012 15:00Wyre ForestTasked by West Mercia Police to search more water courses for missing person near Orleton.
12/04212/05/2012 17:4412/05/2012 23:00Wyre ForestTasked by WMAS to assist with weir rescue in Barford.
12/04112/05/2012 12:3512/05/2012 13:00BeachleyWhilst engaged on previous task of checking for a drifting vessel a further signal (Mayday) received from DSC - Motor Vessel "Rat Racer". SARA 1 was redirected and SARA 3 launched to survey the Severn Estuary for 3-miles upstream and downstream of the M48 Severn Bridge. All vessels in the area were checked: nothing was found. Later determined that DSC was triggered on the vessel "at home" in Swindon. [BBC NEWS]
12/04012/05/2012 11:5312/05/2012 13:00BeachleyTasked by HM Coastguard to investigate "unmanned" 17ft white motor vessel reported to be adrift to the south of the M4 Second Severn Crossing. SARA 1 Launched, two motor vessels checked: nothing wrong. Appears to be well intentioned report false alarm.
12/03911/05/2012 21:5011/05/2012 23:45BeachleyCalled by HM Coastguard to investigate interupted DSC Distress Signal (semi-automatic SOS) from Motor Vessel "Rat Racer". No position was determined. SARA 1 and SARA 3 launched to search from Beachley to Sharpness and back to Aust. Teams checked with vessels on passage in the channel... nothing was found.
12/03811/05/2012 21:4912/05/2012 00:25SharpnessTasked to launch in response of DSC Distress alert activation. SARA 2 & SARA 4 carried out a search Sharpness to Ledges. Nothing found.
12/03710/05/2012 09:3010/05/2012 15:00Wyre ForestTasked by West Mercia Police to search River Severn for missing person from Shrewsbury to Atcham.
12/03606/05/2012 08:5106/05/2012 09:09TewkesburyTasked by GFRS to dog caught in barbed wire in floodwater in Walton Cardiff, Tewkesbury. Six SARA crew attended along with a water rescue team from GFRS Tewkesbury from Gloucestershire Water Rescue Centre.
12/03504/05/2012 12:3904/05/2012 19:20SharpnessTasked to search for missing person believed to be in water. Prolonged search of wide area around the Noose and Canal,
deceased person located and recovered by SARA4.
12/03402/05/2012 14:4502/05/2012 15:41TewkesburyTasked by Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue (GFRS) to collapsed male on boat in Tewkesbury. Seven SARA crew attended from Gloucestershire Water Rescue Centre along with crews from GFRS Tewkesbury and GFRS Gloucester stations. Casualty passed to GWAS by GFRS rescue team and crews stood down.
12/03301/05/2012 11:2801/05/2012 14:42TewkesburyTasked by GFRS to stand by to assist with search for misper in floodwaters in Tewkesbury, and in case of wider residential flooding. Six SARA crew attended with SARA 11 from Gloucestershire Water Rescue Centre and GFRS crews from Gloucester and Fairford, along with POLSA officers from Gloucestershire Police. Search stood down at briefing as Mispers accounted for. No other incidents current and with floodwater stabilising crew stood down.
12/03201/05/2012 02:2901/05/2012 04:11TewkesburyTasked by GFRS following reports of persons in floodwater in Foresters Road area. SARA 11 and SARA 15 launched along with boats from Gloucester and Tewkesbury GFRS. Nine SARA crew attended from Gloucestershire Water Rescue Centre in Tewkesbury. Stood down after search with nothing found.
12/03128/04/201230/04/2012Wyre ForestCrew on high alert for possible flooding in area. No major incidents reported.
12/03022/04/2012 14:5822/04/2012 14:58SharpnessTasked to person reported cut off by tide at Newnham. Stood down prior to launch.
12/02921/04/2012 09:5621/04/2012 11:44Wyre ForestPut on standby by West Mids Police for missing person search in Sutton Park - stood down without deploying.
12/02813/04/2012 20:1413/04/2012 21:05BeachleyRequested by HM Coastguard to investigate report of floating object (possibly a missing person) in the Severn Estuary near Aust Cliffs. SARA Lifeboat No3 launched and carried out intensive search of the immediate area. Nothing found.
12/02709/04/2012 08:4609/04/2012 10:38TewkesburyTasked to support Beachley with additional land and SRT search teams.
12/02609/04/2012 08:0009/04/2012 18:24BeachleyAt the request of Gloucestershire police: continued the search for the person missing from Chepstow. SARA Lifeboat No1, SARA Lifeboat No3, and land-search teams continued in action throughout the day in conjunction with HM Coastguard, PolSAR, Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue (GFRS) units. Beachley Lifeboat & Rescue Station acted as Search Control, Rest & Coordination Centre as agencies searched the entire coastline from Beachley to Magor. Nothing was found. Stood down by Police Incident Control.
12/02509/04/2012 01:0609/04/2012 04:00BeachleyRequested by Gloucestershire police to search for a person believed to have fallen from the A48 bridge into the River Wye at Chepstow. SARA Lifeboat3 was launched and an "On Scene Control" group established. The search of the river from the Severn Estuary to the bridge and back found nothing. SARA3 was recovered just before low tide. Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue (GFRS) and South Wales Fire & Rescue teams searched the river banks two flood-rescue boats were launched for a further search of the town wharf area. SARA Land Search and Rescue teams were deployed with Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue to search the water margins of Beachley Point. Additional Search teams included Chepstow Coastguard & Chepstow Police, Great Western Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) were also present. Searching was called off at 04:00.
12/02407/04/2012 14:5707/04/2012 16:35BeachleyRequested by Gwent police to recover what was believed to be a revolver lying on a support of the Chepstow Town Bridge over the River Wye. SARA3 was launched and an "On Scene" group established. A delay was experienced due to the extreme low tide with crew having to "Walk the Boat" over the bar at the mouth of the river. The weapon was retrieved and handed to the police.
12/02312/03/2012 14:2512/03/2012 14:45TewkesburyTasked by GFRS to Hempstead, Gloucester, to boat on fire with suspected casualty aboard. Crew responded along with GFRS from Gloucestershire Water Rescue Centre. Casualty recovered and crews stood down on route.
12/02203/03/2012 10:0003/03/2012 16:00Wyre ForestTasked by West Mercia Police to further search River Severn for missing person in Shrewsbury from Railway bridge to Telford road bridge.
12/02119/02/2012 10:0019/02/2012 16:00Wyre ForestTasked by West Mercia Police to search River Severn for missing person in Shrewsbury from Railway bridge to Telford road bridge.
12/02011/02/2012 18:5411/02/2012 19:32SharpnessTasked to stand by on station in readiness to assist with MV Seahawk, engine room fire off Avonmouth. Stood down on arrival of tugs to take vessel in tow.
12/01911/02/2012 18:5111/02/2012 20:15BeachleyRequested by HM Coastguard to attend and stand by M.V. Seahawk, a 87 Metre cargo vessel which had suffered an engine fire: there were seven crew on board. SARA 1 was launched and was with the casualty vessel at 19.18. M.V. Seahawk was anchored approximately a kilometre below the Severn Estuary M4
bridge. SARA 1 in accompanyment with Portishead ILB stood by awaiting the arrival of the "All Weather" Lifeboat from Barry RNLI and the tugs "Thorngarth"
and "Svitzer Ellerby". The tugs took the disabled vessel under tow to Avonmouth Docks.
12/01810/02/2012 09:5710/02/2012Wyre ForestTo Follow.
12/01709/02/2012 16:0710/02/2012 14:18Wyre ForestPlaced on standby overnight due to poor weather conditions by WMAS.
12/01604/02/2012 16:3004/02/2012 17:30Wyre ForestTasked by WMAS to recover an ambulance stuck in snow in Bewdley. Ambulance recovered and escorted back to station.
12/01504/02/2012 12:1708/02/2012 09:00TewkesburyGWAS request team to be on stand-by for snow cover. Mobile 3 and 2 crew rotation.
12/01404/02/2012 09:0004/02/2012 16:15Wyre ForestTasked by West Mercia Police to search for a missing male at Shrewsbury. Extensive search carried out from weir to main rail bridge and search of Island below weir nothing found.
12/01331/01/2012 10:3631/01/2012 11:15TewkesburyTasked to assist West Mercia Police in Bredon Hill area. Land search for high risk missing person. Land search team & Mobile 3 deployed. Stood down at search control, missing person located alive by police.
12/01229/01/2012 12:1529/01/2012 12:36Wyre ForestTasked by HWFRS to Stourport Boat Club area, 4 persons in the water.
12/01129/01/2012 11:3129/01/2012 12:40BeachleyCalled by Gwent Police to attend M4 Severn Motorway Bridge following report of man falling from the carriageway into the estuary.
Lifeboat SARA 1 launched. Following additional information the lifeboat was re-directed to search the area of the "Old" M48 Severn Bridge and quickly located the casualty
in the water. The casualty was landed at Beachley Rescue Station where SARA crew provided medical care and life support until the arival of NHS paramedics.
Casualty taken to Hospital by Air Ambulance.
12/01025/01/2012 08:4725/01/2012 18:30TewkesburyTasked to assist Wyre Forest & West Mercia Poice in the missing person search at Orleton, Herefordshire. 4 Lakes searched by SRT Team. Nothing found.
12/00925/01/2012 08:4525/01/2012 14:00Wyre ForestContinuation of search at Orleton, Herefordshire.
12/00824/01/201224/01/2012Wyre ForestContinuation of search at Orleton, Herefordshire.
12/00723/01/201223/01/2012Wyre ForestContinuation of search at Orleton, Herefordshire.
12/00622/01/2012 10:39Wyre ForestTasked by West Mercia Police to search for a missing person in Orleton, Herefordshire.
12/00510/01/2012 08:2710/01/2012 08:58Wyre ForestAnimal Rescue in Cookley
12/00409/01/2012 14:0509/01/2012 14:48Wyre ForestTasked by HWFRS to person threatening to jump from Stourport Bridge. Person safe and well.
12/00305/01/2012 06:3005/01/2012 11:33TewkesburyTasked by West Mercia Police for boat search of River Wye at Hereford. POLSA requested help to locate misper from incident 31/12/11. River levels were fluctuating, still in flood with strong winds making search conditions challenging. Both the primary and secondary prescribed search areas completed. Nothing found, POLSA briefed and crew stood down.
12/00202/01/2012 09:5502/01/2012 10:50Wyre ForestTasked by WMAS to person in weir on the river at Ludlow.
12/00101/01/2012 20:1201/01/2012 22:50Wyre ForestTasked by WMAS. Ambulance stuck in mud with patient at an address in Hopton Wafers. 3 Crew and MRU (Land Rover) sent to scene. Patient transferred to alternative ambulance. Ambulance required winching in small stages and was back on road approx 22:20.
11/07031/12/2011 10:5831/12/2011 12:34TewkesburyTasked by WMAS to River Wye at Hereford. Person in the water, river in flood. Boat & Swiftwater team attended.
11/06927/12/2011 21:2527/12/2011 22:02Wyre ForestTasked by WMAS to Bridgnorth, person in the River Severn. Stood down on route.
11/06824/12/2011 23:2024/12/2011 00:12SharpnessSighting of flare reported in the Noose area. Police later reported incident to be youths with fireworks.
11/06723/12/2011 06:5223/12/2011 09:08Wyre ForestTasked by West Mercia Police to man in the river at Bewdley. Person recovered by SARA boat crew.
11/06620/12/2011 08:5520/12/2011 09:08TewkesburyTasked to assist Wyre Forest and HWFRS with a stranded animal rescue in Tenbury Wells. Crew stood down before deployment.
11/06520/12/2011 08:0620/12/2011 09:08Wyre ForestTasked by HWFRS to a second stranded animal rescue in Tenbury Wells. More information to Follow.
11/06419/12/2011 21:1519/12/2011 00:15Wyre ForestTasked by HWFRS to a stranded animal rescue in Tenbury Wells. More information to Follow.
11/06319/12/2011 15:4119/12/2011 17:29BeachleyRequested by HM Coastguard to carry out a search for a person believed to have fallen from M4 Bridge into the Severn Estuary. SARA 3 and SARA1 launched to search in conjunction with Coastguard helicopter "Rescue 106": nothing was found.
11/06215/12/2011 18:2216/12/2011TewkesburyCrew tasked to stand-by to assist GWAS with provision of 4x4 vehicle and support during adverse weather, as a result of Met Office severe weather warning.
11/06113/12/2011 15:5913/12/2011 19:25BeachleyRequested by Gwent Police to investigate report of a cabin cruiser drifting down the River Usk on the ebbing tide; somewhere between St Julians and Newport City Centre. Conditions poor, Sub-zero temperature, Hail, Snow & Strong Winds. SARA 3 deployed to Uskmouth and launched to search the length of the river. Land Search team deployed to search the river banks between Newport Town Bridge and the M4 Motorway. "M.V. Renegade" was located approx 500 mtrs above the M4 bridge and found to be secured to a yellow mooring. Vessel was recovered by members of the St Julians' Boat Club the following day.
11/06020/11/2011 10:5120/11/2011 11:30TewkesburyWhilst training at Upper Lode weir, Gloucestershire Police asked crew to assist local farmer with recovery of injured animal. Animal recovered from river bank.
11/05909/11/2011 09:0609/11/2011 10:00BeachleyRequested by South Wales Police to carry out a low-tide search of the inter-tide area with reference the person missing from 31/10/2011. After consultation with HM Coastguard it was reported that Avon & Somerset police had earlier recovered a body from the Portishead area.
11/05831/10/2011 01:3931/10/2011 03:30BeachleyRequested by South Wales Police to search for a person reported to have jumped from the M4 Bridge into the Severn Estuary. SARA3 and MRU1 with a Beach search party
were despatched to the Sudbrook and Black Rock areas. Teams carried out an intensive search in accompanyment with police helicopter WO99. Nothing found.
11/05728/10/2011 02:0628/10/2011 02:21TewkesburyTasked by WMAS to persons in water at Hereford. Stood down before arrival.
11/05610/10/2011 05:1610/10/2011 06:32BeachleyTasked by HM Coastguard to "readiness" in support of Avon Police attending a person threatenning to jump from the M48 Severn Bridge. SARA 1 and crew braught to "standby for immediate launch" condition at Beachley Slipway. Person taken into police custody. Lifeboat not launched.
11/05521/09/2011 11:2221/09/2011TewkesburyTasked to assist Gloucestershire Police in search for missing female in Stroud area. Crew stood down on route.
11/05421/09/2011 11:2021/09/2011 13:34SharpnessVulnerable person thought to be in or near water at Frampton on Severn, launched to search area, person reported found on shore.
11/05316/09/2011 16:2116/09/2011 19:19BeachleyRequested by Gwent police to assist with the recovery of a person from Tredegar Park Lake, Newport. Mobile Rescue Unit 2 and SARA 5 were despatched and the recovery team successfully recovered to the police and ambulance waiting at the lakeside.
11/05215/09/2011 23:4915/09/2011 00:26SharpnessCar driven off slipway at Beachley, lifeboat on station readiness to assist in search if required.
11/05115/09/2011 23:4915/09/2011 02:30BeachleyTasked by Swansea MRCA to attend a search for a car driven into the sea at speed from the lifeboat slipway. SARA 3 launched and a land rescue team despatched in Mobile Resue Unit 2 to search for the vehicle. Casualty was located approx 300mtrs downtide of the slipway and recovered from the water. Casualty handed to the responding NHS ambulance. Vehicle was checked and secured for safety an orange marker buoy attached as an obstruction warning to local boats.
11/05004/09/2011 15:3704/09/2011 17:45SharpnessVessel reported aground at Purton. Anchors deployed, to recover vessel on rising tide.
11/04903/09/2011 18:5503/09/2011 19:40SharpnessPersons reported trapped at Arlingham, two persons recovered safely.
11/04801/09/2011 00:3601/09/2011 01:04Wyre ForestTasked by WMAS to persons in water Victoria Bridge Hereford.Crews stood down en-route rescued by WMAS crews.
11/04729/08/2011 17:4929/08/2011 21:30SharpnessHovercraft reported in difficulty at Purton Sands, on lifeboat arrival pilot had made shore, hovercraft secured by anchors till sufficient tide, recovered on rising tide.
11/04623/08/2011 02:2323/08/2011 03:20SharpnessPersons reported in water, recovered safely.
11/04521/08/2011 13:2521/08/2011 20:00BeachleyA boater reported seeing an upturned car completely submerged in the River Wye near Llandogo. Neither Gwent nor Gloucestershire police had any record of a missing vehicle in the vicinity.

Swift-water rescue team despatched to the scene. Vehicle located by police helicopter. Vehicle secured and evaluated by SARA crews.. no occupants. SARA personnel stood by until recovery vehicle attended to remove car.

Later information revealed that the car had been stolen from the Monmouth area approximately five years ago.
11/04418/08/2011 14:0018/08/2011 18:45TewkesburyCrew tasked to assist Wyre Forest in river search for missing male on River Severn at Stourport.
11/04318/08/2011 12:10Wyre ForestTo Follow
11/04213/08/2011 05:2013/08/2011 14:30Wyre ForestTasked by WMAS & West Mercia Police to a male seen in the river in Shrewsbury. Extensive search carried out nothing found.
11/04112/08/2011 15:1012/08/2011Wyre ForestTasked by WMAS to male in canal Stourport. Stood down prior to deployment.
11/04031/07/2011 17:4331/07/2011 18:33BeachleyCalled by South wales Police to stand-by in case needed to attend a female threatening to jump into the water at the Chepstow end of the "Old Severn Bridge". SARA 1 readied with crew to launch. However, rescue station is immediately at the location described and there was no sign of the person nor the "attending" police officers.

SARA 1 was launched to check out all possible locations. Police advised SARA Control that the person was now in the mud at the base
of the bridge. SARA Control confirmed that there was over ten metres of water at the described location and still no sign of the person. Person was located near the "M48 Wye Bridge" and recovered to shore by police officers.
11/03917/08/2011 14:3517/08/2011 15:32BeachleyCalled by South Wales Police to launch to two people seen in the River Wye. The 999 emergency call was from passengers of a passing train and suggested that a boat was sinking in the river estuary. SARA 1 was immediately launched only to discover that the boaters
had simply been "waving to passengers" in the train as it followed the coastline.
11/03817/07/2011 10:0817/07/2011 10:40SharpnessReport of inverted sailing dinghy, persons in water, dinghy righted, crew put back on board.
11/03717/07/2011 09:2517/07/2011 10:15BeachleyA blue & white cruiser seen to be drifting near to the "Hen & Chicks" rocks. The wind rapidly took the vessel toward "Whorls End". SARA 1 was launched and, despite the poor visibility and rain, the casualty vessel was quickly located. A rope was secured and she was towed firstly to Beachley Slipway and then back to her moorings at Sedbury Cliff.
11/03606/07/2011 12:4306/07/2011 13:50BeachleyTasked by HM Coastguard to possible sighting of crashed microlite aircraft near the M48 bridge. Eyewitness reported seeing what appeared to be white wings floating on the water... later to disappear. SARA Lifeboat 3 launched to carry out search between the two motorway bridges. Nothing sighted.
11/03503/07/2011 10:4603/07/2011 13:00BeachleyCalled by Gloucestershire Constabulary to aid of a woman who had fallen approx 15 Mtrs from Wintours Leap in the Wye Valley. SARA 1 and three mobile rescue units were despatched with land-SAR crews. Casualty was located. NHS Paramedics on-scene attending to casualty who was unconscious. and crew assisted Glos F&R to extricate her to waiting air ambulance at Llancaut.
11/03428/06/2011 16:3728/06/2011 17:33Wyre ForestCalled to assist Fire and Ambulance services Recovery at Lake in Great Whitley.
11/03328/06/2011 07:1528/06/2011 12:00TewkesburyTasked to carry out search for missing male on River Wye at Ross. Stood down as male found by POLSAR.
11/03218/06/2011 12:2218/06/2011 18:30TewkesburyTasked to assist Gloucestershire Police in search for missing male in Cheltenham area. 3 x Land Search Teams attended.
11/03118/06/2011 10:5218/06/2011 11:55SharpnessFemale reported in water attempting to save dog, upon arrival, both female and dog were recovered from water.
11/03018/06/2011 05:1018/06/2011 06:21BeachleyTasked by H.M. Coastguard to a person seen in the mud just downstream of the M4 Bridge over the estuary. SARA 3 launched to investigate. Nothing found. Coastguard report that a fishermen was later interviewed after leaving the search area. This was SARA 3 (Swiftandbold) first emergency shout since becoming operational.
11/02916/06/2011 21:5316/06/2011 22:55BeachleyRequested by Gwent Police to assist with person "sat on ledge" of Millenium Bridge, Newport. SRT team assembled on scene to support GFRS. Mobile Rescue Unit 1 and Rescue 5 despatched to launch at Uskmouth to take over from GFRS as the tide was dropping to a level unsuyitable for their RIB. Person was "talked down" by police negotiator.
11/02814/06/2011 20:5614/06/2011 21:35BeachleyRequested by Gloucestershire Police to assist with search for a missing person in the Sedbury area of Chepstow. Search teams assembled. Person was located by Police.
11/02712/06/2011 13:0212/06/2011 13:28TewkesburyTasked to persons in water at Brobury. Stood down enroute.
11/02603/06/2011 11:5503/06/2011 13:00Wyre ForestCalled to assist Fire and Ambulance services with child fallen into lock in Stourport.
11/02529/05/2011 01:1629/05/2011 02:30BeachleyRequested by South Wales Police to assist with recovery of a person who had jumped from the Newport Town Bridge. SARA 3 & MRU 1 despatched to Uskmouth for launch. SARA control direct to scene. Person was extracted from the water by SWFRS mud-rescue team and passed to NHS Ambulance & Police.
11/02421/05/2011 16:5821/05/2011 17:24Wyre ForestCalled to assist WMAS with casualty in Stourport Basin dry dock. Crew responded, but stood down prior to arrival on scene.
11/02317/05/2011 21:5017/05/2011 23:00BeachleyAdvised by a member of the public that a small craft had broken free of its mooring and was drifting down the Wye Estuary. Communications with HM Coastguard indicated that the vessel was under command but might need assistance. SARA 1 launched to stand-by whilst casualty craft returned to Chepstow.
11/02216/05/2011 06:1116/05/2011 08:10BeachleyRequested by HM Coastguard to assist South Wales police with a recovery of a male casualty from the River Usk "near Shaftsbury Park". SARA 3 and MRU 1 were despatched to launch at Uskmouth.(stood down 07.32) Swift-water rescue group attended directly to the scene "Glebelands Park", where they were able to secure the casualty and recover to land. The team assisted NHS responders with a short carry-out accross unstable ground. Casualty handed over to responding NHS Paramedic.
11/02102/05/2011 10:0002/05/2011 11:00TewkesburyTewkesbury requested to assist Sharpness. RE: search of Gloucester Sharpness Canal at Gloucester for missing male. Stood down on route.
11/020a02/05/2011 10:0002/05/2011 21:00SharpnessTasked to carry out search of Gloucester Sharpness Canal at Gloucester for missing male. Intensive search carried out, nothing found.
11/02001/05/2011 18:3001/05/2011 21:30BeachleyRequested by Gloucestershire Police & HM Coastguard to search for a person believed missing since 01/05/2011 in the water near the M4 bridge over the Severn Estuary. SARA1 and SARA3 carried out keyhole search of the coast above and below the bridges. Nothing was found.
11/01901/05/2011 15:0001/05/2011 16:30SharpnessTasked to assist vessel broken down River Severn. Assisted in tow of vessel to safety.
11/01801/05/2011 10:3001/05/2011 14:30SharpnessTasked to carry out water search for Misper. Search of prescribed area carried out, nothing found.
11/01731/04/2011 23:5001/05/2011 03:30SharpnessTasked to carry out water search for misper. Search of prescribed area carried out, nothing found.
11/01626/04/2011 09:0026/04/2011 13:00SharpnessTasked to assist Gloucestershire Police at Frampton On Severn. Tasking completed.
11/01526/04/2011 01:5426/04/2011 02:29BeachleyRequested by HM Coastguard to assist Gwent police at an incident at Newport Town Bridge. SARA 3 and MRU 2 were readied for despatch to launch at Uskmouth. Upon arival on scene SARA Incident Command was briefed that SWFRS had launched their vessel and that the situation was "in-hand". After brief discussion with police and SWFRS it was decided to stand down the SARA response.
11/01421/04/2011 18:4721/04/2011 19:30BeachleyCalled by Gloucestershire and Gwent police to "a person" seen to be "Stuck on the cliff" below Chepstow Castle on the River Wye. SARA 1 and MRU 1 were despatched to the scene.
SARA 1 recovered three persons from the cliff and took them to Chepstow where they were interviewed by police.
11/01319/04/2011 19:3219/04/2011 19:39Wyre ForestCalled to assist WMAS with person in water in the Droitwich area. Situation resolved before crew were despatched.
11/01219/04/2011 17:2619/04/2011 17:59Wyre ForestCalled to assist WMAS with land search in the Minworth area for motorbike casualty who had fallen into a ditch and only gave rough location before his mobile phone run flat. Later found by ambulance crew by chance.
11/01109/04/2011 11:1509/04/2011 12:59BeachleyFollowing request from H.M. Coasguard, SARA Lifeboat 1 ("Joe Harris")was launched to a "Vessel in distress" near the M4 Motorway bridge across the Severn Esuary.

The "casualty vessel" (a Jet-ski) had broken down and was being towed by a fellow jet-skiier: however they were unable to make headway against the ebbing tide which was rapidly taking them down the coast toward Newport.

SARA Lifeboat reached the skiiers at 11:37 took one skiier on board and carried out an "alongside tow" to return the stricken craft to Beachley. (Lives saved 2)
11/01002/04/2011 15:0004/04/2011 10:00Wyre ForestCalled to assist POLSAR with missing person in Shewsbury. Search carried out on 03/04/2011 of suspect section of river and banks - nothing found. Person turned up alive and well next day, some distance from river.
11/00924/03/2011 12:0024/03/2011 13:15SharpnessTasked to report of upturned craft Logney area. Search carried out, craft fun d, believed to be old craft washed off shore by high tide.
11/00820/03/2011 09:0520/03/2011 11:45SharpnessTasked to a report of upturned craft at Epney. SARA4 attended and carried out search. Casualty craft later reported ashore, no crew. SARA 4 maintained search for missing crew. Notified by Police at 11:25 that Casualty crew had phoned in saying he had made shore safely.
11/00726/02/2011 10:0126/02/2011 12:05SharpnessPersons reported trapped on sand banks at Purton, persons led to safety.
11/00620/02/2011 08:4520/02/2011 09:30SharpnessTasked to persons in trouble at Pimlico Sands, SARA4 & SARA2 Launched. Persons recovered safely.
11/00518/02/2011 09:0018/02/2011 09:40SharpnessTasked to incident at the Partings, SARA4 launched, stood down en route.
11/00423/01/2011 11:3023/01/2011 15:30Wyre ForestCalled to assist RSPCA to capture pollution covered swan. Bird captured sucsessfully.
11/00322/01/2011 14:3622/01/2011 15:30BeachleyRequested by Gwent Police and HM Coastguard to launch to a person on the mud-banks approx one mile off Caldicot Levels. SARA 3 launched at extreme low tide and located person in conjunction with police helicopter. Person indicated that he was not in difficulties and did not require assistance.
11/00222/01/2011 14:0022/01/2011 18:00Wyre ForestCalled to assist RSPCA to capture pollution covered swans from a lake in Rednall, Birmingham. Five swans caught but due to decreasing light levels one had to be left till next morning.
11/00109/01/2011 15:1509/01/2011 15:30Wyre ForestCalled by HWFRS to people in water at Diglis Lock, Worcester. Stood down en route.
10/09724/12/201024/12/2010 15:00TewkesburyTasked to assist Wyre Forest in Stourport. Bank Search for misper. Nothing Found.
10/09624/12/2010 09:3024/12/2010 16:00Wyre ForestContinue bank search in Stourport assisted by SARA Tewksbury upstream of previous search area. Nothing found.
10/09523/12/2010 11:0023/12/2010 17:30Wyre ForestTasked by West Mercia Police to assist them in a bank search of the River Severn in Stourport. Nothing found.
10/09410/12/2010 08:5410/12/2010 09:46BeachleyRequested by West Midlands' Ambulance Service to assist with a patient in the Great Doward area near Symonds Yat. Snow and difficult terrain precluded normal NHS procedures and although the ambulance crew were in attendance an "Unstable-ground Stretcher Team" could possibly be needed. Mobile Rescue Units "One" and "Two" were despatched with two "Land Search & Recovery" (LSAR) teams. The SARA teams were stood down early into the journey as the NHS crew had been successful in safely moving the patient.
10/09330/11/2010 00:0028/12/2010 23:59Wyre ForestOn continuous standby for West Midlands Ambulance Service for crew & patient transfer during inclement weather. Whilst on duty crews were tasked as CFR’s (First Responders) for a variety of callouts.
10/09226/11/2010 12:4126/11/2010 12:55BeachleyTasked by Swansea MRCA to support South Wales Fire Service attending a vessel reported to be drifting in the River Usk near Newport. Vessel Description: 18ft white hull one person reported un board. SARA 5 and MRU 1 readied. Newport Crew direct to Uskmouth. Stood down when "drifting" boat was reported to heve reached the shore.
10/09116/11/2010 12:1516/11/2010 15:30SharpnessTasked to assist casualty on rising tide, position of casualty pin pointed by GHT Radar, Lifeboats again launched carrying hot flasks and food for casualty crew who had been stranded throughout the night in freezing conditions. Vessel refloated and located, towed to Oldbury Pill to safety by Sharpness Lifeboats
10/09016/11/2010 03:1016/11/2010 10:30SharpnessTasked to vessel with two persons on board which had hit underwater object. SARA4 & SARA2 launched in extreme conditions with no visibility whatsoever. Slow progress was made, the situation complicated by falling tide and freezing conditions. Casualty vessel now reporting that she had grounded. Extensive search carried out, despite casualty firing distress rockets, fog so dense that nothing could be seen. Due to falling tide SARA2 forced to recover away from station at Berkeley Power Station. SARA4 continued serch but was also forced to recover due to tide, making her way to Beachley recovering on Beachley slip after service duty of over 5 hours. SAR Helicopters unable to assist due to severe fog making casualty not visible. Sharpness crew remained on station monitoring situation.
10/08927/10/2010 21:3327/10/2010 22:29BeachleyRequested by Gloucestershire Police to assist with search for missing person in the Beachley Point area. Person located in Ferry Inn car park whilst search teams were being briefed.
10/08821/10/2010 12:0021/10/2010 16:45Wyre ForestTasked to assist Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service (HWFRS) with recovery of cow in River Severn at Ukhinghall. Led to safety succsessfully by boat & srt crews.
10/08719/10/2010 09:4019/10/2010 15:00Wyre ForestRequest by West Mercia Police to search River Salwarpe in Droitwich for a suspected body. Search carried out nothing found.
10/08618/10/2010 17:4018/10/2010 18:50Wyre ForestRequested by RSPCA to assist recovery of gull trapped in fishing line at Stack Pool, Kidderminster. Recovered safe and well, handed over to RSPCA inspector.
10/08507/10/2010 12:2507/10/2010 12:37Wyre ForestHereford Worcester Fire and Rescue Service and West Midlands Ambulance Service requested SARA attendance immediately to River Severn in Bewdley where a woman had fallen into the swollen river. Woman rescued by Police and SARA stood down prior to deployment.
10/08403/10/2010 16:4603/10/2010 16:58Wyre ForestRequested by West Midlands Ambulance Service to River Lugg, Leominster where man had entered river to get dog and both swept away and lost sight of. Person rescued but dog not found when stood down.
10/08302/10/2010 13:5602/10/2010 14:07Wyre ForestTasked by West Midlands Ambulance Service to Penshan nr Pershore to fisherman stuck in river Avon. Been stuck for over an hour. Crew enroute to station when stood down as patient had been rescued safely.
10/08202/10/2010 07:1002/10/2010 09:15BeachleyRequested by Gwent police to launch at Newport on the River Usk to search for missing person believed to have jumped from the Newport Town Bridge. SARA Rescue 5 and crew were immediately on scene having already been launched at St Julians to assist with security cover for the Ryder Cup 2010 at Caerleon. SARA ILB 3 was despatched with MRU 1 from Chepstow to Uskmouth to take over the search allowing Rescue 5 to return to Caerleon. A detailed search of the river found nothing and was eventually called off when police determined that the original phone call had been a hoax.
10/08117/09/2010 13:0217/09/2010 16:40BeachleyRequested by Gwent police to launch at Newport on the River Usk to recover a man missing from the Newport "Town Bridge", missing since 12/09/10. SARA 3 and MRU 1 despatched. Casualty recovered and passed to Police.
10/08015/09/2010 16:1015/09/2010 17:30SharpnessTasked to launch to person in difficulty in the water at Arlingham. Person made shore safely.
10/07915/09/2010 09:0015/09/2010 18:30Wyre ForestTasked by West Mercia Police to search Tardebigge lake for vulnerable misper. Police search discovered misper, SARA requested to effect recovery to waiting authorities.
10/07814/09/2010 18:4914/09/2010 19:40BeachleyRequested by Gwent police to launch at Newport on the River Usk to recover a man missing from the Newport "Town Bridge", missing since 12/09/10. SARA 3 and MRU 1 despatched. Stood down as the incomming tide made location impossible.
10/07712/09/2010 08:3012/09/2010 14:00BeachleyRequested by Gwent police to assist with search of River Usk for a man missing from the Newport "Town Bridge". SARA 3 and MRU 1 despatched. An intensive, detailed, bank and water search in conjunction with police helicopter was conducted from the mouth of the river to the M4 bridge at Crinau. Nothing found.
10/07609/09/2010 00:2809/09/2010 00:43Wyre ForestWest Midlands Ambulance Service requested SARA to attend to person stuck under bridge at Upton on Severn, but due to time it would take SARA to get there asked to standby. Stood down when person was pulled to bank safely.
10/07504/09/2010 16:1004/09/2010 16:35SharpnessTasked to launch to children reported trapped on sandbank off Newnham, incoming tide. Children made shore safely, stood down.
10/07428/08/2010 10:5328/08/2010 12:30Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police requested SARA to Uffington near Shrewsbury to recover a body from River Severn. Crew stood down on way when Insp. decided to use the Fire Service who would be quicker to scene.
10/07326/08/2010 15:0026/08/2010 15:16Wyre ForestWMAS task SARA to Houndsfield Lane, Wythall vehicle stuck in ford and persons on roof. Stood down before leaving station when local fire crews rescued persons safely.
10/07224/08/2010 16:4524/08/2010 19:35SharpnessTasked to report of body on Longney Sands. Body recovered and handed to Police.
10/07123/08/2010 03:3023/08/2010 04:10Wyre ForestTasked by WMAS to female in River Severn at Welsh Bridge, Shrewsbury, local Fire and Rescue not available. Stood down en route when female was found by friends at side of river and brought up bank to safety.
10/070b20/08/2010 12:2320/08/2010TewkesburyTasked to assist Sharpness with Land Search for Misper at Corse, Glousestershire
10/07020/08/201020/08/2010SharpnessTasked by police to Land Search for Misper at Corse, Glousestershire.
10/06917/08/2010 15:1017/08/2010 19:30SharpnessTasked to search for missing person thought to be in the water. Search carried out Minsterworth to Llanthony, nothing found.
10/06815/08/2010 21:3015/08/2010 22:22BeachleyTasked by Gwent Police to standby in case a person on the outside of the railings of the Newport Town Centre’s “Millennium Bridge” should fall into the water. Mobile 1 and Rescue 5 were despatched under blue lights. SARA “on-scene control” established 21:40. Person taken into police custody 22:21.
10/06715/08/2010 14:3015/08/2010 14:45BeachleyBoat owner and one other person were having serious problems with their 5Mtr ski-boat in danger of being wrecked on the Beachley Lifeboat slipway in rough waves and swift ebb-tide. SARA Crew attending the station's Annual Open Day assisted in the safe recovery.
10/06613/08/2010 10:5013/08/2010 18:30Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police requested attendance at Shrewsbury to search River Severn re: 24yr old male misper. Crew conducted river search and located body of misper in middle of river, later recovered on Police instructions.
10/06513/08/2010 13:0913/08/2010 13:55BeachleySARA 1 launched to locate and make recovery of possible missing male from Littleton Wharf near Oldbury Glos. Target recovered to Beachley slipway. Passed to Gloucester Police.
10/06411/08/2010 14:1011/08/2010 18:00Wyre ForestContacted by RSPCA to assist capture of oil polluted water birds in canal in Brierly Hill following a significant oil discharge affecting almost a mile of canal.
10/06311/08/2010 11:0711/08/2010 13:11BeachleyRequested by HM Coastguard on behalf Avon & Somerset Police. Search in vicinty of M48 Severn Crossing for person believed missing in the estuary. SARA 3 launched to carry out keyhole search from motorway bridge to "Counts Buoy". Portishead Lifeboat searched estuary from Avonmouth up to M48 Bridge. Nothing Found.
10/06207/08/2010 21:4008/08/2010 05:45SharpnessSailing vessel reported aground off Purton. Vessel located near to historic wreck site, anchor deployed and aground. Stood by ensure craft safety upon re floating on flood tide. Vessel safely re floated 05:35.
10/06126/07/2010 20:4726/07/2010 22:46BeachleyTasked by H.M.Coastguard to small cruiser in distress with engine failure in the Wye Estuary. SARA 1 Lifeboat launched to assist. Vessel was taken under tow with five persons and returned to Beachley Slipway.
10/06026/07/2010 20:1026/07/2010 20:40BeachleySARA 1 Lifeboat Launched at request of SARA “Land” search team (on scene from previous callout) to a person observed swimming in the River Wye under the Town Bridge. This person was not the one being sought by Gloucestershire Police and recovered himself to the northern shore of the river.
10/05926/07/2010 19:1126/07/2010 20:10BeachleyRequested by H.M.Coastguard to assist Gloucestershire Police in search for missing vulnerable person in the Chepstow area. SARA 1 Lifeboat was launched to carry out a detailed bank search from mouth of the River Wye to Chepstow Castle. A Land search team was assembled to continue the bank search upstream from the Chepstow Town Bridge. Local police terminated search action at dusk.
10/05826/07/2010 17:0726/07/2010 17:48BeachleyRequested by Gwent police to report of upturned dinghy and two persons “waving” on sandbanks near M4 Severn Bridge. SARA 1 Lifeboat was launched to the area and determined that the boat was upright and anchored to the sandbar. The people from the boat were seen by local fishermen to have walked ashore. No further action taken.
10/05722/07/2010 15:3722/07/2010 16:08BeachleyCalled to the assistance of male with possible ruptured leg artery on "Fossil Beach" near Chepstow. First Aid provided and casualty despatched to Royal Gwent A & E Dept.
10/05613/07/2010 10:0513/07/2010 11:50SharpnessImmediate lifeboat launch requested following 999 call to MRCC Swansea, call from lone sailor that his vessel was holed and sinking in the Bullo Pill area. Lifeboat SARA 2 launched in poor visibility and driving rain reaching casualty 1035 hrs. Casualty vessel found to have been swamped by bore and in danger of immediate capsize, 1 person on board, no lifejacket, radio or flares. Casualty taken on board lifeboat, casualty vessel taken in tow to HMCG CRT who had stationed themselves at Arlingham.
Casualty and vessel handed to HMCG at that location.
10/05512/07/2010 21:5212/07/2010 22:20BeachleyCalled to assist a small craft (Dory) holed by rough weather against the Beachley Lifeboat Station slipway. Crew assisted boat owner to recover vessel onto trailer.
10/05412/07/2010 20:3612/07/2010 22:20BeachleyRequested by HM Coastguard to investigate report of life-raft seen drifting in the Wye Estuary near Tallard's Marsh. Night search carried out - nothing found.
10/05312/07/2010 01:1512/07/2010 01:30Wyre ForestTasked by WM Ambulance Service. Immediate attendance to 25 yr old female who had jumped into River Severn outside Ship Inn, Severnside, Highley, Shropshire. Woman pulled from river, crew stood down before deployment.
10/052b08/07/2010 11:3508/07/2010 13:00TewkesburyTasked to assist Sharpness in River Search near Lower Lode, Tewkesbury for male 'At Risk' person. Crew stood down by Police, person located barricaded in a room at nearby a hotel.
10/05208/07/2010 10:3008/07/2010 13:45SharpnessPerson thought to be 'At Risk', search of waters around Lower Lode requested. 1 unit from Sharpness, assisted by 1 unit from Tewksbury attended. Reported person found barricaded in hotel room by Police.
10/05105/07/2010 16:4905/07/2010 18:00SharpnessImmediate launch requested to report of 3 persons in the water off Berkeley. Lifeboat launched located 3 persons found to be local fishermen.
10/05004/07/2010 11:3004/07/2010 11:46TewkesburyResponded to incident, capsized coracle with 2 children in river. SRT Crew rescued both children and capsized boat. Transferred children to St John's Ambulance.
10/04904/07/2010 09:5004/07/2010 13:30Wyre ForestWhilst carrying out safety boat cover at Eastnor Castle triathlon, called by St Johns Ambulance to assist in extraction of athlete with severe hand injury from inaccessible location. SARA 4x4 ambulance used to get patient to road and transfer to WMAS.
10/04803/07/2010 21:4603/07/2010 23:00Wyre ForestRequest SARA attend animal rescue in Caunsal where sheep had fallen down steep bank into shallow but fast flowing river Stour. With fire crews sheep removed from river safely and released into field.
10/04730/06/2010 12:0630/06/2010 12:50Wyre ForestHWFRS & WMAS required immediate attendance of SARA to Old Rd Sth, Kempsey to man in river. Crew member on scene and other crews on way when stood down. Man pulled from water.
10/04629/06/2010 15:3529/06/2010 17:00BeachleyInvited by H.M.Coasguard to launch to assist RSPCA inspector attempting to recover downed Fledgling Falcon trapped in the estuary mud near the Aust Pylon, South Gloucestershire. SARA 3 ILB launched at 15:50 Hrs and tasked to the area. The SARA crew successfully located, netted and carried the bird through the deep mud to the waiting RSPCA.
10/04520/06/2010 10:4120/06/2010 13:47BeachleyTasked by HM Coastguard to launch to Chepstow Town Bridge area and provide water security to Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service "Rope Team" (Lydney) who would attempt to rescue an injured Perigrine Falcon fledgeling from a cliff ledge above the River Wye. SARA 1 was launched to the scene with MRU 1 sent to liaise with the Fire Service. The bird was successfully netted and lowered off the cliff together with the two GF&RS climbers directly into SARA 1. All three were then ferried to the Chepstow Boat Club pontoon. The Falcon was passed into the care of the RSPCA.
10/04419/06/2010 15:3019/06/2010 16:10TewkesburyWhilst carrying out safety boat cover at Tewkesbury Regatta, crew towed a grounded pleasure boat to deeper water where they continued their journey.
10/04313/06/2010 18:0013/06/2010 19:45BeachleyRequested by H.M.Coasguard to attend 7mtr yacht in difficulties off "Charleston Rocks" on the Welsh shore. The vessel had suffered an engine failure and, although at anchor, was in danger of grounding on the rocky outcrops as the tide dropped. SARA 1 was launched and, after locating the vessel a crewman was transferred to the casualty vessel to secure a tow. The yacht was successfully towed to St Pirre Pill near Chepstow.
10/04213/06/2010 14:4013/06/2010 15:20Wyre ForestHWFRS request immediate attendance to child in Arrow Valley Lake, Redditch. Crew en route when all boat services stood down as child had been rescued from the bank and taken to hospital.
10/041a13/06/2010 11:3013/06/2010 17:30TewkesburyTasked to assist Wyre Forest, search of River Avon at Nafford Weir, Eckington for male misper. Tewkesbury SRT Team lead an extensive weir search but no trace found.
10/04113/06/2010 10:5413/06/2010 18:00Wyre ForestWith crew from Tewkesbury, at request of West Mercia Police search River Avon at Nafford Weir, Eckington for male misper who had jumped from bridge night prev. Extensive search made but no trace found.
10/04009/06/2010 20:5409/06/2010 23:30BeachleyTasked by Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service to attend two "injured" climbers trapped on "Wintours Leap" in the Wye Valley. SARA 3 despatched by river to assist with extraction. MRU 1, Mru 2 and Radio Car attended by road with a land search team. GFRS rope team lowered the casualties (who were mildly hypothermic) to the quarry base from where the casualties were "Walked Out" throught the thick undergrowth.
10/03903/06/2010 12:5303/06/2010 13:45BeachleyTasked by South Wales Police to a person threatening to jump from the "Town Bridge" in Newport City. SARA 3, MRU 1 and rescue team were despatched to attend. A person was taken into police custody. Boat and crews stood down before launching and returned to station.
10/03802/06/2010 21:1502/06/2010 22:01BeachleySARA crew were re-tasked from Goldcliff by South Wales Police to a person threatening to jump from the "Town Bridge" in Newport City. SARA 3 was already afloat at Goldcliff and immediately re-tasked up the River Usk to attend the city centre incident. MRU 1 and a rescue team were also despatched from the Goldcliff area to attend. A person was taken into police custody. Boat and crews returned to station.
10/03702/06/2010 15:4702/06/2010 21:15BeachleyRequested by South Wales Police to assist with recovery of a cow stranded in the mud near the sea wall at Goldcliff, Newport. SARA 3 launched from Uskmouth and stood by as safety cover for fire crews in attendance. SARA 3 and crew also engaged to drive the animal back
inshore when it attmpted to swim out to sea. After a long and unsuccessful rescue attempt the animal was put down at the instruction of the attending vet. SARA crew were re-tasked to a person threatening to jump from the Town Bridge in Newport City.
10/03624/05/2010 23:5325/04/2010 00:30Wyre ForestHWFRS requested assistance at River Severn - Sabrina Bridge, Worcester where a search was required for what was believed to be a body in the river. Crew on route, one crew at scene, when body was recovered.
10/03521/05/2010 10:0021/05/2010 15:00SharpnessTasked to search for missing male feared to be in the River Severn. SARA4 & SARA7 carried out search from Llanthony and Maismore weirs, to Arlingham. Nothing found.
10/03412/05/2010 14:0012/05/2010 18:45Wyre ForestHWFRS requested SARA assistance to Wychbold Swan Rescue at Old Brickworks,Church Lane, Norton, Worcs to rescue an apparently sick swan from heavily weeded and stagnating pool. Bird proved to be much fitter than was thought and easily evaded capture. Swan Rescue called off further attempts to trap it.
10/03303/05/2010 15:0703/05/2010Wyre ForestHWFRS requested immediate attendance to lady fallen into canal at Upper Gambolds Lane, Stoke Prior.Crew from fundraising set off but were stood down when only just on road aftern casualty was rescued from canalbank
10/03203/05/2010 11:2703/05/2010 11:45Wyre ForestHWFRS requested SARA assistance to recover body of person from River Severn, Hanley Rd, Upton on Severn.Crew attended from fundraising but stood down when almost at scene after body was recovered from river bank.
10/03102/05/2010 12:2002/05/2010 12:20SharpnessYacht on passage from Cardiff to Portishead, in high winds very heavy seas, reported late arriving at Portishead. Tasked from Portishead Marina Lock to assist, Yacht located off Portishead Point being blown on to dangerous lee shore, propeller fouled by warp. Escorted Yacht into Portishead Marina.
10/03002/05/2010 11:1002/05/2010 11:20SharpnessWhilst on exercise, call to assist following 999 call, Yacht be blown on to lee shore in high winds and very heavy seas. Located Yacht escorted in to Portishead Marina.
10/02925/04/2010 17:3425/04/2010 21:05BeachleyTasked by South Wales Police to search for vulnerable person separated from carer in rural, riverside land: missing for several hours. SARA 1 launched to search the banks of the River Wye from Tintern to the river mouth. Land-search teams performed detailed searches of river banks, woodland and quarries downstream from Tintern railway station for approx two miles in accompanyment with Police Search-Helicopter. Searches called off at dusk. (Person later found safe and well)
10/02823/04/2010 12:2323/04/2010 15:15BeachleyRequest from South wales Police to search for missing person in the area of the two motorway bridges over the Severn Estuary.
SARA 1 Launched and carried our riverine search up the Wye to Livox Quarry and then searches of the Severn Estuary and mudflats from the M4 motorway bridge to Hayward Rock. Police Helicopter WO99 also assisting with searches. At the same time Mobile Rescue Unit No 1 and a land-search crew carried out a search of the river bank and woodland area near Warren Slade (where person was possibly last seen). Stood down at 15:15 when the person was located at an address near Chepstow.
10/02718/04/2010 15:5518/04/2010 17:00Wyre ForestHWFRS request to attend person threatening to jump into River Stour in Kidderminster from bridge near Sainsburys fuel station. Crew attended scene and stood by ready alongside fire service personnel but person talked to safety by police.
10/02617/04/2010 19:2217/04/2010 19:45BeachleyTasked by Coastguard to assist ambulance crew attending male casualty on rocks at Aust: believed to have fallen from M48 bridge. SARA-3 launched to stand-by off rocks. Casualty evacuated by "Rescue 176" helicopter to Frenchay Hospital.
10/02511/04/2010 10:2011/04/2010 12:30Wyre ForestRSPCA requested assistance to recover a sheep which was stuck in river Severn near Stourport. SARA crews in two boats attended and extracted animal from below steep cliff and successfully returned it to land.
10/02405/04/2010 08:5705/04/2010 09:30Wyre ForestHWFRS request Immediate attendance to R Severn, by Sabrina Bridge,Worcester, woman fallen into river and being swept away in high water.Crews on route when stood down, woman having been rescued by off duty fireman on boat near scene. WMAS also called SARA to same incident.
10/02302/04/2010 14:5302/04/2010 16:15Wyre ForestHWFRS requested immediate attendance to boat stuck on Bevere Weir,R Severn, persons trapped on boat. Boats and crews en route but stood down by HWFRS just prior to launch. Persons safely recovered.
10/02220/03/2010 10:3620/03/2010 10:50BeachleyTasked by Coastguard to upturned canoe off Denny Island: possible missing person. Portishead ILB also launched. Canoe reported by ILB to be deteriorated, silted and abandonned.
10/02119/03/2010 20:3919/03/2010 20:49Wyre ForestCalled by HWFS to reports of child fallen into river at stourport stood down on route person rescued by West mercia police on scene.
10/02018/03/2010 13:2018/03/2010 17:45Wyre ForestAssist HWFS with cow trapped in River Teme mobile 4 utilised to winch animal to safe ground at top of steep bank.
10/01904/03/2010 11:1004/03/2010 13:20SharpnessReport of body in water; SARA4 launched, body recovered.
10/01821/02/2010 12:0021/02/2010 12:30TewkesburyA member of the public requested assistance to retrieve a car that was stuck on a mud bank of the River Severn at Lower Lode with one person inside. Crew stabilised and then winched the vehicle clear of the bank.
10/01721/02/2010 08:3021/02/2010 15:15Wyre ForestResumed search for missing male at Shrewsbury river and land search carried out Mobile 4,6 ,I.C.U &Sara8 attended.
10/01618/02/2010 16:0019/02/2010 07:45Wyre ForestRequested by WMAS to standby at Worcester and Bromyard with Landrovers for deployment in snow assisted on numerous calls during the night mobile 6 stationed at Worcester mobile 4 at Bromyard.
10/01511/02/2010 08:3011/02/2010 18:00Wyre ForestContinuation of search for missing male at shrewsbury nothing found continuing search again during routine training day.
10/01409/02/2010 13:0009/02/2010 16:30Wyre ForestWest Mercia police requested river search at Bewdley for vuln. misper. During search misper was located by police safe and well in worcester.
10/013b06/02/2010 13:3006/02/2010 17:30TewkesburySARA Beachley requested the assistance of SARA Tewkesbury land search team in the search for a missing woman. Team conducted search of bank and adjacent fields and woodland between Lugwardine and Lugg bridges of the east bank of the river Lugg.
10/01306/02/2010 10:4406/02/2010 20:00BeachleyRequested by West Mercia Police to assist search of River Lug at Hereford for Missing Person.
MRU 1 and SARA Rescue 5 despatched.
Crew carried out detailed search of river and banks. Beachley land-search team joined by Tewkesbury crewmembers and detailed to assist police in search of local rural areas. Search called off at dusk.
10/01205/02/2010 09:0005/20/2010 17:10Wyre ForestRiver search for male misper coton hill shrewsbury detailed search carried out two items recovered further search to be conducted when levels drop.
10/01103/02/2010 18:4103/02/2010 20:25BeachleyRequested by Gwent Police to attend riverine search for missing person in Abergavenny area.
MRU 10, SARA Rescue 5 and land search crew tasked. Target later located by police in Newport.
10/01002/02/2010 16:4602/02/2010 18:02Wyre ForestRequest by WMAS to body recovery at Bildwas stood down enroute.
10/00924/01/2010 09:0024/01/2010 13:30TewkesburyTasked by Cheltenham Police to continue search of missing person. River in full flood, nothing found.
10/008b22/01/2010 13:0022/01/2010 17:30TewkesburySARA Wyre Forest requested assistance from Tewkesbury to search for missing person at Lower Lode. Transported SOCO to location by boat.
10/00822/01/2010 11:4022/01/2010 17:00Wyre ForestAssisted west mercia police with the aid of SARA Tewksbury to ferry SOCO officers to search a boat ref misper. Unable to rcover vessel due to river levels made secure till later date.
10/00718/01/2010 02:4218/01/2010 03:25BeachleyTasked by Gwent Police to attend person seen to jump from Newport Town Bridge. Crew and SARA Rescue 5 responded. Mud covered person later aprehended by police on nearby town centre road.
10/00612/01/2010 19:3014/01/2010 12:30Wyre ForestCalled by WMAS and ut on standby re expected heavy snow. Called to attend Hereford and Worcester Amb Stns at 0750 13.01.10 and assisted by attending transposrting paramedics to scenes including fractures,slip injuries, breathing difficulties as well as staff transportation.Mobile 4 at Worcester and Mobile 6 at Hereford. Stood down 1230hrs 14.01.10
10/00506/01/2010 17:0506/01/2010 21:09BeachleyExtreme Weather Blizard Conditions assistance to Great Western Ambulance Service.
Requested by GWAS to transport Paramedic from Griffithstown (Torfaen) to Cinderford Ambulance Station (Glos). MRU1 and crew satisfactorily carried out the task in severe weather & difficult driving conditions.
10/00406/01/2010 14:5806/01/2010 18:00SharpnessCalled to person who had slid down bank on snow & ice, suspected both legs broken. Person recovered and handed to Ambulance Service.
10/00305/01/2010 14:0005/01/2010 18:47BeachleyRequested by Gwent Police to investigate signs of possible missing person under ice at Penallta Park pond.(apparent footprints in snow leading to apparent hole in ice) SRT team in MRU1 with Rescue5 arrived at scene 15.32. Team carried out careful search and evaluation of surface of frozen pond. Two "holes" were areas of clear (dark) ice. No signs of disturbance in surface ice 110 - 120mm thick. Search completed in failing light at 16:45.
10/00205/01/2010 08:5006/01/2010 08:50 Est.Wyre ForestWest Mids Ambulance Service request landrovers are deployed to assist the Service in heavy snow conditions. Mob 6 to Hereford Amb Stn and Mob 4 to Kidderminster Amb Stations.Both vehicles used to ferry crew, attend assorted incidents including cardiac arrest, spinal injuries and RTA accompanied by paramedic.Vehcilces and crew still on stations for next 24 hrs at least
10/00101/01/2010 13:5501/01/2010 15:45Wyre ForestTasked by HWFRS to Bewdley where boat was stuck under bridge, persons on board, river flowing high and fast. SARA already on river following safety cover and made way back to Bewdley. Land Team also went to scene and found boat was damaged but secured at bank and persons safe.
09/09927/12/2009 18:0027/12/2009 18:15Wyre ForestHWFRS request SARA assistance to search Arrow Vlley Lake Redditch, where a female had been seen to walk into lake and was the lost sight of. Police officers managed to rescue the lady and Fire and SARA were stood down before deployment from station.
09/09826/12/2009 14:2026/12/2009 14:45Wyre ForestWMAS request immediate attendance to person in River Wye at Hereford.Crew attended station but were stood down en route to incident.
09/09722/12/2009 08:0022/12/2009 18:00Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police request further search of River Severn from Cressage to Buildwas, Shropshire,re missing man.Two boats and crews conducted extensive search alongside Police and Police Air Unit. Man not found, crews stopped search when light faded at 1800
09/09621/12/2009 14:0021/12/2009 18:30Wyre ForestRequest by West Mercia Police to search River Severn at Cressage, Shropshire for high risk missing person. Crew and one boat attended and conducted search but forced to call off search due to lack of daylight.
09/09519/12/2009 12:56BeachleyCalled by Coastguard and South Wales Police to search the area between the two Severn motorway bridges for a woman believed to have fallen from the M4 bridge between 03:00 and 06:00. SARA 3 launched to search areas revealed by falling tide.
Stood down at low water with nothing found at 16:00
09/09411/12/2009 23:37BeachleyGwent Police requested boat search for a missing elderly female from Chepstow Bridge to Mathern Ooze. SARA 3 was launched and a land-search team assembled to cover areas familiar to the missing person. Nothing was found and the lifeboat was recovered at 01:25. The land team continued to search the designated area until completed. Stood down 02:45
09/09309/12/2009 15:20BeachleyTasked by Gwent Police to assist with search for a despondent Male believed to have jumped into the River Wye at Monmouth. "Mobile Rescue Unit 1" and "Rescue 5" despatched to the fields known as "Monmouth Showground" and a Night Search was carried out by crew of "Rescue 5" between the "Showground" and Monmouth Bridge.
The river was in spate (recent heavy rain) and a difficult but careful search was made of the riverbanks and undergrowth. Nothing was found.
Stood down at 19:00
09/09208/12/2009 10:22Wyre ForestHWFRS request attendance to back up their units at Houndsfield Lane, Wythall vehicle stuck in flooded ford, water up to door window.Crew attending but Fire and SARA units stood down prior to arrival at 10:55.
09/09104/12/2009 12:40Wyre ForestRequest by West Mercia Police via HWFRS to search river Severn at Stourport re report of person being pushed into river night before.Search carried out from Stourport road bridge to Lincomb lock/weir.No trace found. Stood down 17:00
09/09030/11/2009 14:29Wyre ForestHWFRS request attendance to Hounds Field Lane Wythall, van stuck in ford in flood water..Stood down en route
09/08930/11/2009 08:37Wyre ForestHWFRS request attendance at Lock Keepers Lane,Holt Heath,Worcs to submerged vehicle in flooded lane, not known if any persons inside. Stood down on arrival of first crew,vehicle pulled out by tractor. Stood down at 0930
09/08825/11/2009 15:50BeachleyCoastguard request assistance to recover body at "Oldbury" - later revised to "Woolaston Grange".
SARA Lifeboat No1 launched but was unable to negotiate sand-bars at Sheperdine Sands at this state of the (low water)tide. Crew reorganised for land-based "mud recovery" - stood down as recovery (from near the high-tide line) was accomplished by Coastguard crew. Stood down 17:19
09/08719/11/2009 14:30Wyre ForestHWFRS request immediate attendance to persons in vehicle stuck in floods in ford at Squires Walk, Kempsey Worcs,Crews attending were stood down before deployment when found water onle couple of feet deep. stood down at 1450
09/08617/11/2009 22:5418/11/2009BeachleyInitially requested by Gwent Police to standby in case required for missing person search.
Later -tasked to search for "missing" 86 Yr old male in Chepstow area. Much later - stood down from search - all a misunderstanding. Stood down at 01.26
09/08512/11/2009 14:02BeachleyRequested by Avon & Somerset Constabulary to assist with recovery of a body from the mud at Whale Wharf, Littleton-Upon-Severn. SARA Lifeboat No3 was launched in torrential rain and gale force squalls to cross the severn to Littleton Pill. The body of a man was recovered by Avon fire service as the SARA crew arived on scene.
Stood down 14.57
09/08408/11/2009 14:41BeachleyPerson fallen from Beachley Lifeboat slipway onto beach. Possible leg injuries. A number of crew responded to the incident which required the launching of SARA "Rescue5" to safely recover the man from an ohterwise inaccessable area immediately in front of the Rescue Station. Casualty waqs recovered to awaiting NHS Ambulance. Stood down 16:20
09/08305/11/2009 18:00BeachleyTasked by Swansea MRCA to person believed to have jumped from M48 Bridge into Severn Estuary. SARA 1 and SARA 3 launched and carried out detailed night-search between the motorway bridge and Oldbury Power Station. Assisted by Police and RAF Search & Rescue Helicopters. Nothing Found. Stood down 20:12
09/08224/10/2009 14:04SharpnessTasked to immdediate launch to overturned hovercraft off Sharpness, 2 pob. Hovercraft and crew recovered to shore. Stood down 14:45
09/08118/10/2009 11:34BeachleyCalled by West Mercia Police to person in immediate danger having fallen from a boat in the Ross-on-Wye area. Mobile Rescue Units 1 and 2 together with rescueboat 5 were despatched very promptly as the rescue crew were on-station.
Stood down whilst en-route as the person had self-recovered from the river. Stood down 11:47
09/08014/10/2009 18:29BeachleyCalled by South Wales Police to "Standby" to a male threatenning to jump from the Newport City Centre "Millennium" footbridge. SARA officer attended the scene and advised that the tide was sufficiently high for Fire Service boat to be launched. SARA crew remained at "readiness". Man taken into police custody. Stood down 18:59
09/07908/10/2009 15:13BeachleyCalled out by West Midlands Ambulance Service to two elderly people lost from a capsized canadian canoe in River Wye at Symonds Yat. Last seen being swept downstream. Mobile One and Rescue 5 despatched. Stood down before arrival on scene: casualties had self-rescued to the river bank. Stood down 16:17
09/07807/10/2009 16:25Wyre ForestRequest from West Mids Amb service and West Mercia police to recover decomposed body from brook in Avonbury Lane, Bromyard, Herefordshire.Crews attended and assisted detective and Scenes of crime officers to examine in situ,and then recovered body on their behalf. Stood down 21:15
09/07729/09/2009 17:10BeachleyImmediate call by HM Coastguard to person on M48 bridge over the River Wye near military base. "Male dressed in all black with black rucksack." SARA Lifeboat 1 launched to the scene. Search crew despatched to Beachley Point to observe downstream. Man jumped into the river and swam to shore leaving a trail in the mud. Search of river bank and area carried out by SARA and Coastguard crew supported by police helicopter. Person was aprehended and taken into custody. Rucksack was checked out by military for ordinance or explosives (Negative). Stood down by South Wales police at 18.29
09/07625/09/2009 11:00Wyre ForestRequest by West Mercia Police to research stretch of river Severn near Bewdley for misper(missing since Nov 08) and car believedto be in river. Full visual and echosounder search of target area made but with no trace. Stood down at 16:30
09/07521/09/2009 11:55Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police request search of River Avon at Evesham for missing male, 7 crew,Sara 8 and 10 mobile 4 and 6 attended. Full visual and drag search carried out but person not found. Stood down at 21:00
09/07416/09/2009 17:02BeachleyTasked by Coastguard to two persons adrift in "small boat" between Wintours Leap and Horseshoe Bend on River Wye. SARA1 launched to the area and located boatwhich had "run out of fuel". Two persons taken on board SARA1 and the casualty vessel towed to Tallards Marsh. Stood down at 19.40
09/07314/09/2009 07:55BeachleyTasked by Coastguard to three persons stranded on sandbar 0.5Km below Tintern on the River Wye. Casualties reported as having been stranded all night- one with an injured leg. SARA3 attempted to reach casualties from downstream whilst Swiftwater Rescue Team searched the river bank. Seaking Helicopter R122 located and winched casualties aboard. Drifting rubber dinghy secured and returned to Chepstow by SARA3.
Stood down at12.05
09/07204/09/2009 18:35BeachleyCalled by Gwent police to "stand by" Desparate male threatening to jump into the River Wye at Monmouth. MRU 1 and SARA "Rescue 11" despatched to scene where fast response crew had already assembled. Crews prepared for rapid launch; stood down when man was taken into police custody at 19.28
09/07103/09/2009 19:00BeachleyCalled by Gloucestershire police to search for missing blind woman in woodland near River Wye, Bigswier/Penallt area. Joint Land and Boat search conducted. SARA "Rescue 11" searched river banks from Bigsweir Bridge upstream for approx 3 miles. Two teams conducted intensive search of forestry area. Search Dog Teams (SARDA) requested but casualty was located before they were deployed. Casualty, safe and uninjured, passed to NHS ambulance crew for evaluation. Stood down 00:10
09/07030/08/2009 09:55Wyre ForestHereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue service request attendance at Carrington bridge,Worcester by Ketchy LH person in water having jumped from bridge. Crew attended but stood down on arrival at scene at 10:26
09/069b29/08/2009 13:15BeachleyCalled by Coastguard to assist "Dayboat" with damaged rudder requiring a tow to Thornbury Yacht Club. SARA 1 and SARA 2 (Sharpness) launched to assist. Vessel (14ft) towed to Thornbury by SARA 2. Stood down 16:10
09/06929/08/2009 14:19SharpnessTasked to launch to sailing vessel lost rudder in high winds. S2 launched, vessel with 2 POB's located being driven on to rock breakwater by strong winds, South of Lydney Dock near to the New Grounds. Vessel taken in tow and towed to Thornbury Sailing Club, Oldbury. Handed over to HM Coastguard on sailing club slipway.
Stood Down: 1650
09/06826/08/2009 14:10Wyre ForestRequest from West Mercia Police to assist Shropshire Fire Service to recover body of male person from R Severn at Frankwell,Shrewsbury. Crews despatched but stood down en route as recovery was completed at 14:35.
09/067b23/08/2009 20:40ShaprnessTasked to launch following report of Canoe in trouble Redwick area. S2 launched carried out search of area assisting S1 tasked from Beachley. Area from Hills Flats to Oldbury searched, nothing found. Stood down 22:15
09/06723/08/2009 20:35BeachleyCalled by Coastguard to "Yellow Canoe possibly drifting" near M4 Bridge. Tasked to search upstream of second Motorway(M48) bridge. SARA Lifeboat No1 Joined search with SARA Lifeboat No2(Sharpness)in searching designated area. Nothing found. Stood down at 21:55
09/06622/08/2009 15:42BeachleyTasked by Coastguard to three persons and a dog reported stranded approx 2Km out on the estuary sandbanks below M4 Bridge. SARA Lifeboat No3 launched to the area whilst Mobile Unit No1 despatched to the Severn Beach area. Lifeboat No3 located the persons reported: 3 Fishermen and dog - all well. Stood down at 17:13
09/06522/08/2009 12:50BeachleyTasked by Coastguard to assist HeliMed extract an injured child from forest undergrowth.
SARA Crews dispatched direct to scene. Equipment dispatched from Beachley Rescue Station. Stood down before any crew reached the scene - HeliMed pilot had organised a scratch carryout team. Stood down at 13:03
09/06420/08/2009 16:10Wyre ForestCalled by Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue service on behalf of West Mercia Police to River Avon Pershore to sheep stuck in river.RSPCA had also been called and removed animal before SARA on scene. Stood down at 18:50
09/06313/08/2009 15:55SharpnessReport of 2 persons trapped on sand banks at Longney. S4 launched, persons found to be local fishermen, not in any trouble. False alarm with good intent. Stood down 17:00
09/062b10/08/2009 18:25TewkesburyTasked to assist Wyre Forest. Request from West Mercia Police to search River Avon at Evesham for high risk misper. 2 boats from Wyre Forest and one from Tewkesbury (for training purposes) Search made but no trace. called off by Police when darkness complete at 23:35
09/06210/08/2009 18:25Wyre ForestRequest from West Mercia Police to search River Avon at Evesham for high risk misper.2 boats from Wyre Forest and one from Tewkesbury (for training purposes) Search made but no trace. called off by Police when darkness complete at 23:35
09/06111/08/2009 15:48BeachleyTasked by Gwent Police to investigate report of children in/near the waters of Beachley Point.
Crew carried out a search of the fore-shore and surrounding area of MOD land. Interviews with walkers in the area suggested that there had been no children in the target area. Police advised that nothing was found. Time stood down 16.45
09/06001/08/2009 18:30SharpnessTasked to persons reported trapped on sandbank at Bullo Pill. S4 launched carried out search of the area, nothing found. Thought to be false alarm with good intent.Stood down 20:00
09/05926/07/2009 14:40BeachleyOriginally called to standby at 12.41 by Swansea Coastguard - stood down by Gwent Police at 13.40.Recalled by Police to search for man missing overboard from boat at St Julians area of River Usk, Newport. SARA 5 launched at Caerleon and detailed search of the area carried out. Upturned dinghy recovered and made safe. Careful search made of both banks of the river from Mooring area to the river estuary at Uskmouth. Nothing found. Stood down 19:00
09/05823/07/2009 09:09SharpnessReport of body sighted at Epney, S2 launched from Sharpness, S4 launnched from Epney. Male body recovered. Stood down 11:30
09/05721/07/2009 11:55Wyre ForestShrews Police requested search of reservoir at Carding Mill valley for 24 yr old misper believed may have entered water. MRU4 & S9 responded.but unable to launch due to access to reservoir. RDC and SARA canoe utilised for search. Other MR teams also attended together with SARDA. Extensive search carried out but nothing found. Stood down 23:15
09/05614/07/2009 13:00SharpnessTasked to report of body being washed over Llantony Wier, S4 launched from Sharpness to cover ebbing tide, S7 launched from Arlingham, search completed from Sharpness to Gloucester. Nothing found. Stood down 17:30
09/055b08/07/2009 15:16BeachleyRequested by Gloucestershire Police to search for missing 3Yr old near Silver Fox Cafe Newnam-on-Severn. Team set off in MRU 1 but recalled before reaching designated search area. Child found safe and well. Stood down 15:41
09/05508/07/2009 15:13SharpnessTasked to launch to missing 3 year old last seen near water at Broadoak. Child found safe and well prior to launch. Stood Down:1525.
09/05405/07/2009 20:56BeachleyRequested by Gloucestershire Police to search three areas between Cinderford and Lydney for missing person. Land-search teams carried out intensive searches of designated urban and forest areas with PolSAR officers. Nothing found. Person returned home later in morning of 06/07/09. Stood down 03:36
09/053b05/07/2009 13:00SharpnessCalled to report of Dolphon stranded at Maismore. Crew attended found beached Porpoise, unable to save the Porpoise. Stood down 14:30
09/05305/07/2009 12:18BeachleyRequested by Gloucestershire police to assistance of stranded dolphin in River Severn at Maisemore: Marine Mammal Rescue Team sent to assist Sharpness crew.Crew stood down en-route as animal had died. No further action required. Stood down 13:25
09/05205/07/2009Wyre ForestOn route back from Eastnor came across RTC in Malvern. Police at scene requested assistance to remove damaged vehicle from carriageway. Vehicle towed out of way.
09/05102/07/2009 16:00Wyre ForestShrews Police requested search for high risk misper in Shrewsbury. Search from English Bridge to weir required. MRU4 & MRU6 responded with SARA 9 & SARA 10. Extensive search carried out but nothing found. Stood down 21:30
09/05029/06/2009 16:36BeachleyCalled by Coastguard to "persons in the water" at Black Rock. SARA 3 launched to nvestigate.Good intentioned false alarm to Lave Net (Salmon) fishermen. Stood down 17:30
09/04929/06/2009 15:38Wyre ForestFire Control requested assistance to persons in water at Pitchcroft, Worcester. MRU4 + SARA 8 responded, conducted search for misper alongside fire service crews and other voluntary team. Assisted in recovery from the water by diver. Stood down 19:44
09/04828/06/2009 19:24BeachleyAvon Police / Coastguard requested launch to "Jumper" at M4 Motorway Bridge. SARA 3 tasked owing to low tide conditions. Target was located and SARA crew attended whilst Sea King Helicopter lifted to Filton Airfield. Stood down 21.00
09/04727/06/2009 18:55BeachleyCalled to Beachley Point by member of the public to an off-road motorcyclist with a suspected broken leg. SARA crew provided patient care and O2 to seriously injured (fractured left leg)19 yr old male casualty and co-ordinated evacuation by army landrover to waiting NHS ambulance. Patient care overseen by NHS Paramedic. Stood down 20.18
09/04627/06/2009 12:17SharpnessTasked by MRCC Swansea to speed boat in trouble Severn Crossing Area. Located craft off Aust with 2 Persons on board. Craft had lost all power and was drifting in ebb tide. Tow secured craft and POB towed to Beachley slipway, handed to HMCG CRT on slipway. Stood down 13:30
09/04524/06/2009 11:49BeachleyRequested by Gloucester Police to search for missing person. SARA 1 launched to carry out search both banks of River Wye from M48 Bridge to Prior's Reach. Search area overseen by shore-based spotting team and police helicopter: nothing found. Later search conducted of shoreline and scrubland at Beachley Point by land-search teams: nothing found. Stood down 15:35
09/04422/06/2009 20:52BeachleyCoastguard requested launch to investigate "large floating object" 1.5 miles below M48 motorway bridge. SARA 1 was directed to the "object" by shore based Portishead Coastguard Mobile Unit.
Plastic "coolbox" with garage rubbish was located and safely disposed of. Stood down 21:25
09/04321/06/2009 16:27BeachleyRequested by Goastguard to launch to "upturned jetski" reported near M48 Bridge.
SARA 1 launched and carried out search of the area: nothing found. A number of Skiers operating in the area were questioned: no knowledge of a missing rider. Well intentioned false alarm. Stood down 17:02
09/04207/06/2009 10:37BeachleyLaunch to possible missing male in River Wye near Brockweir. Boat search of river and banks carried out. Casualty found in nearby woods. Fire Service recovered. Stood down 12:35
09/04102/06/2009 09:30Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police request assistance to search R Wye at Bedwardine for missing youth who disappeared in river day before, Search conducted crew assisted in recovery after Police divers located body. Stood down 16:30
09/04002/06/2009 02:43SharpnessLaunched to suspected suicide attempt, Epney area, Person located by Police on shore, stood down 0355 hours.
09/03929/05/2009 16:15BeachleyLaunch to casualty recovery River Wye near Bigsweir Bridge. Mobile One despatched with SARA Rescue 11. Casualty last seen approx 200yds downstream of "Boat" Public House.
Crew stood down at scene as Fire Service were tasked to recover. Stood down 17:55
09/03823/05/2009 16:00SharpnessLaunched to report of body in water, item located, not body, item landed to Police. Stood down 1630 hours
09/03716/05/2009 12:52BeachleySARA 1 launched to assist R.I.B. with four people on board which had lost power in both engines in the rough water of the "Shoots" area of the Severn Estuary. Conditions were atrocious with the strong (30Kt)wind against the full ebb tide. The Casualty R.I.B. regained use of one engine and made their way to Portishead. Stood down 14:10
09/03613/05/2009 16:00Wyre ForestWest Mercia Polsa team requested assistance in searching pool in Clent area for vunerable misper. Conducted search of pool but nothing found. Stood down 19:30
09/03511/05/2009 14:00Wyre ForestRequest to assist narrow boat stuck in mud in R Severn,Bevere lock, Stood down prior to arrival as passing dutch barge pulled narrow boat off. Stood down 16:00
09/03401/05/2009 13:28BeachleyLand search teams tasked by Gloucestershire police to search for missing male.
Three SARA search teams deployed to search rural/urban areas in Newland area under direction of Gloucestershire Police Search Unit. Nothing found. Man later surrendered to police. Stood down at 20.49
09/03301/05/2009 10:06BeachleyTasked by Gloucestershire police to search for missing male. Mobile 1 and Rescue 11 searched River Wye downstream from Redbrook to Tintern: nothing found. Stood down at 13.43
09/03219/04/2009 20:29BeachleyInvestigate distress beacon (EPIRB) (Coastguard & police) Emergency Distress Beacon set off in Avonmouth area tracked by Coastguard helicopter to Chepstow. SARA Beachley radio expertise assisted amateur radio operators and others to triangulate and track EPIRB to a house near Chepstow leisure centre where it was deactivated. Stood down 23:25
09/03115/04/2009 12:15Wyre ForestHWFRS request we attend Bewdley opposite rowing club to dog stuck in water after chasing swans. Dog recovered then went back in again. SRT crew attended but dog and owner left scene. Stood down 12:45
09/03011/04/2009 14:32Wyre ForestWest Mercia requested assistance on River Avon at Fladbury. Launched above Fladbury lock and proceeded downstream to location. Difficult recovery completed successfully. Stood down 1930
09/02908/04/2009 14:00SharpnessLaunched to report of stranded Dolphins Lydney Sands area, search of area, nothing found, thought to be 'false alarm with good intent' stood down 1520 hours
09/028b30/03/2009 13:30BeachleyTasked by Coastguard to assist SARA Sharpness in recovery of upturned boat persons reported in the water. SARA Lifeboat No1 launched to area near Oldbury Power Station. Casualty vessel and persons recovered by Sharpness
09/02830/03/2009 13:30SharpnessLaunched to report of upturned dinghy with two persons in water, search of Lydney / Berkely Pill area, two persons recovered from water, landed to HM Coastguard crews on shore. Stood down 1505 hours
09/02722/03/2009 19:20BeachleySARA Lifeboat No1 Launched to search River Wye following a report of a Blue & White boat drifting with no power - one person reported on board. Boat found on mud-bank - empty. Person later located by coastguard at Sedbury shops - safe and well. Stood down 20:10
09/02622/03/2009 11:10SharpnessShoe containing human foot found at waters edge, launched, seach of banks, nothing further found. Stood down 1300 hours
09/02520/03/2009SharpnessLaunched to report of car disappearing below water, car located no persons, thought to subject of crime. Stood down 1330 hours
09/02415/03/2009 19:52Wyre ForestCalled by HW Fire Control to 2 persons stuck on Pitts Island, Alveley. Stood down on route as Shropshire FRS had safely recovered persons. Stood down 19:35
09/02314/03/2009 14:00Sharpnesslaunched to report of upturned vessel, vessel found to be old probably washed of f the shore by high tides. Stood down 1630
09/02213/02/2009 23:15BeachleyTasked by Gwent Police. Launched SARA Lifeboat No1 to "person in the water" by Chepstow Bridge. Search made of river and banks downstream of the town bridge to the Motorway (M48) Bridge- "Nothing Found". Police Helicopter IR search revealed nothing either. Later determined to be a hoax call which was traced and a man taken into police custody. Stood down 00:25
09/02106/03/2009 12:00Wyre ForestShrewsbury Police requested further search for misper Montford Bridge area. SARA 8 launched at Montford Bridge, extensive river search but nothing found. Stood down 19:47
09/020b03/03/2009 23:10SharpnessLaunched to report of fisherman suffering heart attack at waters edge whilst fishing, giving location as 'Near Newnham', 2 lifeboats launched searched 9 miles of coastline from Sharpness to Epney, nothing found, 0200 hours Police report Hoax call, stood down
09/02003/03/2009 22:49BeachleyTasked by Coastguard to launch/search to a fisherman suffering with heard attack symptoms on the bank of the River Severn at Newnham or Frampton. Fire and Ambulance en-route.
Beachley crewman at scene found nothing.
Sharpness launched SARA 2 & Sara 4
Beachley Station remained on standby until stood down at 01:00 when police arrested hoax caller
09/019b01/03/2009 08:0001/03/2009 15:30TewkesburyTasked to assist Wyre Forest. West Mercia requested completing search of River Avon from Wyre Piddle to Tewkesbury. WF team searched from Wyre Piddle to Eckington Bridge and Tewkesbury team with WF coxswain searched from Tewkesbury upstream to Eckington Bridge. Nothing found.
09/01901/03/2009 08:00Wyre ForestWest Mercia requested completing search of River Avon from Wyre Piddle to Tewkesbury. WF team searched from Wyre Piddle to Eckington Bridge and Tewkesbury team with WF coxswain searched from Tewkesbury upstream to Eckington Bridge. Nothing found. Stood down 15:30
09/01828/02/2009 08:23Wyre ForestFire Control requested assistance with recovery from river at Larford, nr Stourport. MRU4 with SARA 9 and RDC arrived on scene but managed to complete successful recovery without need to launch boat. Stood down 13:16
09/01726/02/2009 13:00Wyre ForestWest Mercia requested river search for high risk misper Montford Bridge area of Shrewsbury. Search conducted downstream but nothing found. Stood down 19:00
09/01622/02/2009 09:02Wyre ForestWest Mercia requested search from River Avon from Fladbury downstream for misper. Boat teams searched but nothing found. Stood down 14:48
09/01517/02/2009 13:30Wyre ForestShrewsbury Police requested river search at Preston Island, Monkmoor area of Shrewsbury for possible misper. MRU4, MRU6 & SARA 9 attended. Full SRT and boat search of area down as far as Atcham but nothing found except dead sheep. Stood donw 19:15
09/01412/02/2009 08:50SharpnessReport of surfer missing in Severn Bore, launched on arrival at scene, surfer foud at waters edge. Stood down 0955 hours
09/01312/02/2009 08:30Wyre ForestShrewsbury Police requested river search for vunerable misper Atacham Area of Shrewsbury. S8 & S9 searched from Atcham Bridges downstream as far as Wroxeter. Nothing found. Stood down 16:20
09/01211/02/2009 20:50Sharpnesslaunched to recover vessel drifting off Milkmaid Rock, heavy seas prevented recovery, vessel broken up by seas and sank. Stood down 2240 hours
09/01111/02/2009 09:10SharpnessLaunched to report of vessel drifting off Wellhouse Rocks. Vessel located, no POB's, thought to have broken mooring, due to low water, unable to recover vessel. Stood down 1105 hours
09/01009/02/2009 22:00Wyre ForestWMAS requested assistance during further snow conditions to collect staff and transport to Ambulance Control. MRU3 responded and completed assigned tasks. Stood down 01:48
09/00908/02/2009 00:00BeachleyStation to standby to assist Great Western Ambulance Service during flood conditions in area Bath. Mobile Rescue Unit No1 and Rescue Boat 5 prepare to evacuate elderly persons from care homes in low-lying area of Bath City.
Sttod down as floodwaters subsided at 08:45


BeachleyAssist Great Western Ambulance Service during blizzard conditions in area Bristol - Bath - Cotswolds.Mobile Rescue Unit No1 tasked to Aztec West for deployment under control of GWAS. Transport paramedics & hospital staff.
Coverage required 24 Hrs rota of available crew.
Tasks included first on scene at an RTC where SARA crew provided first aid and medical care to two injured persons until arrival of paramedics.
Duties included: Assistance calls to Albert Road, Huntley, Brockweir. Stood down 13:00 on 08/02
09/00705/02/2009 12:32BeachleyRespond to possible light aircraft down in Severn Estuary or River Wye near M48 Bridge. SARA 1 launched and land search crew activated following request from HM Coastgaurd. Possible helicopter or light aircraft believed crashed. Nothing found. Believe sighting of low flying helicopter linked to large refuse fire at nearby premises. Stood down 13:22
09/00605/02/2009 07:00BeachleyAssist Great Western Ambulance Service during blizzard conditions in area of Forest of Dean.
Mobile Rescue Unit No1 tasked with Lydney Ambulance Station with change of crew at 13.20.
Duties included: Assistance calls to Albert Road, Huntley, Brockweir. Stood down 15:30
09/00505/02/2009 06:00Wyre ForestMRU6 & MRU3 located at Kidderminster Ambulance Station for WMAS to provide assistance during heavy snow conditions. MRU3 then requested to standby at Shrewsbury Ambulance Station for remainder of day. Various transport jobs completed. Stood down by WMAS when weather/roads improved at 20:00
09/00404/02/2009 08:00Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police requested search of River Avon from Evesham weir downstream for missing female. MRU3 and SARA 9 attended with 5 crew. Searched from Evesham weir down as far as Chadbury lock but nothing found. Stood down 1800.
09/00302/02/2009 10:48Wyre ForestMRU3 stationed at Kidderminster Hospital for West Mids Ambulance Service and MRU6 stationed at Northfield Ambulance Station to provide 4x4 transport during snow conditions. Various jobs completed, including transporting of control crew and paramedics, stood down 3.2.09 at 12:48
09/00212/01/2009 21:30Wyre ForestFire Control requested immediate attendance to report of persons in canal by Lock in, Wolverly. Crew stood down on route as person safely recovered by police. Stood down 21:44
09/00103/01/2009 08:30Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police requested search of River Lugg, Leominster for 2 mispers. SARA 9 attended with boat, land and SRT crew, located and recovered 2 persons from river. Stood down 19:18
08/11428/12/2008 09:00Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police requested search of Pitts Island, Alveley re missing female, also river search from Arley to Pitts Island – nothing found. Stood down 13:00
08/11321/12/2008 09:00Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police requested further river search for missing female. Searched from Broseley down as far as Bridgnorth but nothing found. Stood down 16:00
08/11218/12/2008 09:00Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police requested search of Chelmarsh Reservoir for missing person and his vehicle. Nothing found. Stood down 13:33
08/11114/12/2008 09:00Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police requested further river search for missing female. Searched from Arley upstream to Apley Bridge but nothing found. Stood down 16:14
08/11013/12/2008 19.30BeachleyCalled by Glos and Gwent Police. Launch to Livox Quarry River Wye for missing persons search. Missing persons found and recovered by boat to Beachley Slip. Stood down 20.44
08/10913/12/2008 14:51Wyre ForestShrewsbury Police requested urgent search of river Bridgnorth area for misper.Boat crew attended and searched upstream but no trace in darkness. Stood down 18:34
08/10806/12/2008 14:40BeachleyCalled by Coastguard. Missing person Forest of Dean. Mob 2 despatched, missing person found and crew stood down at 15:10
08/10703/12/2008 08:30Wyre ForestAttended Coalport and carried out search for misper. Boat crews on SARA 8 & 10 carried out search – nothing found. Stood down 15:40
08/10602/12/2008 14:30Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police requested search of river for missing female from Broseley. Full search arranged for 3.12.08. Stood down 14:35
08/10530/11/2008 14:48Wyre ForestFire Control – immediate – Severnside, Stourport. Person in river trapped between 2 trees. Stood down on route although land based crew had arrived on scene. Stood down 15:10
08/10430/11/2008 13:35BeachleyCalled by Glos Police. Body Recovery from river Severn. Body recovered to Beachley and handed over to undertaker. Stood down at 15:22
08/10330/11/2008 09:00Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police requested river search at Arley re misper. Nothing found. Stood down 13:00
08/10217/11/2008 11:30Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police requested river/land search for misper and vehicle in Stourport area. Believed he may have driven into river. Searched from Lincomb to Lickhill area but nothing found. Stood down 17:45
08/10116/11/2008 09:25BeachleyCalled by West Mercia Police ref for continuation of search for missing female at Ross on Wye downstream from Wilton Bridge. Detailed search conducted of specified area and stood down by Police at 12:30
08/10009/11/2008 22:00Wyre ForestFire Control – immediate call to 3 Vehicles stuck in flood water, Dumbleton Lane, Tenbury. SRT crew + MRU4 & SARA 10 + MRU6 Responded. Stood down on route as persons had exited all vehicles safely but remained at station on standby. Stood down 23:30
08/09909/11/2008 10:00BeachleyCalled by West Mercia for continued search for missing person at Ross-on-Wye. Search conducted of banks from the river near Wilton Bridge and stood down once completed at 14:10
08/09807/11/2008 13:10BeachleyCalled by West mercia police for missing person near Ross-On-Wye. Land and boat crew despatched and tasked until poor light to search near Wilton Bridge. Stood down 18:00
08/09703/11/2008 16:32BeachleyCalled by Gwent police to search for 2 missing canoes on the river Wye around Monmouth rowing club. SARA 5 and Mob 1 despatched, missing persons found safe and well. Stood down 17:24.
08/09619/10/2008 14:47BeachleyCall by Coastguard, reports of jetski upside down near the old Severn Bridge. Sara 1 launched and carried out a full search of the area. Nothing found. Stood down 15:19
08/09519/10/2008 14:21BeachleyCalled by Coastguard, Immediate launch to a power boat near old Severn Bridge. Power boat located and recovered to Beachley slipway with 3 persons and 1 dog on board. Stood down 15:19
08/09419/10/2008 09:00Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police requested further search of River Severn for missing female as river levels had dropped. Further search carried out but nothing found. Stood down 17:00
08/09315/10/2008 11:57Wyre ForestFire Control requested immediate assistance to narrowboat on fire in Diglis Basin and only one boat available. Stood down as discovered it was a false alarm. Stood down at 12:07
08/09212/10/2008 09:00Wyre ForestWest Mercia requested further search with MRU4 & S8 + MRU3 & S10 carried out but nothing found. Stood down 17:46
08/09111/10/2008 09:30Wyre ForestWest Mercia requested river search for female misper Frankwell, Shrewsbury. MRU4 & S8 attended and carried out search – nothing found. Stood down 14:40
08/09007/10/2008 13:30Wyre ForestCalled by Fire Control to Arley where lorry had plunged into river, uncertain if driver trapped. SARA 8 with crew attended with fire service, search carried out downstream but nothing found, determined no one was trapped inside. Stood down 16:30
08/08907/10/2008 00:55BeachleyCalled by Gloucestershire Police, Missing person in Symonds Yat. Stood down by police at 01:37
08/08802/10/2008 09:00Wyre ForestWM for assistance but river levels were rising so had to be abandoned. Stood down 12:20
08/08701/10/2008 09:00Wyre ForestWest Mercia requested further assistance at Pitts Island, Alveley. 3 crew attended. Stood down 19:30
08/08628/09/2008 14:30Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police required assistance at Pitts Island, Nr. Alveley for recovery of remains. Stood down 19:30
08/08516/09/2008 15:16BeachleyCalled by Gwent Police, Body recovery in Newport. Mobile 1 and Sara 5 dispatched to scene. Stood down 15:31
08/08407/09/2008 07:30BeachleyCalled by Gwent Police,in reference earlier missing person in Newport. Search carried out in and around the mouth of the River Usk. Stood down 11:45
08/08307/09/2008 02:27BeachleyCalled by Gwent Police, incident no 128. Missing person in Newport. Mobile 1 and Sara 5 dispatched. Stood down 03:38
08/08206/09/2008 17:39Wyre ForestAmbulance Control – Children trapped in Halesowen due to flash floods at Hazelmere. Crews responded and assisted fire service. Stood down 20:45
08/08106/09/2008 10:21Wyre ForestFire Control – person stuck in car in flood water side of Woodstsone Manor off Bewdley/Leominster Rd. On arrival launched S10 and safely recovered person. Other crews to standby positions. Stood down 13:30
08/08005/09/2008 21:00Wyre ForestFire Control – investigate problem with large steamer Carbolate at Stourport in unsafe condition – bow against tree, occupied boats downstream in danger if broken free - and report to FC. Stood down 22:20
08/07905/09/2008 19:09Wyre ForestFire Control – Bridge at Dunley on Gt Witley Rd – silver VW van stuck on floodwater at Dunley Brook. Stood down 21:00
08/07805/09/2008 18:07Wyre ForestFire Control – 3 vehicles in floodwater, Worcester Rd, Newnham Bridge/ 2 persons trapped. Stood down 20:15
08/07705/09/2008 17:15Wyre ForestFire Control – 2 persons stuck in car in floodwater, Newham Bridge Rd, Tenbury Stood down as persons recovered safely by fire service. Stood down 20:15
08/07605/09/2008 16:15Wyre ForestFire Control- respond to adult + 5 children stuck in car in flood water, Rhyse Lane, Lower Rochford, Tenbury. Stood down on route but proceeded to Tenbury to assist fire service. Stood down 16:31
08/07531/08/2008 00:20Wyre ForestFire Control request to person in river at South Quay, Worcester, fallen off bike. Stood down as person recovered by fire service using throw line.
08/07426/08/2008 17:25Wyre ForestWest Mercia requested search of River Avon above Wyre Piddle Lock for upturned blue canoe spotted by walker. Boat teams launched and eventually established canoe had been recovered by cabin cruiser. Stood down 22:00
08/07306/08/2008 12:30Wyre ForestShrews Police requested land search crew to assist with search for misper in Clive area of Shrewsbury. SARA carried out searches in areas as directed but nothing found. Stood down 21:00
08/07203/08/2008 13:30BeachleyCalled by Coastguard to assist Sharpness crew in recovery of owner and boat on Sheperdine Sands. 1 Crew recovered earlier by Sharpness crew. Owner recovered by SARA 3 but boat unable to be moved due to the level of tide. Owner and Lydney safety boat recovered at Beachley Slip. Stood down 15:05
08/07103/08/2008 12:40SharpnessTasked to assist monitor 3 sailing vessels in difficult conditions at the Noose. S2 launched kept watch on vessels until safe return to home port. Stood down: 1310
08/070b03/08/2008 12:40SharpnessTasked to launch to overturned sailing vessel, S4 launched, persons recovered, 1 person taken to shore at Lydney by lifeboat. 1 other crew member elected to stay with overturned vessel, safetyboat in attendance. Due to low state of tide lifeboat unable to return to overturned drifting vessel. Beachley station requested to launch to the vessel drifting toward Beachley Station. Stood down 13:30
08/07003/08/2008 11:00SharpnessTasked to lauch to overturned sailing vessel, 1 person hanging to hull, 1 person in water. S2 launched, recovered persons and righted vessel. Vessel bailed out by lifeboat crew. Returned to home port, accompanied by safetyboat. Stood down 12:10
08/06928/07/2008 03:30BeachleyCalled by Glos Police to search for missing boy who was swept by tide from Arlington. Search conducted as instructed. Boy found by member of public at 10.00. Stood down 09:32
08/06827/07/2008 20:01SharpnessTasked to report of child swept away by tide at Arlingham. S7 & S4 launched, both vessels carried out all night search, Beachley land crew called in to assist with shore search. Body sighted by member of public on mudbank, recovered.
Stood Down: 1000hrs 28th July 2008
08/06727/07/2008 11:55BeachleyDuring Chepstow Duck Race SARA responded to powerboat with broken rudder cable. Problem fixed and went on their way. Stood down 12:10
08/06626/07/2008 23:25BeachleyCalled by Glos Police - Red Flare seen in Llancourt area. Investigated and established fireworks going on in the area. Stood down 23:55
08/06525/07/2008 14:17BeachleyCalled by Coastguard incident 132589. Recovery of jumper off Old Serven Bridge. Recovered 1/2 mile from Chapel Rock with the assistance of the helicopter. Recovered to Beachley Slip. Stood down 15:35
08/06422/07/2008 19:27Wyre ForestFire Control requested immediate attendance at Worcester where person threatening to jump off main road bridge. On arrival at scene, person was safely recovered by emergency services. Stood down 21:45
08/06322/07/2008 09:16Wyre ForestWest Mercia Polsar requested assistance with search for vunerable misper canal/towpath area of Kidderminster. During police briefing, advised person found safe. Stood down 12:28
08/06211/07/2008 09:03Wyre ForestFire Control requested attendance at River Stour, Kidderminster dealing with petrol deposit. On arrival at scene, EA personnel and fire crews in atendance, SARA stood down 10:45
08/06107/07/2008 21:55Wyre ForestWest Mercia requested assistance Froome Hill area with rural search for vunerable misper. Land search team mobilised but stood down on route as child found safe and well by police. Stood down 22:42
08/06006/07/2008 10:52Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police requested assistance to cow stuck in mud up to its neck on River Severn near Shrawley. Boat crew launched and managed to get rope round cow, moved it up to lower slope where it was removed from the river by farmer using his tractor. Stood down 14:30
08/05902/07/2008 12:10BeachleyCalled by Coastguard to search for missing person River Wye to Innard Lights, Search conducted and nothing found, stood down 13.31
08/05821/06/2008 10:56BeachleyCalled by Coastguard to Blue/white vessel off Caldicot Pill drifting on tide. Vessel recovered and towed back to station slip. Stood down 11.59
08/05719/06/2008 16:00Wyre ForestCentral Networks requested assistance in getting power cables back across river at Arley following damage during high winds. Crew assisted and job completed. Stood down 18:00
08/05618/06/2008 19:02BeachleyCalled by Gwent Police to remote launch for potential jumper from Newport Town Bridge. Crew just leaving station with Mobile 2 and SARA 3 when stood down by Beachley Deputy Launch Authority who was on scene at 19.16.
08/05515/06/2008 11:30Wyre ForestFound bone on island at Trimpley during routine search – advised West Mercia & delivered for tests. Bone was later found to be animal.
08/05409/06/2008 11:00Wyre ForestWest Mercia requested re-search of brook at Badsey since river levels have dropped. MRU3 responded with SRT crew. Misper was recovered by SARA team. Stood down 17:03
08/05308/06/2008 19:38Wyre ForestSearch req for vunerable 75 yr old – Catshill area of Bromsgrove. Person found safe by police - Stood down on route at 20:08
08/05204/06/2008 09:55Wyre ForestWest Mercia requested land/boat search teams at Badsey Brook. Despite extensive search, nothing found. Stood down 18:19
08/05103/06/2008 21:25Wyre ForestWest Mercia request search of swollen brook Badsey, Evesham for 80yr old misper. Unable to launch at this time. Stood down 21:30
08/05026/05/2008 09:11Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police requested assistance with search for vulnerable misper Lickey Hills area of Bromsgrove. Several land search teams covered designated areas. Person turned up safe and well so teams stood down at 16:30
08/04919/05/2008 22:32Wyre ForestTasked by Kidderminster police to assist in search for 14yr old misper. During briefing for incident, person found by police. Stood down 23:45
08/04819/05/2008 21:21Wyre ForestTasked by Kidderminster Police to Stourport for search for young misper. Search teams deployed round Walshes, Areley Kings and town centre areas. Misper was located safe by police. Stood down 22:30
08/04719/05/2008 19:16Wyre ForestRequest from Kidderminster Police for search for young misper, Cookley area. MRU3, 5 & 6 responded with Land Search teams deployed around the area. Misper was located safe by SARA team. Stood down 21:20
08/04618/05/2008 09:45Wyre ForestWest Mercia Polsar requested search of river from Coalport to Bridgnorth for misper. Launched at China Museum and searched down river as far as Bridgnorth slipway where SARA 8 was recovered. Nothing found. Stood down 13:45
08/045b10/05/2008 18:58BeachleyCalled by Swansea Coastguard for Body recovery at Bullo Pil. Mud recovery required, no boat launched. Recovered and stood down at 21:20
08/04510/05/2008 18:32SharpnessTasked to sighting of body Bullo Pill. Unable to launch due to low state of tide. Call handed to Beachley Station for land recovery. Stood down: 18:55
08/04409/05/2008 00:04BeachleyCalled by Gwent Police to potential Jumper on a bridge in Newport. Stood down before left station at 00:27
08/04308/05/2008 21:50BeachleyCalled out by Gwent Police. Potential Jumper off a bridge in Newport. Stood down as leaving station at 22:01
08/04208/05/2008 18:00Wyre ForestRequest via West Mercia Police to carry out removal of horse from River Severn, Trimpley area. SRT team successfully carried out task and returned to station. Stood down 20:30
08/04107/05/2008 05:30SharpnessReport of person seen in water Plimlico Sands area. Search carried out between Hocke Cliffe and Plimlico Sands by SARA 4 and SARA 7. Body recovered at Bullo Pill. Stood dowm 10:30
08/04006/05/2008 20:41Wyre ForestRequest from HW Fire Control to respond to immediate callout in Whitehouse Road, Kidderminster. Person threatening self-harm. On arrival at scene, person had been recovered by police on scene. Stood down 20:56
08/03904/05/2008 18:04Wyre ForestRequest from West Mercia Police for recovery at Monkmoor. Unable to launch boat, SRT team used to extract person from water and recover. Stood down 00:20
08/03802/05/2008 15:30SharpnessTasked to missing elderly person, walking stick found at waters edge, Frampton on Severn. Launched search carried out, nothing found. Stood down 15:30
08/03701/05/2008 13:19Wyre ForestKidderminster Police requested land search for misper threatening self harm, person found safe by police, stood down on route at 13:40
08/03628/04/2008 07:00Wyre ForestWest Mercia requested further search of river from Fladbury to Evesham. Nothing found. Person was later found safe by police. Stood down 13:45
08/03527/04/2008 17:28Wyre ForestWest Mercia requested assistance with land search and river search for misper Fladbury area. Land search and boat teams responded, nothing found. Stood down 23:25
08/034b26/04/2008 09:45SharpnessRe launched to previous incident for daylight search, accompanied by Avon & Somerset Police Underwater team. Nothing found. Stood down 18:00
08/03426/04/2008 10:00Wyre ForestGlos. Police requested additional boat for search of River Severn, Haw Bridge area for misper. Assisted Sharpness team with river search but nothing found. Stood down 17:00
08/03325/04/2008 21:30SharpnessTasked to male person missing believed to be in water Haw Bridge. Launched - 2 boat search carried out - nothing found. Stood down 02:30
08/03219/04/2008 15:22Wyre ForestWest Mercia requested assistance of Boat Teams and Land Search Teams to search Arrow Valley Leisure Park & Lake for 2 mispers. Search of lake carried out by boat teams and surrounding wooded area covered by land search teams. Nothing found. Stood down 22:30
08/03119/04/2008 10:24BeachleyCalled by Glos Police to retrieve Range Rover from bottom of Beachley Slip. No occupants found. Stood down 11.08
08/03018/04/2008 18:10Wyre ForestWest Mercia requested further search of area at Shrewsbury. Crews conducted search patterns of river but again nothing found. Stood down 18:10
08/02917/04/2008 14:25BeachleyCalled by Gwent Police to search for person with potential for self harm near Soudley. Person located in another location by the Police. Stood down 15:10
08/02815/04/2008 15:45Wyre ForestShrewsbury Police requested search for misper Forton Heath area of Shrewsbury. Launched at Montford Bridge, proceeded down to search area and carried out first search of river. Nothing found. Stood down 22:30
08/02715/04/2008 14:00Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police requested assistance. Stood down 15:45
08/02610/04/2008 21:12Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police requested land search for vulnerable misper Bewdley & Stourport. 6 teams responded and conducted searches near river bank and specified areas but nothing found. Misper was recovered the following morning. Stood down 01:00
08/02508/04/2008 23:02SharpnessReport of 2 barges drifting, not known if any persons on board. Lifeboat launched carried out seach in bad visibility, barges located 0215 hours at Epney. Ascertained no persons on board. Unable to secure due to size of vessels. Drift monitored till vessel grounded on falling tide. Left for tug recovery on following tide. Stood down 04:15
08/02407/04/2008 08:16Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police requested search of River Severn below Telford Way river bridge for person known to have gone into river previous night. MRU6 & SARA 8 attended, team conducted extensive search of area and located misper. Recovery completed and team returned to station. Stood down 19:10
08/02303/04/2008 21:20Wyre ForestHW Fire Control requested our attendance with themselves to person threatening to jump off bridge over River Teme, Powick, Worcester. 2 crews responded but stood down on route by Fire Control 21:35
08/02202/04/2008 15.23BeachleyCalled by Glos Police to Canoeists stuck on river Wye North of Ross on Wye near Hoarwithy. 2 boys and their fathers recovered to river side uninjured. Police were then able to transport them to their intended destination. Stood down 18:45
08/02131/03/2008 01:39BeachleyCalled by Gwent Police incident to possible jumper in Newport - stood down on route at 02:03
08/02029/03/2008 19:55Wyre ForestKidder Police requested search for young misper between Bewdley and Highley. Misper found safe and well. Team stood down 20:25
08/01929/03/2008 09:00Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police requested search for misper Coalport area of Telford. RDC launched above Jackfield Rapids and SARA 8 below and search conducted down to Bridgnorth slipway. Nothing found. Stood down 15:47
08/01826/03/2008 14:10Wyre ForestRequest from Central Networks to assist with getting equipment over River Wye at Hampton Bishop to restore electricity to parts of Hereford. Task completed and crew returned to station. Stood down 20:00
08/01722/03/2008 09:56BeachleyCalled by Coastguard to investigate a boat/pontoon floating down by Oldbury Power Station. Pontoon located approx 1 mile downstream, no potential casualties found. Stood down 11.04
08/01617/03/2008 10:55BeachleyCalled by Gwent Police Incident to Barge floating down River Wye. Launched at Tintern and secured barge approx 1 mile downstream of Tintern. Stood down 12:40
08/01509/03/2008 10:38SharpnessTasked to launch to surfer missing on Severn Bore. Surfer located. Stood down 10:44
08/01408/03/2008 09:24Wyre ForestHWFRS requested attendance to incident on River Severn at Grimley, two rowing boats had collided, one person trapped with leg injury, fire service boats attending. Stood down on route at 09:42
08/01317/02/2008 22:42SharpnessLaunched to Suspected suicide, car found at waters edge Saul. Carried out search in company with Police Heli - nothing found. Stood down 0035
08/01217/02/2008 09:00Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police requested further search from Arley to Bewdley for misper. Bank search carried out by teams on both sides of river. Nothing found
08/01115/02/2008 13:18Wyre ForestCalled by West Mercia Police to assist with land search for high risk misper in Pulverbatch area of Shropshire. Crew & MRU6 attended, misper located. Operation complete. Stood down 1705
08/01014/02/2008 15:05BeachleyCalled by Swansea Coastguard on behalf of Gwent Police. Person despondent at Ironbridge Redbrook. SARA 5 and Mobile 1 and 2 deployed. SARA 5 launched at Monmouth showground to incident located at old railway bridge south of Monmouth - land crew standing by. Person recovered by police and was taken to the Royal Gwent. Stood down 17:20
08/00913/02/2008 15:00SharpnessReport of upturned canoe possibly with person in water off Sharpness Dock entrance. Sharpness lifeboat Launched carried out search located large tree trunk with dead sheep attached. Thought to be cause of report,. carried search of surounding waters, nothing further found. Recorded as false alarm with good intent. Stood down 1630
08/00812/02/2008 13:30SharpnessTasked to search for missing person thought to be in danger River Severn Tewksbury area. S4 launched, carried out search of River, Tewsksbury to M50 crossing. Search result negative. Stood down 1830.
08/007b11/02/2008 11:00BeachleySARA 1 launched in support of SARA 2 in callout below. Stood down 12.02
08/00711/02/2008 10:23SharpnessImmediate launch following report to Coastguard of upturned vessel with persons in water at Bull Rock Light. S2 & S4 launched carried out search of sea area Sharpness / Lydney to Oldbury / Inward Rock, assisted by Coastguard Helicopter and Coastguard Coast Rescue Team. Wreckage spotted by helicopter and recovered by S2, on inspection not thought to be connected with incident. Search called off when nothing further found. Stood down 1330
08/00609/02/2008 08:00BeachleyContacted on water by Swnasea Coastguard during training to investigate a kayak. Upon locating craft, Kayak had clearly been in the river for many weeks. Kayak recovered to Portishead for Coastguard mobile to recover. Stood 08:20
08/00526/01/2008 12:00SharpnessCalled to Upton, car being washed away by fierce flood water. S4 attended, car secured and winched to safety by Sharpness Mobile 7 - Stood down 1400
08/00419/01/2008 15:51Wyre ForestRiver and bank search for possible misper between Bridgnorth & Arley. SARA 8 launched at Arley & conducted search of river to beyond Bridgnorth and Land Search team conducted bank search from Bridgnorth downstream. Nothing found. Search will continue Sunday at Bridgnorth. Stood down 15:51
08/00318/01/2008 14:44Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police requested river/bank search for misper between Bridgnorth & Arley. Not enough daylight to conduct search & river running high. Decided to postpose until Saturday when all day search could be undertaken. Stood down 16:16
08/00216/01/2008 16:25Wyre ForestCalled via HWFRS to Evesham where boat was in danger of slipping moorings due to flooding. SARA 8 & 10 launched, safely retrieved boat and made secure.Stood down 22:50
08/00101/01/2008 13:30BeachleyCalled by Gwent Police tosearch for missing person in Llanmartin Area. SARA called in SARDA and Central Beacons Teams to join in search. SARA 5 despatched to cover nearby reservoirs but not enough water to launch. Extensive searches were conducted on the local area. Missing person found at Gwent Hospital, crews were stood down at 18.35
07/09220/12/2007 10:41BeachleyMissing person search in the Hereford area. Conducted river search with Wyre Forest Crew. Conditions of freezing Fog. No person was found. Police identified body at a later date. Stood down 18.30
07/09105/12/2007 09:19Wyre ForestWest Mercia requested river & bank search Redstone area of Stourport for misper. Land search team and boat crew conducted search of surrounding areas - nothing located at this time. Stood down 15:55
07/09006/11/2007 17:38BeachleyLaunched to second Severn crossing to stand off for possible suicide. SARA 1 launched, SARA 3 in process of being launch when call identified as false alarm as person was a bridge engineer. Stood down 18:00
07/08927/10/2007 12:34SharpnessTasked to H/craft with engine failure North of Sharpness. S4 stood by, crew of craft restarted engine returned to shore under own power. Stood down 14:40
07/08808/10/2007 19:43SharpnessTasked immediate to Sharpness Dock entrance following sighting of motor car being driven off pier. S7 launched carried dragging operation, vehicle located. Vehicle later recovered with 2 deceased occupants + 1 dog. Stood down 02:00
07/08706/10/2007 12:30Sharpness2 powered craft participating in local event, engines failed off Berkeley Pill. 2 vessels towed to shore by SARA 4. Stood down 14:00
07/08603/10/2007 14:53BeachleyCalled by coastguard to investigate possible pollution under old Severn bridge. Launched SARA 3, No trace of pollution or signs of dumping identified during search of local vicitinty. Stood down 15:15
07/08529/09/2007 09:49Wyre ForestHWFRS requested assistance at canal in Worcester, Blockhouse Lane, person in canal. SARA 10 + MRU 6 attended. Fire service safely recovered person. Stood down 10:59
07/08425/09/2007 12:39BeachleyResponded to despondent Female despondent in Lydney docks Fire, police and Coastguard also on scene. First contact made by local bystander at the scene before the call came in. Due to locality Beachley crew assisted in recovery without the need to launch and female handed to Police to process.Stood down 12:50
07/08325/09/2007 12:35SharpnessTasked immediate launch to persons in water at Lydney. SARA4 launched and made way to Lydney Dock. Upon arrival information received that casualties were in water inside of Dock. Stood down 13:15
07/08214/09/2007 23.5001:30BeachleyDealt with person on Beachley Slip prior to responding to previous Police call out. Person recovered and handed to police custody.
07/08114/09/2007 23.5001:30BeachleyCalled by Gwent Police to possible person in the water at Newport City Bridge near Clarence Place. Mob 1 and SARA 5 dispatched. Lauch site blocked and call was stood down
07/08008/09/2007 01:30Wyre ForestWest Mercia Police requested assistance in search for misper in Stourport area. Crew assembled for police briefing as person was found safe and well so stood down and returned to station. Stood down 03:15
07/07905/09/2007 10:00Wyre ForestShrewsbury Police requested river & bank search for elderly misper Coton Hill area of Shrewsbury. SARA 8, MRU 5 & 6 attended, misper located in river. Recovery completed. Stood down 15:15
07/07803/09/2007 11.02BeachleySwansea Coastguard requested locate and recover of body passing up the River . Recovered to Beachley Slip where Police from Avon and Somerset, Gwent and Gloucestershire were in attendence. Person confirmed as missing person search of 30/08/07. Stood down 12.47
07/07702/09/2007 10:20SharpnessDory with 2 POB's snagged prop and drifting on fast flood tide off Sharpness Point. S4 towed vessel to Lifeboat Station, prop on casualty vessel cleared. stood down 11:05
07/07601/09/2007 21:00SharpnessTasked to Lugger aground on the Noose, S2 launched stood by vessel until it refloated, escorted to Lydney. Stood down 00:45
07/07530/08/2007 06.52BeachleySwansea Coastguard Search for possible jumper from Old Serven Bridge - Nothing Found. Stood down 09.36
07/07426/08/2007 10:37Wyre ForestShrewsbury Police requested assistance with recovery of person in river at Frankwell. SARA 8, MRU 5 & 6 responded and recovery was completed. Stood down 15:45
07/07323/08/2007 15.51BeachleySwansea Coastguard SARA 1 Launched to assist vessel on the Wall of Oldbury Power station. Boat made stable at low tide. Returned to assist on tow off as the tide came in at 03.45. Assitance was provided by 'Kiwi' to pull vessel off the wall. Vessel was towed to mouth of river Wye where it was understood they would moor up. Tow was dropped by casualty vessel 'Deborah S' and made for the Bristol Channel. Stood down 07:30
07/07223/08/2007 15:50SharpnessImmediate tasking to 72 foot TSMY 'Deborah S' run aground on Narlwook Rocks becoming trapped on Tidal Wall. S2 attended and in company with S1, attempted to pull vessel off. Vessel firmly stuck aground. S2 returned to Station leaving S1 & S3 to stand by vessel untill pulled off by tug at 0500hrs on following tide. Stood down 17:40
07/07121/08/2007 19.08BeachleyGwent Police requested search for possible body in river Usk near Shaftsbury Park. Location out of view by call time. Suspended 19.45. SARA reattended at 06.00 when the tide was low. Half a Mannequin recovered from location. Stood down 07:47
07/07009/08/2007 17.16BeachleyCalled by Swansea Coastguard on behalf of Glos Police. Search for person around Speech House in Forest of Dean. Before search began stood down by Gloucestershire Control. Stood down 17.40
07/06905/08/2007 18.37BeachleyGwent Police on behalf of Avon and Somerset Police Possible child trapped by Old severn Bridge with incomnig tide. Crew ready to launch when person identifed as a fisherman not in any difficulty. Stood down 18.50
07/06801/08/2007 16.30BeachleyAvon and Somerset Police Search at low water for missing person - suicide from old servern bridge. Search conducted, no person found. Stood down 19.05
07/06728/07/2007 15:49Wyre ForestHWFRS requested launch at Upton to recover 2 punts spotted by Fire Crews in Upton floating down river. SARA 8 responded but despite searching as far as Tewkesbury, nothing found. Stood down 21:03
07/06622/07/2007 08:56BeachleyCalled to recover boat that had drifted from moorings on the river Wye at Tintern due to the floods. Owner was picked up in Chpestow and assistance given to bring the boat back to Chepstow. Stood down 10:00
07/06518/07/2007 22:30Wyre ForestHWFRS requested assistance to 2 persons in River Avon, Pershore. Stood down on route.Stood down 00:15
07/06417/07/2007 15:21Wyre ForestHWFRS immediate request to trapped persons in flooding Tenbury area. MRU5, MRU6 & SARA 10 responded to 3 callouts then requested to standby at Tenbury. Stood down 18:39
07/06320/07/2007 13:50ALLImmediate call to assist Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service following flooding in Gloucestershire. 2 crews and boats attended initially to Winchcombe, persons trapped in cars in floodwater. Crews then tasked to assist in Gloucester, Tewksbury, Stroud and surrounding villages following 'Flash Floods'. WF crews at same time tasked by West Mids Ambulance Service to Fladbury and then by HW Fire Control to Kinnersley, Sedgeberrow, Dick Brook at Dunley, Fernhill Heath and Defford. Beachley Station arrived on scene as Major Incident initiated.Crews tasked to persons either trapped, or in need of evacuation by boat, from Homes, Workplace, Caravans, Boats and Public Places. Initial responce crews worked for 21 hours involved in non stop rescue operations. SARA crews spent 7 days working at the incident. During that time, over 200 persons were dealt with by way of rescue or evacuation, also some 50 animals.All brought to safety by SARA teams from Sharpness, Beachley and Wyre Forest Stations working under the Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service, in the worst flooding on record.
Stood Down:Thursday 26th July, 1100hrs.
07/06217/07/07 02.36BeachleyMissing person in Monmouth, clothes found by the river Monnow. Conducted river bank search and water search with SARA 3 along the Wye and up the Monnow around the town. No person found. Stood down 06.20
07/06112/07/2007 20:35Wyre ForestHW Fire Control requested assistance to person in river by Sabrina Bridge in Worcester. Fire Boat launched to retrieve person from water. Stood down 22:00
07/06007/07/2007 19:49Wyre ForestRequest from West Mercia to search River Severn from Callow End as fisherman had reported spotting a canoe and cap pass him heading for Upton. SARA 8 launched at Seabourne, proceeded up river to search top end of SMYC moorings, then downstream towards Upton. Nothing found, recovered SARA 8 at Upton Marina. Stood down 00:00
07/05907/07/2007 12:20SharpnessSloop on passage to Lydney Dock, disabled main sail, engine failed, 2 POB's. Vessel towed into Lydney Dock by SARA 2. Stood down 13:45
07/05806/07/07 20.56BeachleyGloucester Police called for search for missing foreign boy aged 15 missing on around Devil's pulpit in the Tintern Area. Boy was found safe and well. Stood down 21.35
07/05705/07/2007 19:15Wyre ForestLaunched at Pershore Boat Yard to recover boat stolen previous day from its moorings, abandoned on Pershore Weir. MRU4 & SARA 8 responded, successfully recovered boat and returned to owner. Stood down 23:00
07/05601/07/07 15.25BeachleySwansea Coastguard Respond to report of vessel sinking in river Wye below Bluebell road in Bulwark. Search conducted from Land and SARA 1 launched. No sinking vessel was found believed informant confused by dredger. Stood down 16.55
07/05530/06/07 19.00BeachleyResponded to speed boat broken down on river Wye. Crew member was the immediate informant. Recovered boat to Beachley Slip. Stood down 20.15
07/05429/06/2007 18:06SharpnessTasked immediate launch to suspected Paraglider down Lydney Sands area Severn Estuary. Stood down prior to launch, false alarm with good intent, sighting was surf kiters. Stood down 18:18
07/05327/06/2007 11:40Wyre ForestCalled by HWFRS who were attending flooded cottage in Upton-upon-Severn. Sufficient resources available - no further action required. Stood down 11:46
07/05226/06/2007 18:30Wyre ForestHWFRS requested proceed to Eastham Bridge - persons trapped in vehicle. MRU 6 & SARA 10 responded. Cancelled on arrival at scene as Fire Service had recovered. Visual check of vehicle carried out by crew. Stood down 20:15
07/05126/06/2007 18.30BeachleyCalled to Assist Wyre Forest for crew rest for flood response overnight in the West Midlands Area Stood down 00.00
07/05026/06/2007 17:00Wyre ForestTasked by HWFRS via Police to attend person trapped in vehicle near Bank House island at Bransford on A4103. Stood down on route. Stood down 17:15
07/04926/06/2007 10:50SharpnessTasked to Drakes Broughton, missing vehicle and person. Dragging operations carried out by S 7. Vehicle located. Vehicle and body recovered. Stood down 22:05
07/04826/06/2007 10:00Wyre ForestCalled by HWFRS to Eastham Bridge - persons trapped in vehicle. MRU4 & SARA 8 about to depart station - stood down by Fire Service who had recovered persons. Stood down 10:15
07/04726/06/2007Wyre ForestRequest from HWFRS then to proceed to Little Hereford - persons trapped in Toll House Cottage. Then requested to stand by in Tenbury Wells until relieved by Fire Boat. Returned to station approx 0600hrs Stood down 07:15
07/04626/06/2007 00:45Wyre ForestRequest from HWFRS to send crew to persons trapped in vehicle in Rhyse Lane between Eastham & Tenbury. MRU 4 & SARA 8 + RDC attended, successfully extracted persons from vehicle.
07/04526/06/2007 00:03Wyre ForestCalled by HWFRS to persons trapped in house Featherbed Lane, Tenbury. MRU's 4, 5, & 6 responded with SARA 8, 10 & RDC. On route requested to split team and attend another call. MRU 5 & 6 + SARA 10 to Featherbed Lane. Fire Service had extracted persons. Re-routed to another call
07/04425/06/2007 19:45Wyre ForestCalled by HWFRS to Strensham Weir to search for misper. Conditions too dangerous to launch SARA or FRS boats. Land & Boat crews carried out visual search only. Nothing found. Stood down 23:15
07/04325/06/2007 12:10SharpnessTasked to assist Fire & Rescue Service at Park Edn to recover elderly person trapped in home by floodwater. Person removed to safety.Stood down 12:35
07/04225/06/2007 10:25SharpnessTasked to assist Fire & Rescue Service at Park End, school coach stranded in flood water with school children on board. All removed to safety. Stood down 11:15
07/04125/06/2007 10:20SharpnessTasked to assist Fire & Rescue Service, numerous Dogs trapped in boarding kennels by fast rising floodwater at Churchdown Dogs recovered to safety. Stood down 12:05
07/04025/06/2007 06:56SharpnessTasked to assist Fire & Rescue Service, 2 persons trapped in motor car by floodwater atWinscome. Persons recovered with minor injuries. Stood down 09:30
07/03924/06/2007 09:26Wyre ForestLaunched to attempt to recover 32ft cruiser off Holt weir as river levels had dropped. Using both SARA 8 & SARA 10 cruiser was eventually freed off the weir and returned to safe moorings.Stood down 14:14
07/03823/06/2007 11:57Wyre ForestShrewsbury Police requested river search for high risk misper Monkmoor area of Shrewsbury. SARA 8 launched and carried out extensive river search downstream but nothing found. Stood down 19:39
07/03720/06/2007 19:31Wyre ForestFire Control approved attendance at Diglis weir - report of vessel stuck. On arrival found 16ft dayboat on weir. Boat crew attached lines from rescue boat and successfully recovered to safe moorings. Stood down 23:20
07/03620/06/2007 17:30Wyre ForestFire Control approved attendance at Holt Fleet weir - report of vessel stuck - on arrival found 32ft Princess cruiser on boom with much debris surrounding it. Situation deemed too dangerous to attempt recovery until river levels subside. Stood down 19:30
07/03519/06/2007 23:50Wyre ForestFire Control requested immediate response to Dick Brook on Dunley Road, Stourport - person trapped in vehicle. On arrival Fire Service had extracted person, on scene until Recovery Service removed vehicle for safety purposes. Stood down 02:20
07/03417/06/2007 16.57BeachleyResponded to partially submerged vehicle in river Usk upstream of Dock Gates on West Bank. Tasked to check identification and for any occupants (no known missing persons had been reported). Due to tide and location several attempts were made 17, 22, 30 June 05 July and post the floods 03/08/07. No occupants found car identified as a 1.3 Silver Metro with no engine.Stood down 13:00
07/03317/06/2007 08:55SharpnessTasked to incident Gloucester/Sharpness Canal, Sharpness. SARA 7 launched to scene, 1 body later recovered. Stood down 09:45
07/03207/06/2007 05:25SharpnessMale person trapped at base of Sharpness Docks South Pier. Recovered to shore uninjured. Stood down 06:40
07/03106/06/2007 10.57BeachleyCalled to sailling vessel drifting (lost rudder) approx 2 miles north of Old Severn Bridge, SARA 1 towed vessel to safe point and SARA 3 recovered it to St Pierre Pill. Stood down 10.57
07/03003/06/2007 18.00BeachleyContacted by Swansea Coastguard to identify vessel reported drifting south of Second Severn Crossing. SARA 1 launched to conduct search as advised by Swansea, Mobile 1 operated comms relay. No sighting made Swansea stood down SARA 1 once sweeps were completed. Stood down 19.25
07/02928/05/2007 23:00BeachleyCalled by Glos Police, male standing in water at the bottom of Beachley Slip. SARA 3 ready for launch and additional crew stood by on slip. Casualty returned from the water's edge in their own time and was taken to hospital for further examination. Stood down 01:00
07/02826/05/2007 16:28Wyre ForestAmbulance Control request for assistance on recovery of casualty near abandoned railway line in Wyre Forest. Land Team responded with MRU6 together with HW Fire & Rescue team. Casualty successfully delivered to land ambulance using SARA equipment. Stood down 19:15
07/02720/05/2007 08:00Wyre ForestRequest from Hereford Police for river & bank search of River Wye below Victoria Bridge for misper. Wyre Forest & Beachley boat/land search teams responded, however nothing found. Stood down 19:00
07/02618/05/2007 18.44BeachleyCalled by Gwent Police. Launched SARA 5 onto river Wye at Monmouth Show Ground to act as support for fire brigade - male in water after taking tablets. Casualty recovered at mouth of River Monnow and handed to Ambulance crew. Stood down 20.01
07/02507/05/2007 12.43BeachleyCalled by Glos Police to Bigsweir for potential two missing persons camping on an island in the river Wye. Personnel were identified from local pub as they abandoned the island during the night. Stood down by MRC following police message. Stood down at 13.33
07/02401/05/2007 19:50SharpnessTasked to cow in water near Shepherds Patch. Cow recovered from water. Stood down 21:30
07/02329/04/2007 08:00Wyre ForestCalled by Shrewsbury Police to investigate area of river north of Atcham Bridge and south as far as Wroxeter following new evidence received by the police. Nothing significant found. Stood down 17:30
07/02228/04/2007 22:03Wyre ForestWest Mercia activated land search teams to assist in locating misper Spennels valley wooded area. SARA teams joined police officers whilst Air One searched overhead. Misper safely located at Worcester Hospital having called herself an ambulance. Stood down 23:50
07/02124/04/2007 20:20Wyre ForestCalled by HWAS to assist in land search & recovery of injured mountain biker. Paramedics were on scene, transported casualty in MRU6 back down forest track & transferred to land ambulance. Stood down 23:55
07/02022/04/2007 12:00BeachleyCalled by Chepstow Boat Club and confirmed launch with Swansea Coastguard. Vessel drifted to Wintours Leap area. Vessel engine electrics failed. Towed back to Beachley Slip for recovery. Stood down 13:30
07/01919/04/2007 09:30BeachleyPossible sighting of 2 dinghys floating up stream (river Severn) Found to be old barrels tied together to make raft no concern of missing persons. Stood down 10.15
07/01819/04/2007 08:12BeachleyCalled by Swansea Coastguard - Small craft drifting under second Severn crossing no persons on board. (informant driving over 2nd Severn Crossing) Craft Recovered and returned to Beachley slip. Stood down 08:54
07/01717/04/2007 17:20BeachleyPolice alerted missing person on passing of SARA Vehicles. 12 yr old female missing approx an hour. Crew in area responded prior to any incident being raised. Girl found near to last location.Stood down 17:38
07/01611/04/2007 11:22Wyre ForestHWAS requested assistance to local police for search of vunerable misper in Aggborough Area. Person found safe and well. Stood down 11:52
07/01504/04/2007 15:32Wyre ForestCalled by HW Fire Control to assist in recovery of young deer from canal in Kidderminster. Assisted Fire service with same, transported deer to local veterinary practice. Stood down 17:30
07/01421/03/2007 09:30SharpnessImmediate Launch to Surfer having got into difficulties riding Severn Bore. Surfer recovered to Ambulance on shore. Stood down 10:20
07/01315/03/2007 11:34SharpnessTasked in response to 999 call persons on sand bank in middle of Severn at Frampton Sands. S4 crew sent and escorted persons back to shore, found to be part of local exercise. Stood down 11:51
07/01205/03/2007 09:40Wyre ForestRequest from West Mercia Police (Shrewsbury) for search of River Severn from Montford Bridge downstream for misper. MRU 4 & 6, Sara 8 & 10 attended, conducted search as far down as Shrewsbury Weir. Boats were recovered at Frankwell slipway. Nothing found. Stood down 18:45
07/01121/02/2007 15:30Wyre ForestCalled by West Mercia Police (Shrewsbury)to undertake recovery on the River Severn near Shelton Fields, The Mount, Shrewsbury. MRU 4,Sara 8, MRU 6 & Sara 10 responded with boat & SRT crews. Recovery carried out successfully. Stood down 21:30
07/01016/02/2007 09:57Wyre ForestCalled out by West Mercia Police (Shrewsbury) to undertake recovery on River Teme at Ludlow. SRT & boat crews successfully completed task.Stood down 15:37
07/00910/02/2007 06:00Wyre ForestRequest from West Mids Amb. Service for assistance. MRU4 & MRU6 attended. Stood down 09:30
07/00809/02/2007 14:46Wyre ForestMRU 6 and MRU4 tasked by Ambulance Services to assist West Mids & H&W crews due to heavy snow. Crew responded to several callouts during this time. Stood down 23:15
07/00727/01/2007 18:32SharpnessTasked to possible suicide attempt, Severn Estuary, Oldbury area. SARA4 & SARA6 dispatched to scene. Police later located reported person safe and well. Stood down 19:30.
07/00627/01/2007 09:30Wyre ForestPage from Fire Control to provide area cover as Fire Boats attending incident at Upton - person reported in water, sufficient resources on scene, fire boats returning to station so no further action required.Stood down 09:38
07/00524/01/2007 09:00Wyre ForestWest Mercia requested search of Bewdley area following discovery of mountain bike by swollen stream which enters Severn. Search conducted but nothing found. Later advised that someone had fell in but had managed to get out safely but had abandoned the bike. Stood down 13:10
07/00417/01/2007 08:25Wyre ForestRequest from West Mercia for River Search for possible misper at Worcester. SARA 8 & 10 carried out extensive search of river but nothing found.Stood down 15:10
07/00316/01/2007 13:36BeachleySuicide from Old Severn Bridge. Body Recovered. Transferred to Authorities on Station. Stood down 16:30
07/00216/01/2007 10:30SharpnessTasked to missing person Tirley area. SARA4 & SARA6 launched carried out search. Body located and recovered by SARA6. Stood down 16:30
07/00103/01/2007 11:00Sharpness
Tasked to speed boat at Wellhouse Rocks. SARA 4 launched attended vessel aground on rocks. Lifeboat Crewman put on to rocks, inspection revealed no persons in vicinity of casualty either at sea or on rocks. Vessel secured to rocks to be dealt with on next tide due to extremely fast ebb of tide at casualty location. Stood down 12:17
06/05628/12/2006 11.29BeachleyAttended Sudbrook Rock Area for faller from cliff. Recovered casualty to air ambulance using SARA 1 and Land Team. Stood down 13:05
06/05513/12/2006 12:06BeachleyCalled to person in distress at Monmouth Rowing Club. Mobile 1 & Sara 3 attended. Stood down with no action required. Person has been found alive and well. Stood down 13:31
06/05403/12/2006 16:10SharpnessTasked to incident at Newnham, male thought to have gone into water. Air support Q99 carried out sweep of area, nothing found.Stood down 1710hrs
06/05315/11/2006 17:00Wyre ForestRequest from West Mercia for immediate response to search for misper in Kidderminster area. Crew were stood down when person found safe and well. Stood down 17:27
06/05229/10/2006 15:00SharpnessTasked to 22ft Yacht hit Narlwood Rocks, vessel grounded, lone crew member made shore. Vessel secured to re float following tide. Stood down 17:10
06/05115/10/2006 11.50BeachleyJet bike spotted adrift off Beachley Slipway with 1 person on board. Bike recovered to Beachley slip. Stood down 12:10
06/05008/10/2006 10:40SharpnessTasked to the Noose following sighting of a drifting vessel by local Sailing Club Safety Boat. Search carried out of the Noose and Hock Cliffe area by S4 close inshore and S2 in open water. No casualty found.Stood down 12:00
06/049b04/10/2005 20:20BeachleyGloucester Police Incident 473. Called to Lydney re possible vehicle in water. Mobile 1 and SARA 5 despatched to river Lyd. Scene investigated and no visible sign of entry of a vehicle.
06/04904/10/2006 20:45SharpnessTasked to Lydney area, car reported having been driven into water, lifeboat launched, carried sea search of Lydney Dock area, later reported that incident had ocurred inside Lydney Dock. Lifeboat stood down 2120hrs
06/04826/09/2006 14:41SharpnessTasked to Severn South of Gloucester, body reported floating in water. Launched and carried out down tide search working to area of sighting, nothing located. Stood down 1720hrs
06/04722/09/2006 13:36Wyre ForestRequest from West Mercia Police to assist in search for misper. Land search crew attended, person found safe and well.Stood down 14:54
06/04617/09/2006 17:05Wyre ForestAssistance requested to recover two injured swans near Severn Bank Caravan Park. Recovered and handed to swan rescue personnel.Stood down 17:05
06/04517/09/2006 13:40BeachleyTasked by Gwent Police to investigate possible firearm in mud under Newport Transport Bridge. SARA 3 providing safety cover for Transport Bridge celebrations, continued to provide safety cover for event and once tide had advanced recovered a replica semi-automatic pistol. Stood down 13:42
06/04410/09/2006 13:40SharpnessTasked to Seadoo PWC aground on Frampton Sands, not sufficient water to enable Lifeboat evacuation, air support, Rescue 170 attended, winched casualty to helicopter, landed ashore. Stood down 1450 hrs.
06/04310/09/2006 13:35SharpnessTasked to Kawasaki PWC aground near Frampton Sands, Lifeboat attempts to reach unsuccessful due to ebbing tide, air support, Rescue 170 attended, winched casualty to helicopter, landed ashore. Stood down 14 50hrs
06/04210/09/2006 13:25SharpnessTasked to Kawasaki jet ski aground near Frampton Sands, unable to reach by Lifeboat, air support, Rescue 170 attended, winched casualty to helicopter and landed ashore. Stood down 1445 hrs
06/04110/09/2006 13:22SharpnessTasked to Seadoo PWC aground Frampton Sands, rider with vessel, unable to be reached by lifeboat, air support, Rescue 170 attended, winched casualty to Helicopter and landed ashore. Stood down 1445 hrs.
06/04010/09/2006 13:11SharpnessTasked to Seadoo PWC aground on the Noose, no rider with vessel, search commenced, Air support - Rescue 170 attended, assisted with search, casualty later found to have made shore. Stood down 1540 hrs
06/03910/09/2006 08:50SharpnessTasked to 22ft cabin cruiser in difficulty near Llantony Weir. Vessel took in tow and taken to safe mooring. Stood down 0940hrs
06/03809/09/2006 21:24BeachleyTasked by Swansea Coastguard to two persons cut off by rising tide near mouth of river Usk - SARA 3 trailered to Uskmouth. Casualities made own way to safety before SARA 3 could launch. Stood down 22:11
06/03708/09/2006 19:29BeachleyTasked by Coastguard to 18ft Speedboat in River Wye, four persons aboard, lost propulsion. Recovered safely to Beachley. Stood down 21:01
06/03608/09/2006 10:25BeachleyCall out from Coastguard to jet ski recovery off Beachley Slip in difficulty. Helped recover to slip. Stood down 10:59
06/03503/09/2006 17:10Wyre ForestRequest from West Mercia to assist in search for misper in Stourport area. Land search teams joined police search, person found safe and well. Stood down 21:15
06/03401/09/2006 11.04BeachleyCall to Newport to search River Usk for missing person. Nothing Found. Stood down 15.48
06/03331/08/2006 10:05BeachleyCall to assist South Wales Fire and Rescue who were attending a possible jumper on Newport Town Footbridge. Stood Down on arrival as sufficient resources on scene
06/03225/08/2006 17:23SharpnessTasked to reported suicide Severn Estuary. Call turned out to be a hoax.Crew stood down 1800
06/03117/08/2006 19:38BeachleyCalled by Gwent Police - Person in river Severn off Calidicot. SARA 3 launched land teams despatched to scene with mud rescue equipment. Person recovered by SARA 3 from sand flats together with two police officers and returned to Beachley Slip. Stood down 21.46
06/03008/08/2006 11:50SharpnessTasked to commence new search re incident 7th August. S4 carrying out search on water, backed up by land crew search. Negative result. Crew stood down 1600
06/02907/08/2006 16:55SharpnessTasked to Upper Severn. 36 year old male missing in water. Extensive search by S4 & S6, person not found. Crew stood down 2200
06/02805/08/2006 18:10BeachleyTasked by Swansea Coastguard to speedboat with engine failure at the mouth of the River Wye. SARA 1 launched. Boat located and it and its 2 crew were recovered to Beachley Slipway. Stood down 19:35
06/02704/08/2006 17:55SharpnessTasked to yacht aground on Lydney Sands Bank, on arrival, sole crew member had made shore. Vessel anchored to await flood tide to refloat. Stood down 1930hrs.
06/02630/07/2006 12:10Wyre ForestCalled by Shrewsbury Police to recovery of misper at Atcham. RDC deployed to effect recovery.Stood down 17:10
06/02522/07/2006 10:45BeachleyTasked by Gwent Police to recover firearm from river Usk Mud in Newport City Centre. SARA 5 launched from Newport Usk Power station. Co-ordinated with Mobile 1 and land crew to winch boat crew to firearm. Successfully recovered and handed to Police upon recovery of SARA 5. Stood down 14.50
06/02417/07/2006 19:38BeachleyClimber Injured in rock fall between R3 and R4 Shornecliff. Land team responded, Ambulance and police also attendance. Stood down 21:46
06/02316/07/2006 19:30Wyre ForestAssistance requested by SARA member on scene by M50 bridge to recover cow from river. West Mercia control contacted H&W Fire Service who managed to carry out required rescue. Stood down 2100
06/02216/07/2006 12:10SharpnessTasked to yacht off Hayward Rock,crew member having sustained head injury from swinging boom. Injured crew member removed from yacht and taken to waiting ambulance at Thornbury Sailing Club slip. Stood down 14:00
06/02116/07/2006 11:22Beachley40ft motor cruiser taking on water heading to Portishead. SARA 1 responded. Stood down at 11:30
06/02016/07/2006 08:00Wyre ForestRequest from Shrewsbury Police to conduct search of specific areas of River at Shrewsbury as provided by Environment Agency for misper. Full search carried out but nothing found. Stood down 2000.
06/01915/07/2006 18:10BeachleyClimber Injured in rock fall between R3 and R4 Shornecliff. Land team responded, Ambulance and police also attendance. Stood down 20:11
06/018b12/07/2006 09:19BeachleyCalled by Gloucester Police to stand by at Lydney docks - Person aboard a sailing Yacht threatening to blow himself and the yacht up. Person eventually talked ashore and taken into police custody.Stood down 14:53
06/01812/07/2006 09:22SharpnessTasked to incident at Lydney Dock, S2 & S4 standing by off Lydney Pier to render assistance. incident resolved. Lifeboats returned to Station. Stood down 12:10
06/01707/07/2006 10:59BeachleyCalled to assist Glos Police with the recovery of a suicide victim from a mast at Shornecliff. Stood down 14:50
06/01615/06/2006 16:22BeachleyCalled by Gwent Police to recover a person with spinal injuries on 365 steps at Wyncliffe. Casualty was carried out to an awaiting ambulance.Stood down 17:13
06/01507/06/2006 21:05BeachleyCalled by Glos Police to assist GFRS with a faller at Wintours Leap. Faller managed to recover himself to the edge of the cliff where he was attended to by the ambulance service. Stood down 21:35
06/01403/06/2006 15:10SharpnessSara 4 whilst training on Gloucester Sharpness Canal saw overturned raft, 1 person trapped by rope, casualty cut free and pulled from water. Stood down 15:25
06/01328/05/2006 16:53BeachleyGlos Police requested a search at Beachenhurst Sculpture Trail for a missing 9yr old boy. SARA were stood down before reaching the scene as the boy was found safe and well. Stood down 17:07
06/012b26/05/2006 08:16BeachleyCalled to assist Sharpness with the towing of a broken down vessel at Lydney Docks. Stood down before launch.
06/01226/05/2006 07:35SharpnessTasked to yacht broken down and drifting beam to heavy seas South of Lydney - SARA 2 launched and located yacht near to Hayward Rock - 1 crew member taken off yacht - tow secured, yacht towed to Sharpness pier head and secured on buoy. Crew member landed at Sharpness Lifeboat Station.Stood down : 09:40
06/01125/05/2006 09:34Wyre ForestReported siting of misper in river at Monkmoor, Shrewsbury. SARA 8 & 10 were launched but despite thorough search of area and beyond, still nothing found. Crew stood down 20:15
06/01020/05/2006 08:30


Wyre ForestFurther request from West Mercia to continue search of River Severn at Shrewsbury. Bank search also carried out both days and Sharpness team assisted on 21.5.06 but nothing found. Stood down 1730 Sunday
06/00916/05/2006 13:25Wyre ForestCalled by West Mercia to attend Shrewsbury where person seen to jump off Frankwell footbridge and submerge. Sara 8 & 10 attended and conducted lengthy search but nothing found. Crew stood down 23:15
06/00812/05/2006 19:00Wyre ForestWest Mercia requested land search team for misper at Cookley, Nr. Kidderminster. Person found safe and well before SARA arrived. Police then requested assistance with further search for another misper. Person was located and handed over to police. Crew stood down 19:46
06/00724/04/2006 10:30SharpnessSARA 2 tasked to assist SARA 1 with Yacht lost steering in rough seas Mixoms / Lower Shoots area. SARA 2 progress to scene hampered by severe sea conditions - upon arrival SARA 1 had casualty in tow. Stood down 11:40
06/00613/03/2006 00:51BeachleyCalled to jumper from bridge in Newport. Jumper recovered by fire service boat . Stood down 01:08
06/00502/03/2006 08:05BeachleyCalled to attend vessel broken down 1 mile south of the second severn crossing. SARA 1 + 3 launched.
SARA 1 took vessel in tow to Portishead Marina with Portishead ILB in attendance.
06/00418/01/2006 11:20Sharpness999 call unidentified - traced to area near Lydney Sands - believed to be hoax. Stood down 11:50
06/00317/01/2006 14:11BeachleyCalled by coastguard to recover body from River Wye. Body located and recovered to Beachley. Crew stood down 16:25
06/00208/01/2006 10:00SharpnessReport from Police of body in canal near Gloucester Docks - SARA 4 carried out search and dragging operation - nothing found. Stood down 14:40
06/00105/01/2006 23:55SharpnessPage call for possible suicide. No action then required. Stood down 00:05
05/06118/12/2005 11:15Wyre ForestWest Mercia requested search of River Avon at Evesham, following discovery of clothes left in pile on riverbank near Workman Bridge for possible misper. Sara 8 & Sara 10 conducted drag of river but nothing found. Stood down at 1730hrs
05/06002/12/2005 20:10BeachleyCalled to possible jumper off Chepstow Bridge, a search was conducted and nothing found. Time stood down 21.41
05/05926/11/2005 13:45Wyre ForestWest Mercia requested attendance at fishing pool at Rushwick, Worcester to investigate car submerged in pool. Police, Ambulance Service and SARA on scene, following investigation by SARA crew, no one found in vehicle. Car was recovered by breakdown service. Time Stood down 1840 hrs.
05/05819/11/2005 08:00Wyre ForestRequest from West Mercia for further search of River Severn in Monkmoor area for missing person - extensive search carried out by boat crews and land search team but nothing found. Search resumed Sunday 20th but with no result. Time Stood down 1920hrs
05/05712/11/2005 09:45Wyre ForestRequest from West Mercia for river and bank search of Monkmoor area around Shrewsbury for missing person. River and land search carried out saturday and Sunday but nothing found. Time Stood down 1910hrs.
05/05619/11/2005 21:07BeachleyCalled to a 15ft fishing boat with a flat battery, the boat was recovered.Stood down at 22:30
05/05531/10/2005BeachleyImmediate launch requested by Swansea Coastguard to a 22ft sailing boat upstream of Lydney Pier, called to investigate if the vessel was in difficulties, on arrival there were no problems with the casualty vessel, SARA1 stood down at 18:20
05/05413/10/2005 02:19Wyre ForestCalled out by West Mercia to incident on River Arrow, Redditch. Crew stood down on route to scene at 02:58
05/05311/10/2005 06:00BeachleySearch required for missing person on Caldicot flats. Stood down 10:30
05/05209/10/2005 10:00Wyre ForestSearch resumed for missing person at Bridgnorth. Sara 8 & Sara 10 carried out river search together with 2 bank searches. Person recovered from river at Bylet Island. Stood down : 18:06
05/05107/10/2005 15:56BeachleySearch requested on the sands of Rogiet for person believed to be missing. Stood down 18:10
05/05005/10/2005 16:23Wyre ForestCalled out by West Mercia to search River Severn from Severn Park, Bridgnorth for missing person. River and bank search carried out above and below this area but nothing found. Stood down 21:30
05/04902/10/2005 15:12BeachleyTasked by Gwent Police to search for missing mother and two children aged 3 and 6 in Fyth Wood area Chepstow. Family found before SARA was on scene. Stood down 15.31
05/04811/09/2005 14:27SharpnessCalled by Gloucestershire Police to missing 7 Year old Boy last seen in Gloucester City Centre, search required of urban area and water courses. Stood down 1431 - Boy found safe and well
05/04706/09/2005 09:35BeachleyCalled to dinghy floating close to Beachley slipway, located and towed the dinghy back to Beachley slipway. Stood down 10:30
05/04604/09/2005 22:37Wyre ForestRequest from West Mercia Constabulary to search Holt Fleet area for stolen or drifting narrowboat. Owners located 'missing' boat before crew departed station. Stood down 22:47
05/04504/09/2005 16:40SharpnessPerson reported on sands at Newnam. After lengthy search also involving Sharpness Coastguard and Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue, nothing found. Stood down 20:00
05/04401/09/2005 16:30SharpnessCalled by British Waterways to cow in River at Tewkesbury, SARA 6 tasked, cow rescued from deep mud with assistance given from Upton Fire Station. Stood down approx 20:30
05/04322/08/2005 16:04Wyre ForestCallout by BW to assist n/boat in distress above Bevere Weir with engine failure. Made vessel secure, assisted by back up crew, utilising MRU & SARA 10 towed vessel to safe mooring. During this callout, a SARA paramedic also attended medical incident on hotel boat moored at lockside. Stood down 21:50
05/04221/08/2005 20:43SharpnessTasked to 36ft motor cruiser which had fouled prop and lost drive when about to enter Sharpness Dock, having no power, vessel was driven into pier by fierce incoming tide, SARA2 secured tow to vessel was able to hold vessel against tide for 1 hour till tide slackened. Vessel then towed into Sharpness Dock
Stood down 21:40
05/04107/08/2005 10:01SharpnessCalled by Swansea Coastguard to Splat Bridge Frampton on Severn's Gloucester to Sharpness Canal where a member of public had reported a deer in the canal, Mobile 3 and SARA 4 tasked and recovered deer from water approx 10:10, deer recovered to shore and despite resuscitation attempts by the crew, deer did not survive. stood down 10:50
05/04006/08/2005 10:17SharpnessCalled by Swansea coastguard to reports of drifting craft seen in the Epney area, Mobile 3 and SARA 4 tasked by road and assisted Gloucestershire fire and Rescue with removal of derelict craft from the water.
Stood down 11:40
05/03906/08/2005 09:30BeachleyRequested to carryout coordinated search of the base at Aust cliffs for missing 60 year old whose car had been found at Aust service area. Searched from Pylon to opposite end of cliffs (east end) nothing found. Stood down 15:30.
05/03805/08/2005 09:50SharpnessTasked by West Mercia Constabulary to a cow in the river at Tewkesbury (just north of upper Lode Lock), Mobile 3 and SARA 4 attend to discover cow had managed to get out of the water under its own power. Stood Down 14:35
05/03704/08/2005 16:52Wyre ForestCallout by West Mercia to search River Severn above Bewdley to Trimpley. Despite exhaustive search of area, nothing found. Stood down 20:05
05/03603/08/2005 17:25BeachleyCalled by Swansea Coastguard to two boys stranded on rocks, located casualties near shore between Severn Bridge and Chapel Rock and were on scene at 17:42. First conscious casualty was recovered, then the second casualty was recovered who was unconscious. The boat returned to Beachley slip where the conscious casualty was carried to the station by a member of crew and was treated for hypothermia, the second casualty was given CPR and connected to the de-fib on board SARA1, the casualty did not respond and was passed to Gwent Ambulance. Stood down 18:08
05/03501/08/2005 15:00SharpnessTasked by Gloucestershire fire and rescue to a deer in the canal at Slimbridge, mobile 3 and SARA 4 tasked to scene to back up fire boats, deer safely recovered ashore by combined efforts of both teams. Stood down 16:15
05/03427/07/2005 17:34BeachleyCalled to a 30ft Motor Cruiser, lost all power at the second Severn crossing area. Taken into tow with Portishead Lifeboat-stemmed tide until arrival of Barry Dock (Arun) who took over the tow.
Stood down 19:55.
05/03323/07/2004 14:05SharpnessTasked to up-turned kayak in Bristol Harbour during harbour festival. person over board, person unable to make banks and/or get out of water, upon arrival person recovered from water and taken ashore where waiting lifeboat crew took over. Kayak later recovered to shore. Stood down 14:50
05/03222/07/2005 19:50SharpnessTasked by harbour master at Portishead dock by VHF marine radio to an ex off-shore lifeboat that had loss of steering just off Bristol city docks with eight persons on board, Sharpness tasked to incident due to our locality (SARA 2 heading for Avonmouth port), took casualty vessel in tow with SARA 2 holding against tide whilst passengers were disembarked, tow taken to lock basin. Stood down 21:05
05/03126/06/2005 20:40BeachleyCalled to Wyndcliffe to assist evacuation of casualty, a young male had fallen and was suffering from concussion, secured into stretcher and evacuated to Wyndcliffe car park and passed to the ambulance. Stood down 20:40
05/03026/06/2005 14:00BeachleyCalled to a climber at Shorncliff who had fallen, the climber was diagnosed with a broken ankle, a splint was applied and secured to a stretcher, they were carried out and evacuated by ambulance. Stood down17:30
05/02922/06/2005 23:10SharpnessCall from coastguard to Newnham where several 999 calls were received of cries for help heard from the banks of the river. SARA 2 and SARA 6 tasked to Arlingham after lengthy search nothing found. stood down 01:10 hours, believed to be hoax calls.
05/02820/06/2005 21:15BeachleyRed flares reported mouth of River Wye. SARA 1 and 3 launched to search area, nothing found. Believed to be a hoax. Stood down 22:12
05/02719/06/2005 14:50BeachleyA climber fell approximately 60ft at Shorncliff, the casualty was evacuated by air ambulance. Stood down 17:41
05/02619/06/2005BeachleyRed flares reported mouth of River Wye. Area searched, nothing found. Stood down 15:16
05/02513/06/2005 19:34SharpnessRequested by Police to assist with a person removal from a stream in Stonehouse. Stood down at 1945 Police divers tasked.
05/02422/05/2005 18:44BeachleySheep stuck in mud on River bank, River Wye. Stood down 19:35
05/02320/05/2005 06:20BeachleyCall to Chepstow Town Bridge. Possible jumper. Stood down 06:44
05/02221/05/2005 22:32BeachleyCalled to jumper at Newport Town bridge. Police managed to talk person down. Stood down 23:01
05/02107/05/2005 17:09BeachleySARA 1 and 3 tasked to upturned vessel. 2 persons and dog recovered from water. Craft towed to slipway. Stood down 19:15
05/02007/05/2005 14:35BeachleyCalled to jumper at Newport town bridge. Eventually talked down. Stood down 17:50
05/01925/04/2005 16:57BeachleyCanoe recovered at Tintern. No persons found. Stood down 17:30
05/01824/04/2005 11:52BeachleyRucksack found at top of Wintours Leap. Coastguard requested search of area. Stood down 12:22
05/01717/04/2005 09:58BeachleyEngine failure on Ski boat. Towed. Stood down 10:36
05/01630/03/2005 11:59BeachleyCall to drifting boat (tender) on the River Wye towed to Chepstow pontoon. Stood down 13.20
05/01527/03/2005 01:17SharpnessCalled by Coastguard to person in water at Elmore Back, Upon arrival it became apparent the person had been in water for some time and would be a body recovery. Due to poor visibility Gloucester fire boat assisted SARA in lengthy search.Body recovered from water at 11.05. Stood down at 1310 hours
05/01411/03/2005 17:55UptonCall from Police for search of River Severn in Worcester following report of body in river.
Recovered by Fire Brigade. SARA crew stood down - 1849 hrs
05/013b27/02/2005 11:09UptonAssisting Sharpness In search of River Severn above Gloucester. Nothing found. Stood down 1245 hrs.
05/01327/02/2005 09:00SharpnessSARA 2, 4 launched to search River Severn from Arlingham to Maismore Weir in accompany with Gloucester Fire and Rescue boat throughout. No sign of missing person. Stood down 1330 hours.
05/01226/02/2005 18.33SharpnessCall by Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue to assist with Narrow boat sideways on Gloucester weir. SARA 2 launched at Sandhurst in Gloucester and assisted two Glos Fire and Rescue boats with the operation. It later became apparent that a person may have been on this craft and was lost overboard. Search carried out and nothing found. Stood Down 03:00
05/01126/02/2005 16:30UptonCall from Bishops Wood swan rescue to injured swan in Worcester on River Severn. Recovered safely and handed to swan rescue. Stood down 1650
05/01020/02/2005 13:15UptonCall from Upton Marina Manager for medical assistance to person with head injury. Qualified casualty care team attended.
05/00938392.38958UptonCall from Swan Rescue. Cygnets being attacked by adult swan at Lenchford, north of Worcester on River Severn. Crew attended and recovered one dead and one badly injured cygnet. Taken to Swan Sanctuary for treatment. Crew stood down 1126 hrs
05/00808/02/2005 1353UptonCall from RSPCA Inspector to swan on River Avon with fishing hook in side of head and fishing line hanging out of mouth - bird safely recovered and taken to Swan Sanctuary for treatment. Crew stood down 1712 hrs
05/00723/01/2005 12:30UptonCall from Swan Rescue to swan with cord hanging out of mouth. Swan located and taken to swan sanctuary for treatment. Crew stood down 1600 hrs
05/00621/01/2005 17:10UptonCall from local Upton farmer to sheep in river. Crew paged and attended in SARA 9. Recovered safely. Crew stood down 1843 hrs
05/00519/01/2005 19:00UptonCall to injured swan. Swan located and taken to swan sanctuary at Droitwich. Crew stood down 2300 hrs
05/00417/01/2005 14:15BeachleyLaunched to recover body at Long Hope Reach on the River Wye. Stood down16.25
05/00316/01/2005 08:15UptonOngoing police incident of missing person. Search of River Severn at Worcester. Stood down 1500 hrs
05/00215/01/2005 09:00UptonRequest from Police to search Croome Court lake. Search completed. Stood down 1500 hrs
05/00109/01/2005 13:00UptonCalled by local marina to drifting motorcruiser in flood waters; seized gearbox. Two people on board. SARA 8 & 9 responded and vessel towed safely back into Upton Marina. Crew stood down 1530 hrs
04/08129/12/2004 09:00UptonPolice request for further search for missing person. Full search of Worcester canal system - nothing found. Stood down 1540 hrs
04/08024/12/2004 02:19BeachleyCalled to an incident in Llanbradach, reports of an unconscious male being thrown into the river, a search was conducted jointly with Gwent Fire and Rescue and the special rescue unit from Barry, nothing found.
Time stood down 05.00
04/07918/12/2004 08:30UptonPolice request for further search for missing person. Full search of Malvern quarry lakes - nothing found.
Stood down - 1500 hrs
04/078b12/12/2004 13:00UptonSwan Rescue Centre of Upton - cygnet entangled in fishing line - completed 1340 hrs.
04/07812/12/2004 08:30Upton4th River Severn search for missing person - nothing found - stood down 1530 hrs.
04/07711/12/2004 12:00Upton3rd River Severn search for missing person - nothing found - stood down 1630 hrs.
04/07602/12/2004 09:30Upton2nd River Severn search for missing person - nothing found - stood down 1630 hrs.
04/07501/12/2004 10:00UptonRiver Severn search at Police request for missing person - nothing found. Stood down 1430 hrs.
04/07429/11/2004 14:46UptonCalled by Police to report of person washed over weir at Shrewsbury - crew of 3 in mobile 4 with
"RDC" boat mobile. Stood down by Police Control 1515 hrs. Services not required.
04/07323/11/2004 12:16UptonCalled by Police to check site at Neen Savage - following fatality on 24.10.04. Stood down 1518 hrs.
04/07222/11/2004 21:56BeachleyPerson threatening to jump from Second Severn Bridge SARA3 launched to sit under bridge in case of jump. Time stood down 22.58.
04/07130/10/2004 12:00BeachleyCalled by Coastguard to investigate upturned canoe lower River Wye near Army camp slip. Recovered Windsurfer board.
04/07026/10/2004 13:04UptonCall from Central Networks to 3 main power lines down over River Severn in Bewdley. Approx 7,000 homes without electricity. Using both SARA 8 and new pneumatic rocket line, 3 new lines taken across river at this time river is in high flood condition. Crew stood down 18.12hrs
04/06924/10/2004 13:58UptonCalled by police to report of four wheel drive vehicle being washed off a cross "ford" in River Rea, Neen Savage, Cleobury Mortimer. Swift water team mobilised to incident with new "RDC" craft. Vehicle located with one occupant,vehicle and occupant recovered from river. Crew stood down 17.55hrs
04/06823/10/2004 17:34BeachleyCalled by Swansea Coastguard to a yacht with engine failure near Second Severn Crossing. sea swell was gale and wind speed f8-f9, poor visibility and squally weather. SARA1 located the vessel and took her under tow through the Shoots toward Portishead marina. Once through the shoots, the tow was passed to Portishead IRB for the remainder of the tow to Portishead. stood down at 19.15
04/06720/10/2004 16:37BeachleyCalled by Police to assist with an RTA where the vehicle had left the road and disappeared down into a quarry, a few hundred feet below. Vehicle was believed to be in a ravine. Upon arriving on scene the police/fire brigade had located the vehicle + four bodies, and a bicycle. SARA personnel were asked to assist police with a search for possible cyclist. Nothing found, persons from vehicle recovered by fire brigade. stood down at 18.45
04/06617/10/2004 09:00UptonSearch resumed for missing person. Two boats - Sara 8 and Sara 9 launched. Body located 5 miles south of Upton. Recovered and handed to police. Crew stood down 1350 hrs.
04/06516/10/2004 06:30UptonCall from Police to continue search for missing Worcester man. Sara 8 with crew of 3 undertook drag hook search. Located a bike thought to have belonged to missing person. Search stood down 1240 hrs.
04/06413/10/2004 15:42BeachleyCalled by Swansea Coastguard to an upturned vessel at the entrance to the River Ebu off of the entrance to the river Usk.SARA mobile 1 and SARA 3 were on route to Uskmouth sailing club when stood down on route. Stood down 17.15.
04/06306/10/2004 16:28UptonCalled by West Mercia Police to search for person missing in Worcester - last seen cycling along tow path of River Severn. Search undertaken Worcester/Upton. Nothing found. Crew stood down 2315 hrs. Further searches planned.
04/06202/09/2004 19:43BeachleyVessel sinking in the mouth of the River Wye 4 persons on board. SARA 1 and SARA 3 launched. Persons and equipment recovered to Buffers Wharf Chepstow. Stood down 21:10
04/06102/09/2004 10:48BeachleyWorkman fallen inside stanchion of Second Severn Crossing. Sara 1 launched to assist with recovery and cover safety of other emergency personnel. Stood down 12:35
04/06012/08/2004 17:49BeachleyReports of a missing person in Staunton, Forest of Dean. Crew put on Stand by. Asked to attend a briefing the next morning at 9am, crews attended briefing. Immediately following the person was found. Crews were therefore stood down.
04/05910/08/2004 2154UptonCalled by West Mercia Police to missing person in Stourport on Severn. Fortunately person located by Police helicopter and crew stood down.
04/05808/08/2004 10:51BeachleyBroken down fishing vessel approx 15-20 metres from Beachley slipway. Two persons made there way to the vessel with a rope and were able to pull the vessel to the slipway. Stood down 10:59
04/05703/08/2004 17:00BeachleyPerson threatening to jump from old Severn bridge. Police on scene talking with person, crew stood by on slipway but person was talked down and arrested. Crew therefore stood down 18:00
04/05602/08/2004 16:07BeachleyPerson threatening to jump from Second Severn crossing. SARA3 launched and stood by near bridge out of sight. Police talked person down safely.. SARA3 then stood down 17:45
04/05529/07/2004 18:30SharpnessAlerted by member of public to small sailing craft was seen to be sailing very far inland on an ebbing tide off Purton. Approx. 17 foot sailing craft was experiencing problems with the strong winds and fast currents experienced in the upper reaches of the river Severn. SARA 2 was launched and took vessel in tow Craft towed to Lydney slip. Stood down 1920 hours
04/05427/07/2004 13:04UptonCall to search river for missing person. Stood down 1840 hrs.
04/05325/07/2004 18:50UptonCall to swan with fishing line hanging out of mouth. Recovered OK. Stood down 2015 hrs.
04/05224/07/2004 13:10SharpnessCalled by Glos Police to assist with identity of Vehicle leaving the road and entering River at Appletree pub at Minsterworth. No persons reported in vehicle as occupant escaped prior to vehicle sinking. Vehicle located approx 4 metres under water using Sea searcher magnet. Vehicle buoyed and awaited Divers to assist Recovery operator with the vehicle recovery from the water. Stood Down 1640
04/05119/07/2004 14:29UptonCall to swan with two triple hooks in its neck. Recovered safely. Stood down 1802 hrs.
04/05016/07/2004 22:40UptonCall to large Friesian cow in river. After towing cow (which was in calf) for 5 miles to nearest slipway - all OK. Stood down 0330 hrs
04/04916/07/2004 21:18UptonCall to sheep in river - 1 safely recovered. Stood down 2239 hrs.
04/04815/07/2004 21:40UptonCall to sheep in river - Turned out to be three safely recovered. Stood down 2350 hrs.
04/04709/07/2004 17:00UptonCall to search Birmingham Canal for missing person. Stood down 2030 hrs.
04/04606/07/2004 08:52UptonCall to recover body from River in Bewdley.
04/04504/07/2004 05:10SharpnessResponded to reports of large motor launch sinking in Saul junction basin. Craft found to be listing to port side. Ropes attached and secured to nearby telegraph pole. Serious diesel leek from vessel required further work to secure booms e.t.c. throughout the day. Stood down 06:00
04/04404/07/2004 01:45SharpnessCalled to assist glos police with domestic incident aboard narrow boat. Requested to stand off from starboard side in case of persons entering the water. Stood down 01:55
04/04304/07/2004 02:05Sharpness3 missing teenagers last seen in the area of the narrow boat fire. Thought to be in a Canadian canoe. Found safe and well camping with canoe and referred to police. Stood down 02:05
04/04203/07/2004 23:55SharpnessAssist Gloucester Fire ands Rescue with narrow boat on fire at Park End Bridge, Saul. Narrow boat destroyed no casualties. Stood Down 06:15
04/04101/07/2004 20:20UptonCall to sheep in River Severn - Recovered OK. Stood down 2230 hrs.
04/04025/06/2004 19:59SharpnessCalled by Swansea to assist Beachley with known Jumper off Severn Bridge, Sara 2 and Sara 4 assist Beachley with Lengthy Search on incoming tide. Stood down 2210
04/03925/06/2004 09:14UptonCall from Police to cow in River Severn - recovered safely. Stood down 1138 hrs.
04/03810/06/2004 18:00SharpnessTwo persons seen on sands off Lydney with incoming tide and strong Easterly force 4 winds (wind against tide), persons made their own way across river towards Berkeley where they had a boat at anchor.
persons later to be identified as fisherman. Stood down at 1830.
04/03707/06/2004 12:26BeachleyReport of something in water below Second Severn Crossing. SARA 3 and SARA 5 launched searched Severn beach area but nothing found. Stood down 14:15
04/036b04/06/2004 05:06SharpnessSwansea Coastguard request launch to assist SARA Beachley with reports of a possible person seen to jump off Severn bridge, nothing found stood down 0630
04/03604/06/2004 04:42BeachleyJumper reported off of Second Crossing, SARA 1&3 searched area from Second crossing to Inward lights but nothing found, stood down at 07.00hrs.
04/03502/06/2004 20:21SharpnessCalled by Glos Police to recover body in the River Severn at Elmore, Person recovered by SARA 4 after search of area, person originally on sand bank but was carried away by incoming tide, recovered at 22:15
04/03425/05/2004 20:51Beachley / SharpnessElderly male jumped from old Severn bridge. Sara Beachley and Sharpness conducted search of river between old Severn bridge and sharpness dock
04/03324/05/2004 22:54BeachleyOver due speedboat. Boat broken down on River Wye near Chepstow castle. Stood down 01:25
04/03215/05/2004 10:00UptonCall from Police for search of River Lugg - 1 person recovered. Crew stood down 1980 hrs.
04/03109/05/2004UptonJoint search Upton/Beachley of River Wye at Hay on Wye for missing perosn - recovered safely.
Crew stood down 2130 hrs.
04/03003/05/2004 13:25UptonCall from Diglis Lock Keeper to report of sheep in River below Worcester. One sheep recovered safely - stood down 1521.hrs.
04/02927/04/2004 18:28UptonCall from RSPCA to assist in search for swan with broken wing. Stood down 2030 hrs.
04/02810/04/2004 11:12SharpnessBody recovered from River Severn. Stood down 14:45
04/02709/04/2004 07:50SharpnessSearch of Sharpness area for missing person. Nothing found. Stood down 14:30
04/02622/03/2004 14:14BeachleyPerson stuck in mud, River Wye. Stood down 14.48
04/02521/03/2004 15:40BeachleySearch for missing person Abbertillerry. Stood down 09:21
04/02420/03/2004 09:00UptonFurther request from Police to undertake further search for missing person Full drag hook search undertaken - nothing found. Stood down 1817 hrs.
04/02319/03/2004 18:16UptonSearch for missing person. Call from Police to search for missing person - 1st use in a callout for new RDC - River Severn in centre of Worcester. Stood down 2215 hrs.
04/02219/03/2004 16:39SharpnessRecovery of body on river bank in deep mud. Stood down 19:10
04/02110/03/2004 15:40BeachleyRecovery of body at Lancaut Farm.Stood down 22:00
04/02022/02/2004 01:27SharpnessPerson reported in river. Got out by himself, taken to hospital by ambulance. Stood down 02:00
04/01918/02/2004 17:55UptonBody Recovery. Stood down 23.40
04/01813/02/2004 12:35UptonBody Recovery. Stood down 15.44
04/01713/02/2004 11:50UptonElectric cable brought down by swan. Stood down 14.37
04/01608/02/2004 10:15UptonCar stuck in rising flood water. Stood down 11:00
04/01508/02/2004 09:00BeachleySearch involving Beachley and Sharpness as continuation of calls from 2nd Feb, 29th Jan for two missing persons. River Severn searched from Chepstow to Caldicot, also banks search of the same area. Time stood down 14:15
04/01406/02/2004 20:53BeachleyMan threatening to jump from Newport town bridge, arrested and detained by police.. Time stood down 21:00
04/01306/02/2004 15:0007/02/2004 23:00UptonFlood relief
04/01206/02/2004 17:25SharpnessTwo young males on weir in upturned inflatable. Stood down 17:45
04/01103/02/2004 09:27UptonVehicle in river, 200m's from bewdley bridge, No action required.. Stood down 10:21
04/01002/02/2004 16:16BeachleyPerson confirmed to have jumped from the Old Severn Bridge, nothing found to date. Stood down 17:10
04/00931/01/2004 14:21BeachleyChildren reported in the water river Ebbw Newport, two children rescued by police, one child died in hospital believed to be playing in the river. Stood down 16:02
04/00829/01/2004 09:45BeachleySearch for missing person Chepstow clothing found on river Wye bank under railway bridge person last seen previous evening. Nothing found. Stood down 11:40
04/00726/01/2004 17:35SharpnessCallout from Police to recover body from sand bank at Longney with incoming spring tide. Body Recovered and taken to awaiting Ambulance. Stood down 20:45
04/00625/01/2004UptonSearch for missing person in River Severn at Shrewsbury who was seen to go swimming at 02:57. After a full days search by SARA7 and and SARA8, nothing was found.
04/00521/01/2004 13:50UptonSearch for missing person in river. Nothing found. Stood down 19:30
04/00420/01/2004 15:14UptonRecovery of Swans trapped in derelict Lock. Stood down 17:52
04/00308/01/2004 23:20BeachleySearch for missing person at Lydney. Person found intoxicated on a football pitch. Stood down 23:55
04/00206/02/2004 17:32SharpnessCalled to two persons rafting river Severn Tewkesbury on a flood water two persons pulled from water by Fire Brigade. Time stood down 17:44
04/00102/01/2004 13:52UptonMan reported to be in distress by river at Stourport and may have fallen in. Search undertaken by SARA and police using helicopter - nothing found. Stood down 17:00
03/08416/12/2003 16:00UptonCall to a narrowboat that had been left dry upon some steps when river had dropped and was hanging dangerously from mooring ropes. Using another narrowboat alongside the SARA crew managed to slide the boat back into the water. Stood down 16:56
03/08316/12/2003 13:16UptonCall to recover another sick Swan from a large lake near Worcester. Again swan rescue had been unable to capture the bird so requested SARA assistance. Bird recovered safely.
03/08213/12/2003UptonCall to recover another Swan that was seen to be trailing fishing line from its mouth. Swan rescue and RSPCA had been unable to capture the bird but eventually SARA7 managed to recover it. Swan was conveyed to Swan hospital in Droitwich.
03/08107/12/2003UptonCall to recover Swan with injured wing. Swan located and taken to the swan hospital in Droitwich.
03/08029/11/2003 01:45UptonCall from police that person was threatening to jump from Upton bridge. Police requested safety boat cover. SARA 8 was deployed and fortunately the person was persuaded not to jump. Stood down 02:30
03/07909/11/2003UptonCall lock keeper that sheep trapped on cliff North of Upton. Believed to be same animal as 6/11 call. Animal located and recovered. Stood down 17:30
03/07806/11/2003UptonCall from police that Sheep trapped on Cliffs north of Upton on River Severn. Search carried out but no animals were found to be difficulty. Stood down 22:33
03/07730/10/2003 12:58UptonRecovery of Cow from River Severn. Stood down 14:00
03/07626/10/2003 16:15BeachleyCall to 2 persons stuck on ledge at Mitcheldean. Stood down by Gloucester Police prior to team being mobilised. Stood down 16:24
03/07523/10/2003 16:23BeachleyTwo fishermencut off at Chapel Rock, River Severn. SARA 1 launched and recovered both persons. Stood down 16:45
03/07419/10/2003 09:15UptonRecovery of trapped Sheep.Animal safely recovered and placed back in field. Stood down 13:10
03/07317/10/2003 14:00UptonRecovery of sheep trapped in rocks in River Severn. Animal Safely recovered. Stood down 14:00
03/07217/10/2003 16:58BeachleyReport of vehicle in river Usk near George St Bridge, Newport. Mobile 1 mobilised with SARA 5, Vehicle was located partially submerged. Search of the vehicle for any occupants was negative. Stood down 18.33
03/07112/10/2003 07:45UptonContinuation of search from 8/10/03. More detailed search carried out but still nothing found. Stood down 17:30
03/07008/10/2003 00:53BeachleyCalled by Coastguard to attend Avonmouth South Pier where driver of a car was threatening to drive off the pier into the water. Stood down prior to launching at 01:09
03/06908/10/2003 08:15UptonCalled by police to assist with search for person missing from local hospital. Search carried out of both river and banks near Shrewsbury. Nothing found. Stood down 18.30
03/06806/10/2003 19:46BeachleyCall to person stuck in mud after jumping off George St Bridge, Newport City Centre.. Person recovered before SARA boat arrived via road. Stood down 20:19
03/06727/09/2003 16:20BeachleyCalled by Police to assist in search for a missing male in the area of Usk to Newbridge-On-Usk following the river. Members from Beachley and Sharpness attended and searched from Newbridge-On-Usk to Llantrisant. Boat was launched at Newbridge-On-Usk. Due to lack of daylight search teams reconvened on Sunday at 13.00 and continued searching from Usk to Llantrisant. Nothing found - person has since been found safe and well
03/06627/09/2003 15:17UptonRecovery of Sheep trapped on ledge in River Severn near Upton. Animal safely recovered. Stood down 17:30
03/06516/09/2003 19:53BeachleyCalled to assist with speedboat which had come adrift from trailer on recovery. Owner had managed to recover vessel before SARA arrived on scene. Stood down 19:58
03/06421/09/2003 23:30UptonCalled by police to attend River Severn at Worcester where a car had been driven into the River. SARA checked vehicle and no on was present. Driver appeared later and had luckily escaped the crash. Stood down 03:00
03/06315/09/2003 09:19UptonCalled by police to investigate brand new mountain bike abandoned in River Severn, Worcester. SARA carried out search of area to ascertain that no persons were nearby, nothing found. Assumed that bike was stolen. Stood down 11:30
03/06211/09/2003 09:00UptonRecovery of narrowboat grounded above Stourport, River Severn. Boat successfully refloated and escorted back to marina. Stood down 16:30
03/06105/09/2003 16:45BeachleyRecovery of broken down speedboat in River Severn. 5 Persons on board. Craft towed safely back to Beachley slip. Stood down 17:20
03/06025/08/2003 08:24UptonCall from local craft reference a swan observed to be swimming heavily tied in fishing line. SARA 8 responded and swan located with approximately 30 feet of fishing line being dragged behind and heavily tied up around the body. Swan caught and line removed, and observed to be swimming normally. Stood down 09:47
03/05924/08/2003 13:41UptonCall from Police to a cow in the River Avon north of Strensham Lock. SARA 8 responded and a detailed search of the River Avon did not find any swimming cow and we assumed the cow managed to exit the river under its own steam. Stood down 16:41
03/05824/08/2003 01:35UptonYouths jumping off Sabrina Footbridge in Worcester centre. Mobile 4 and SARA 7 responded. We encountered a number of youths attempting to go swimming in the river and after discussions persuaded them this was not a good policy and managed to clear the river of any intended swimmers. Stood down 04:30
03/05721/08/2003 21:00BeachleyCalled by police to cow stuck in mud River Wye with incoming tide. SARA 3 was launched and Mobile sent to area by road. Fire brigade and SARA personnel managed to haul animal clear and return it to its field. Stood down 21:30
03/05616/08/2003 19:31UptonCalled to assist person who had fallen into River Severn sustaining head injury. Person retrieved from water by a local boat before SARA arrival on scene. Person given first aid treatment on shore by SARA personnel and transferred to ambulance.
03/05516/08/2003 06:10SharpnessCalled by fire brigade to boat sinking in Sharpness Marina. SARA 4 was launched and helped persons off of craft then assisted fire brigade and British Waterways to pump out craft. Stood down 10:00
03/05405/08/2003 11:28BeachleyCalled by coastgaurd to assist speedboat with 3 persons on board which had broken down. Vessel located and towed to Beachley Slipway. Stood down 12:30
03/05323/07/2003 09:30BeachleyCrew assembled at Beachley at 09.30 to arrange the evacuation of the casualty from the previous days call. SARA 1 and 3 launched 11.30 to make their way to the cave entrance, and the remainder of the crew including crew from Sharpness and Upton, assembled at both the cave entrance and at Lancaut to prepare for the transfer of the casualty from the cave to Lancaut. After over 24 hours in the cave, the casualty finally reached the cave entrance at 16.32. The casualty was transferred from the cave to Lancaut on SARA 1 and was then taken off SARA 1 to the waiting Air Ambulance at Lancaut. Stood down at 17.30
03/05222/07/2003 18:29BeachleyCalled by Police to assist with an evacuation of a casualty from Otters Hole on the River Wye. On arrival, it was discovered that the casualty was two hours into the cave and would not need our assistance until the next day. SARA 1 & 3 remained on scene for safety cover for the Cave Rescue teams whilst they made there way to the cave entrance. The boats stood down at 22.20
03/05113/07/2003 21:37BeachleyCalled to cruiser with failed prop adrift under the Old Severn Bridge. Upon arrival at Station the casualty vessel had been able to make it's way to the slipway and our assistance was not required. Stood down 21:50
03/05012/07/2003 15:00UptonCalled to assist motor cruiser sinking at Severn Stoke. On arrival SARA 8 located 36 ft cruiser capsized with 4 persons on bank. Sinking was due to leaking cooling system pipe. SARA crew managed to rectify problem and pump out vessel allowing it to be righted. Stood down 17:30
03/04910/07/2003 23:14UptonPolice requested assistance to persons trapped in car in River Wye. After further information received that persons were not in danger, stood down 23:19
03/04810/07/2003 17:16BeachleyRecovery of speedboat with engine failure from River Wye. Boat and passengers recovered successfully. Stood down 18:45
03/04703/07/2003 09:15UptonPolice requested recovery of sheep from River Avon. After search the animal could not be located. Stood down 11:30
03/04626/06/2003 09:00UptonPolice requested further search of River Severn at Worcester for missing person. SARA 8 carried out search and located a body. Stood down 11:39
03/04525/06/2003 18:15UptonSearch for missing person in River Severn at Worcester. Person seen to have jumped from bridge and not reappear. After extensive search by SARA 7 and SARA 8 and Worcester fireboat nothing found. Stood down 22:55
03/04423/06/2003 14:24UptonCalled by police to stand by for possible body recovery. False alarm. Stood down 15:00
03/04322/06/2003 12:15UptonRecovery of sheep from River Severn at Upton. Sheep safely returned to field. Stood down 13:56
03/04221/06/2003 19:20UptonCalled by police to search for missing fisherman at Upper Lode weir. Fisherman located safe and well and did not require assistance. Stood down 19:57
03/04121/06/2003 13:35UptonRecover of a sheep from River Severn at Stoke. Ram safely recovered and placed back in field. Stood down 15:33
03/04016/06/2003 18:15UptonCalled by Ambulance control to assist person in difficulties in River Severn at Upton. Local boater managed to escort person from water. SARA team stood down 19:20
03/03915/06/2003 20:27SharpnessMember of public reported that sailcraft was in difficulties of Lydney. SARA 2 was launched and proceeded to vessel which was in fact ok. Returned to station 21:10.
03/03814/06/2003 21:00UptonRecovery of two calves from River Severn below Tewkesbury. SARA 8 along with Tewkesbury fireboat and Worcester fireboat safely recovered the animals. Stood down 22:00
03/03713/06/2003 17:30BeachleyCalled to person who had fallen from cliff at Symonds Yat. Stood down on arrival.
03/03610/06/2003 18:05BeachleySearch for missing person in Symonds Yat area. SARA 5 and SARA 7 conducted river search. Person located by Longtown MRT. Stood down 21:15
03/03509/06/2003 13:28UptonPolice reported Cow in River Avon. Police called again a short while later to inform that the Cow had managed to exit the river on its own.
03/03409/06/2003 00:43BeachleyLaunch to assist broken down fishing boat in mouth of River Usk. 3 persons on board.
03/03308/06/2003 16:48UptonRecovery of Lamb from River Severn south of Upton. Stood down 18:20
03/03231/05/2003 12:22UptonRecovery of sheep from River Severn 2 miles below Upton. A number of sheep safely returned to dry land. Stood down 14:15
03/031b29/05/2003 15:45BeachleyPersons reported on sandbank near Woolaston. Police helicopter observed footprints leading off of sand. No persons found in search area. Stood down 16:54
03/03128/05/2003UptonRecovery of car from Upton Marina. It was not know if persons were present in car, but upon removal it was found that the car was empty. Stood down
03/03025/05/2003 00:50BeachleyRecovery of injured person from river bank near Beachley. Stood down 2:30am
03/02909/05/2003 13:48BeachleyAssistance to narrow boat near Beachley with engine failure in heavy sea. SARA3 evacuated passengers and SARA1 towed vessel to River Wye Chepstow for repairs. Stood down 17:10
03/02821/04/2003 16:05BeachleyCall to car in canal at Lydney. Once on scene established that car at been in water for a number of weeks. Stood down 17:00
03/02707/04/2003 18:29BeachleyRecovery of another person fallen from Wintours Leap. Stood down 21:27
03/02603/04/2003 15:00BeachleyFaller from Wintours Leap cliff, River Wye Valley. Details witheld at this time.
03/02527/03/2003 10:00UptonSearch for person missing for approx 4 weeks in River Severn near Diglis weir. Person located below weir and recovered.
03/02424/03/2003 11:00UptonSearch of River Severn at Diglis for person missing in area for 4 weeks. Nothing found, stood down 22:00
03/02323/03/2003 11:15BeachleyAssistance of broken down speedboat below Old Severn Bridge. All 4 persons on board safe and well. Casualty vessel towed back to Beachley slip. Stood down 12:01
03/02221/03/2003 10:05SharpnessCalled by coastgaurd to respond immediately to persons being cut off on sandbank by incoming tide at Frampton-on-Severn. Police managed to escort to safety before SARA 2 arrived on scene. Stood down 10:22
03/02118/03/2003 12:40UptonCalled by police to assist with recovery of body from River Severn at Shrewsbury. Casualty recovered. Stood down 17:34
03/02016/03/2003 16:25BeachleyCalled by police to assist injured person who had fallen off cliffs at Wintours Leap. With Fire and Rescue Service carried casualty on stretcher to SARA 1 on nearby River Wye. Casualty then ferried to Air Ambulance at Beachley for evacuation to hospital. Stood down 18:45
03/01913/03/2003 11:22UptonCall to pollution incident in Diglis dock area. Assisted RSPCA in recovering three badly oiled Swans. Stood down 15:24
03/018b09/03/2003 09:00BeachleyAssisted Upton in searching sections of River Wye above Ross. River in flood and flowing quickly, nothing found. Stood down 16:00
03/01809/03/2003 09:00UptonFurther search of river Lugg and River Wye with SARA 7 and SARA 8, ref missing person from previous call. Rivers in flood and flowing quickly. Stood down 16:00
03/01703/03/2003 13:50UptonSearch for missing fisherman on River Lugg at Mordiford. SARA 8 carried out extensive search but nothing found. Stood down 19.22
03/01602/03/2003 09:00BeachleySearch requested by Police of large area near Newport for person missing for some time. Beachley team also assisted by both Sharpness and Upton. Nothing found. Stood down 15:30
03/01502/03/2003 02:53BeachleyCalled to possible jumper from Old Severn Bridge. Search carried out by SARA 3, nothing found. Stood down 05:01
03/01428/01/2003 10:12UptonCalled by police to recover body from River Avon at Evesham. Body located and recovered. Stood down 12:35
03/01327/02/2003 09:00BeachleyCalled by coastguard to check car in River Wye near Bulwark. Car proved to be empty. Stood down 10.00
03/01227/02/2003 08:15UptonFurther search carried out from Upton to Gloucester for missing person from previous day's call. Nothing found. Stood down 12:59
03/01126/02/2003 15:00UptonCalled to person believed to have fallen in River Severn at Diglis Weir. SARA 7 and SARA 8 carried out extensive search, nothing found. Stood down 19:00
03/010b18/02/2003 08:30BeachleyMobile 1 and SARA 5 tasked via road to Gloucester to provide assistance to Sharpness station ref callout number 10. Stood down before reaching scene. Stood down 08:54
03/01018/02/2003 08:30SharpnessReport of person in water River Severn at Broadoak near Gloucester. SARA 2 proceeded up river but was stood down before arriving on scene. Stood down 08:54
03/00914/02/2003 12:12BeachleyReport of Red Flare seen over Wye valley in area of Wintours Leap. SARA 3 launched from Beachley and Mobile response unit despatched to area, after completing search, nothing found. Stood down 13:20
03/00811/02/2003 02:38BeachleyReport of person in difficulty in mud under Severn Bridge. SARA 3 launched to recover casualty who was believed to have jumped from Bridge. Person required urgent medical care and was transferred to ambulance on Beachley slip. Stood down 04:30
03/00728/01/2003 10:22UptonCalled by Police to recover body from River Avon at Evesham. Stood down 11:05
03/00619/01/2003 12:14UptonWhilst training, located Narrowboat with engine problems on River Severn near Upton. River rising due to flood water. Called in assistance of another local narrowboat to tow stricken vessel back to Upton marina.
03/00513/01/2003 10:45BeachleyCalled by police for jumper from Newport Old Town bridge. Police had managed to restrain before person jumped. Removed from bridge parapet by Fire Brigade. Boat crew stood down before arrival.
03/00411/01/2003 11:31UptonCalled by Police to investigate Swan in distress after gunshots heard in Upton. Body of Swan recovered and Police advised accordingly. Stood down 12:10
03/003b05/12/2003 21:10SharpnessSARA 2 launched to search river north of Sharpness for MAYDAY as detailed in previous call. Nothing found. Stood down 22-55
03/00305/01/2003 21:10BeachleySwansea Coastguard requested search of River from Beachley to Sharpness after MAYDAY reported. SARA 1 and SARA 3 launched Police helicopter also tasked to search. Nothing found. Stood down 22-55
03/002b04/01/2003 17:30SharpnessSARA 2 launched to join search for Canoe detailed in previous callout.
03/00204/01/2003 16:40BeachleyTeam members spotted Canadian style canoe heading south past Beachley station at dusk. As flood tide was only minutes away the team became concerned with the safety of the canoe and alerted Coastguard. Coastguard instructed SARA 3 to launch. Canoe could not be located. SARA 1, Police Helicopter and RAF rescue helicopter joined search. Canoe and occupants arrived safe and well at Avonmouth some time later.
03/00102/01/2003 11:40BeachleyTeam member spotted semi submerged boat drifting near station. Launch SARA3 to recover, to ensure that it was not reported later by a member of the public.